July 23, 2008

Lord's Cove Paddle with Scott Martin

heath kayak one.JPG
Scott and I went paddling in Lord's Cove.

scott kayak photo.JPG
Here is Scott with his awesome camera.

scott kayak bridge.JPG
Going under a bridge.

3 little clouds.JPG
3 little clouds

scott kayak photo 2.JPG
Scott taking a shot...

osprey 3 little clouds.JPG
# little clouds with an osprey. This is the photo he was taking in the picture above.

incoming eagle.JPG
Eagle coming in for a landing.

eagle in the tree.JPG
The Eagle

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Thimble Islands Paddle

A few weekends ago Steve took Julie and me to the Thimble Islands in Branford for a great paddle. We went past Great Island where we were lucky enough to visit when we were little with the Platt Nature Center.

julie and steve.JPG
Julie and Steve

julie and heath.JPG
Julie and Heather

julie and the heron.JPG
Julie and a heron.

heath thimble paddle.JPG

shark rock.JPG
Shark Rock

neat house.JPG
Very cool house.

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June 30, 2008

Another GREAT Paddle

getting started one.jpg
The group today includes Russell (green), Steve (yellow), Julie (orange) and Alison (blue).

alison one starting off.jpg
Here is our returning special guest Alison.

starting steve.jpg

starting two.jpg
We splashed at the CT River Estuary behind the Deep River marina.

group start off.jpg
Julie had a great idea to start a Kayaking Club, but we can only accept members that have a different color kayak. We are currently recruiting for pink, purple, brown, and red.

onto the river one.jpg
Onto the river...

picnic spot group.jpg
Stopped for a picnic lunch just past the Essex Boat Club.

julie and heath one picnic.jpg
Julie and Heath

alison with windmill and swans.jpg
Alison with the windmill and swans of North Cove, Essex.

steve with windmill and swans.jpg
Steve with the windmill and swans.

the girls on the river.jpg
The Girls on the River!

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June 16, 2008

Lily's Kayaking Lesson

lil kayak one.jpg
Lily did a GREAT job kayaking on Saturday. She's a natural!

lil kayak two.jpg

lifeguard lil.jpg
Future Lifeguard

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May 26, 2008

Exploring Cedar Lake

cedar lake one.JPG
We packed the kayak into the bus and went in search of an adventure!

paddling cedar lake.JPG

george on shore.JPG
George is ready for some fishing, as I head off to paddle the lake.

little guy cl.JPG
This little guy needed some help.

bus from cedar lake.JPG
Pretty Bus!

george at top of steps.JPG
These steps led down to the water from the cemetery.

other steps.JPG
Here are some more steps that have deteriorated and have been covered up. You can make out three steps if you look closely.

pretty bus cl.JPG

george cl bus shot.JPG
Life is good.

cedar lake two.JPG

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April 23, 2008

Morning Paddle 4/23

little red house one.jpg
Little Red House

bouy one.jpg
Bouy One

reflection of shelly bank.jpg

string of bouys.jpg
String of Bouys

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November 12, 2007

Sunday Paddle- My First Eagle

getting ready for a chilly paddle.JPG
Going out for paddle on a wonderfully brisk fall day!

ready for a cold paddle.JPG
All bundled up and ready to go!

eagle 1.JPG
This is the first eagle I've photographed in the wild. I paddled up as close as I could, which was to the shore of the spit of land this tree is on (in North Cove, Essex); I was about 20 yards from the base of the tree.

eagle best one from the side.JPG

eagle back side two.JPG

eagle watching sailboats.JPG

Sailboat Racing in Essex


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A Paddle with Alison

alison close up.JPG
On a windy and sunny day last weekend, Alison and I went for a great paddle around Essex. We dropped in North Cove and paddled our way over to Middle Cove.

alison in front of essex.JPG
Once securely on land... we went across the street to the Black Seal to reward ourselves with beer and yummy food. Our original plan to paddle back to the car after lunch(against the wind), was soon abandoned, and we instead walked back to the car and went to pick up the boats where we left them. Good times!

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November 07, 2007

Falls River Paddle


fallsriver paddle b.JPG









riverpaddle a.JPG


fallsriverpaddle a.JPG

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October 05, 2007

Weekend Paddle

These photos are best viewed by clicking on the post title "Weekend Paddle" on the right under the Recent Entries menu, as they are getting cut off on the right side here on the main page.

heath paddle 1.JPG
Going out for a paddle!

heath paddle 2.JPG

view into north cove.JPG
View into North Cove

lighthouse from river.JPG
Headed for the windmill...

lighthouse 1a.JPG

lighthouse 1.JPG

lighthouse 3.JPG

lighthouse 4.JPG

View of Essex from Middle Cove

Swans in South Cove

tree of birds front.JPG
Lots of birds

tree of birds back.JPG

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September 08, 2007

Paddle in Guilford

red house 1.JPG
Red House

red house 2.JPG

red house 3.JPG


seagull with crab.JPG
Seagull flying with crab in its mouth

Mud with little stream


rocks 1.JPG

rocks 2.JPG

osprey behind rocks.JPG

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May 08, 2006

Sunday Afternoon in a Canoe

1jeff and abby canoing.JPG
This is Abby! She loves canoe rides.

2abby watching ducks.JPG
She likes the ducks,

3abby watching heron.JPG
and herons;

4heron take off.JPG
although neither stay for very long.

5turtle jeff.JPG
Turtles are harder to find, but they stay until you put them back.

standing up.JPG
Standing George

7ducking jeff.JPG
Watch out for the low bough!

8ducking george.JPG
Ducking George

9jeff and heather.JPG
On our way...

11george standing.JPG
to our secret spot.

10barge jeff and george.JPG

12jeff and abby.JPG

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