July 25, 2007


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The Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho
Mackay Wilderness River Trips

This spring fed river runs 105 miles north west to connect with the Main Salmon River. It drops 3,000 feet in elevation at about 40 feet per mile. Our trip covered 90 miles, moving through landscape that changed from an alpine setting to canyon and dessert like cliffs. The river gained in force and size as we neared the end, and every day was better than the one before.

This was the best family trip we have ever taken. The affect it had on my family and me was immediate. Happiness and good times were offered and enjoyed in every aspect of the trip. With the utmost relaxation did we enjoy the finest life in the outdoors has to offer. Inexhaustible landscapes, the finest friends, delicious food, and a perfect river in which to sit while enjoying some good laughs and good wine.

Please also go to www.juliamccurdy.com and www.kathymccurdy.com, as they are posting their photos from the trip as well. And between the 3 blogs you will see our entire vacation and how much it rocked!

1view starting offb.JPG
View starting off

1mom and dad day 1.JPG
Mom and Dad at the starting point.

2 1 duckies!.JPG
Duckies coming down the river

2 1 mom on a paddle boat.JPG
Mom on a paddle boat, at the stop to see Pungo Mine.

2 1 entrance to pungo mine.JPG
Entrance to Pungo Mine

2 1 kasey and guy in the mine.JPG
Kasey and Guy in the mine

1julie and heath on log.JPG
Julie and Heath at lunch stop, Day 1

Dad enjoying the shade

1mom 1.JPG

1pat and julie.JPG
Pat and Julie

1106 pat and julie fishing.JPG
Pat and Julie fishing

1108 pat fishing.JPG
Pat fishing

1ladies circleb.JPG
Ladies' Circle cocktails at camp

1kitchen set up.JPG
Bobby, the pastry chef, in the kitchen.

1guides on logc.JPG
Guides from left: Pat, Chris, Tony, Bobby, Kasey

1107 camp.JPG

My hamnmock, where I slept the first night.

2 1 sitting in hammock looking at camp.JPG
View of camp from my hammock

1 dad at dinner table.JPG
Dinner Table

2 1 jerry playing horseshoes.JPG
Jerry playing horseshoes

2 1 pat twilight.JPG
Pat after dinner

Tim Flaherty cooking Breakfast, day 2

2mom and dad tshirts.JPG
Mom and Dad in my school shirts, NMH and Colgate

2 1 julie and pat in the am.JPG
Julie and Pat in the morning

2pat and dad am.JPG
Pat and Dad in the morning

2john and jerry with flag.JPG
John and Jerry with the pirate flag, that our guides stole from the neighboring camp. Ha ha.

2 2 river in the am.JPG
River in the morning

2 2 paddle boats and duckies am.JPG
Boats and duckies in the morning

2view starting off.JPG
View starting off, day 2

2 fisherman floating down the river.JPG9
View from the cliff with petroglyphs, see fisheman coming down river (right under the tree).

2 2 petroglithsc.JPG

2 2 handprints on rock.JPG

2 2 rainbow.JPG
Rainbow... maybe?

2 fisherman 3.JPG

2 fisherman floating 2.JPG
Going by

1109 heath kayak.JPG

2 mom and pat fishing.JPG
Mom and Pat fishing

2 harry and sandy in duckies.JPG
Sandy and Harry in duckies

2 mountain at camp 3.JPG
View from camp 2

2 mom and julie in water camp 3.JPG
Mom and Julie in the water at camp 2

1110 heath heaven.JPG
Heath is in Heaven... with a Bass

2 tony indian tug of war.JPG
Better than horseshoes?

2 jerry and tony indian tug of war.JPG
Indian Tug of War, Tony and Jerry

3 am camp.JPG
View of camp in the morning

3 dad am.JPG
Dad writing in his journal

3 julie am.JPG
Julie in the morning

3 margot and vicki.JPG
Margot and Vickie

3 pat am.JPG
Patrick in the morning

3 bobby and chris loading up.JPG
Bobby and Chris loading the gear boats

3 chris am.JPG

3 paddle boat with chris.JPG
Paddle Boat with Julie, Mom, Dad, Chris Amanda, Sandy and Harry

3 pat in duckie.JPG
Patrick in a ducky

1111 julie view.JPG

3 chris geology talk.JPG
Chris explaining the geology of the area

3 stripes chris described.JPG
What he's talking about- the black stripes

3 cave.JPG
Wind erosion?

