January 06, 2010

BVI, 2009

sunset photo skyworld.JPG
Our family trip to the BVI was a wonderful week of quality time spent together. The night before we sailed off we had dinner at a mountain top restaurant on Tortola called Sky World, where we watched the beautiful sunset.

mom dad skyworld sunset one.JPG
Mom and Dad

pat chrissy skyworld one.JPG
Pat and Chrissy

jh skyworld sunset one.JPG
Julie and Heather

skyworld sunset two.JPG
We were all excited to begin our trip!

family photo one.JPG
Family photo just before leaving the dock

pat thumbs up.JPG
We were all very optomisitc for a great trip!

hospital one.JPG
And then I got sick... really sick; and with no improvement by the second evening we were back in Tortola and I was in the hospital with 3 IV's sticking into my hand. Not the best start to the trip...

bar one one.JPG
So, skip ahead to New Year's Eve, 2 or 3 days later; It's pouring rain and has been for a day and a half. We are anchored in White Bay on Jost van Dyke, and this harbor was experiencing very rough swells so we didn't want to stay on the boat. While Mom and Dad kept an eye on the anchor, the kids all spent the day sitting at Gertude's bar trying to convince ourselves it was sunny and hot out.

raining roof.JPG
The hole in the roof didn't help much...

flip cup one one.JPG
But playing Flip Cup did!!!

dad sailing last day.JPG
The sun finally came out on the last day, and a nice wind with it, so we were able to get in a great sail around Norman Island. We stopped at Money Bay where we found great snorkeling and comfortable seclusion.

julie last day sail.JPG
Julie enjoying the last day

monm last day.JPG

last sail sail.JPG
Sailing around Norman Island

sunset final last day.JPG
Our last sunset.

The trip was fantastic, despite 4 out of 6 of us becoming ill at some point and the rough weather around New Year's.

But no matter what we experienced, we went through it together, and that is what a family vacation is all about. Good or bad, we are there for eachother, to support and care for whatever need's may arise. Through all the stress and discomfort, the love still shines through stronger and brighter than the sun would have been, if it had decided to come out and play. I would do it all again in a second, though I would first invest in some heavy duty raingear and a life's supply of Dramamine.
Also, it was better than being stuck in freezing cold CT!

I love you Family! And miss you already!

For more photos, especially from those days I missed when I was sick, please visit Mom's and Julie's blogs:
www.kathymccurdy.com and www.juliamccurdy.com. They should have some posted soon.

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September 19, 2009

Trip to New York to see Uncle Kim

Last Sunday George, Lily and I went to New York City on the train to visit Uncle Kim. We had the best time! It was a beautiful day, sunny and really warm.

walking tour one one.JPG
Walking around the West Village; really cute streets and nice neighborhoods. Uncle Kim is leading us to a good sushi place for lunch.

sushi samba one.JPG
One of our first stops was for lunch at Sushi Samba. Yum! It was delicious and so much better than what we find in our area.

ny gelatto one.JPG
We also had some Italian Gelato at a little shop called L'Arte Del Gelato, and it was the best I've ever had! Can't wait to go back for more!

playground splash break.JPG
We took a break at a playground where Lily could cool off. Heath and Unlce Kim are in the background. We are making our way up the west side of Manhattan; NY is celebrating 400 years since the discovery of the Hudson River and there is a parade of tall ships on its way up the river. We are looking for a prime viewing location.

resting with sculpture in back.JPG
But first another little break. Lily is in the back playing on the sculpture.

heath uncle kim lil empire in back.JPG
We went out on an empty pier which gave us a great place to see the ships. And we could also see the Empire State Building which is in the background.

lily boats close up.JPG
Here come the ships!

colorful flags one one.JPG

colorful flags two two.JPG

black sails one one.JPG

sunstar on sail one one.JPG

whitw sails one one.JPG

heath and uncle kim.JPG
Uncle Kim was the best guide and showed us lots of things we wouldn't have known about if he wasn't there. The whole day was perfect and we have a new list of things to do on the next trip.

chrysler building.JPG
Chrysler Building, taken from our cab on the way to the train center

lily on the train long day.JPG
It was a long day but we all had a blast and can't wait until we do it again!

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May 17, 2008

Jeff and Joanne's Alaskan Adventure

These photos were taken by Jeff Argersinger and Joanne Barnes during their recent trip to Alaska.

joanne and jeff one.JPG






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October 15, 2006

Mom and Dad go to Kentucky

Mom and Dad went to Kentucky to visit Dad's cousin Tommy. Uncle Tommy is a pilot and has a special treat for his guests!

Out to the hangar!

plane folded up.jpg
Yes, this is a plane! It just needs to be put together!

put it together.jpg

half way together.jpg

painless almost together.jpg
A few finishing touches...


dad getting ready.jpg

dad and uncle tommy in plane.jpg

take off.jpg
And they're off!

Smooth Landing

mom and uncle tommy.jpg
Mom's turn!

mom and dad and downs.jpg
They also went to Churchill Downs to see the races.


dad and tom at races.jpg
Dad and Uncle Tommy

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September 30, 2006

Maine Rocks!

1 heath in maine.JPG
I love Maine.

13 group during day.JPG
Finally, here we are! In Maine with my buddies, Julie, Dave, and Harold.

2 view.JPG
Our view.

3 julie and dave.JPG
Julie and Dave

4a heath and harold.JPG
Harold and Heath

4 harold playing guitar.JPG
Let the Good Times Begin

5 julie kayaking.JPG
Julie Kayaking

6 view from fire.JPG

7 evenin gvire with dave.JPG
Dave and the view

8 view of campsite.JPG

9 view of campsite from low tide.JPG
Looking up at the campsite from low tide

10 julie kayaking.JPG

11 julie and fern book.JPG

31 heath spam shirt.JPG

12 dave and heath.JPG
Dave and Heath

14 view from rocks.JPG
View from rocks

15 view from ricks.JPG

16 harold and heath coloring.JPG

heath coloring.JPG
Yes, coloring.

18 heath kayaking.JPG
Heath Kayaking

19 julie with grasshopper.JPG
Julie found a new buddy

20 julie and view.JPG
Julie and the View

21 julie kayaking.JPG

22 rocks and tree.JPG

23 rocks.JPG

24 view.JPG

25 view at sunset.JPG

27 view evening.JPG

28 evening view with fire.JPG

29 heath poking fire.JPG
I like to poke the fire.

30 harold at night.JPG

32 harold playing.JPG
Good times! Can't wait for next year!

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