3 julie and mom.JPG
Julie and Mom

3 heath.JPG

3 duckies in river.JPG

3 rock cliff.JPG
Rock Cliff

3 julie rocks.JPG
Julie Rocks

3 pat and julie.JPG
Patrick and Julie

3 tappan cabin.JPG
Stop for lunch near Tappan Cabin

3 heath and becka.JPG
Heath and Becca

3 tappan falls.JPG
The falls behind Tappan Cabin

3 julie on tappan bridge.JPG
Julie on Tappan bridge

3 tappan wagon.JPG
Tappan Wagon

3 mom and pat.JPG
Mom and Pat

3 groupc.JPG
Dan, Ray, Pat, Jerry, Don, John, Tim

3 mom.JPG
Getting ready for Tappan Falls Rapid

3 pat in duckie 2.JPG

1112 group shot.JPG
Dad, Heath Julie and Mom

3 tappan falls rapidv.JPG
Tappan Falls

3 tappan rapid paddle and oar boat.JPG
Paddle Boat coming over rapid

3 tiny boat tappan rapid.JPG
Tony's boat

3 bobby tappan rapid.JPG
Bobby's Boat

3 amanda tappan rapid.JPG

3 nick tappan rapid.JPG

3 duckies floating.JPG
Duckies Floating in the afternoon

3 duckies floating 2.JPG
Duckies Floating 2

1113 heath looking up.JPG
Looking up, which I did a lot.

1114 dad.JPG

3 fishermen coming into camp.JPG
Fishermen coming into camp

0001 the hill that heath climbed.jpg
I decided to climb the hill with the tree on it. See that tree?

1115 heath on hill.JPG
Heath climbed the hill

1116 heath on hill close.JPG
Can you see me now?

3 view from hill out.JPG
View from Heath's Peak

3 view from peak in.JPG
Zoomed into camp

3 heath and becca up the hill.JPG
Becca came up too!

4 sun rising on peak.JPG
Sun rising

4 breakfast crew.JPG
Breakfast crew day 4

4 breakfast by the river.JPG
Breakfast by the river

4 dad reading am.JPG
Dad reading in the am

4 cristina.JPG
Cristina reading in the am

1117 mom packing gear.JPG
Mom packing gear

4 gear boats am.JPG
Gear Boats in the am, day 4

4 mccurdy's in duckies.JPG
Dad, Mom, Pat and Julie in Duckes

1118 dad in kayak.JPG
Dad in ducky

00001 tony.JPG

4 julie sitting in water with sierrab.JPG
Julie at happy hour at camp

4 amanda and cristina at camp.JPG
Amanda and Cristina relaxing at camp

00002 bobby with his bucket.JPG
Bobby with his bucket

00003 guy.JPG
Guy looking tough


4 dinner table.JPG
The Dinner Table

1119 julie and heath sleeping.JPG
Julie and Heath sleeping

1120 heath and dad with flag.JPG
Heath and Dad with pirate flag

1102 heath 1.JPG

5 bighorn sheep.JPG
Bighorn Sheep

5 mom fishing lunch.JPG
Mom fishing at lunch

5 mom fishing with spectators.JPG
with spectators.

5 guy looking at map.JPG
Guy looking at the map

1201 heath in rapid 1.JPG
Heath is in the first kayak behind paddle boat.

1202 heath rapid 2.JPG

1203 heath rapid 3.JPG

1204 camp.JPG
The last camp

5 prime rib dinner call.JPG
Prime Rib Dinner Call

5 tom and kasey last night hug.JPG
Tom and Kasey last night hug

5 cristina finishing beer last night.JPG
Finishing the beer, Cristina chugging. John (left) also participated, however as Cristina put it, his shirt did most of the chugging.

1205 morning mountains last camp.JPG
Morning Mountains

6 last day am.JPG
Last day morning

1101 heath one.JPG

6 julie and amanda bandaids.JPG
Julie and Amanda matching bandaids

1206 julie taking photo sequence.JPG
Julie taking photo 1

1307 julie taking photo sequence.JPG
Julie taking photo 2

1209 dad and pat.JPG
Dad and Pat

1208 view group boats.JPG

6 view with neat rock.JPG

6 neat rock.JPG
Close up of Neat Rock

6 last view.JPG
Last View of the River

6 last photo plane.JPG
Last Photo

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