October 18, 2008

Letterboxing with Lily

We are letterbixing today at Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam. The theme of the stamps we are looking for is Hobbies.
heath and lil lb one on bridge.JPG
Letterboxing is a really fun and easy way to have an adventure! Clues lead you to hidden containers that have a stamp and log book inside. Take with you your own notebook and stamp, and you can leave your mark and message in the log book you find, and collect all the stamps from your Letterboxing adventures in your own book. Clues and more information on letterboxing can be found at: http://www.letterboxing.org/

lb one with lil.JPG
This is the first of four boxes, Baseball. The picture of the stamp is below.

lb one yankee shrine.JPG
It is a Yankee Shrine.

lb two with lil two.JPG
Lily finding number two, Music.

lb three with lil.JPG
Number three, a horseshoe for Equestrian.

lb four with lil.JPG
And number 4 at the bottom of a pile of rocks was a heart for TLC; a little off theme on this one?

Here are what the stamps looked like (the baseball stamp is upside down).

lil and the bridge.JPG
Back to where we started.

river view.JPG

lily near the pond.JPG

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June 04, 2008

On a hike

plankwalk one.jpg

I spy with my little eye something with a yellow stripe.

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November 06, 2007

Book Hill Woods Walk



What a huge boulder!!

Very cool stone walls throughout these woods.







lots of photos 031.jpg
The last stretch...

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October 14, 2007

Book Hill Woods Hike

tulip tree sign.JPG
Off to see the huge Tulip Tree

tulip tree 1.JPG

heath and lil tulip tree.JPG

lily and tulip tree.JPG


tulip tree detail.JPG

g and h at tulip tree.JPG

lil in a cave.JPG
Lily in a cave

another caveq.JPG
Lily in another cave

townline boulder sign.JPG
The Town Line Boulder

townline boulder.JPG
Inscription in the boulder: 1842 x(?)x 246

lilytree one.JPG

george in a tree lily jumping.JPG
Lily trying to get George

heath and lily in a tree.JPG

lily climbing down tree.JPG
Climbing Down

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October 03, 2007

Wizards in the Woods

lily and shelby playing wizards.JPG
Wizard Lily and Wizard Shelby

lily and shelby posing.JPG

wizard shelby turned lily into a cow.JPG
Wizard Shelby turned Wizard Lily into a cow

george in the woods.JPG
Looks like they stupified George! (For you non-Harry Potter readers- that just means they stunned him and he is immobile.)

group 1woods.JPG
Our site for lunch

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November 10, 2006

November Hike

fire and food.JPG
Fire and Food


julie 2.JPG


dave and alison.JPG



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October 15, 2006

October Hike

group 1.JPG
The crew: George, Alison and Jeff

geprge and abby rocks 2.JPG


1 abby.JPG

1 bridge.JPG

george rocks.JPG


rocks in the woods.JPG
neat rock walls all fallen over and tumbling. i just love tumbling rock walls.

george on top.JPG
George reaches the top! We've been waiting for you! (He said he stopped to pee but we know he just needed to cathch his breath.)

fuzzy but i like the picture.JPG
Fuzzy, but I like the picture anyway

With a bottle of wine and steak, sausage and chicken going on the fire, what else could we need?

kissy jeff.JPG
Jeff seems content!

set up.JPG
The table that Alison and Heather built. (Though we can't take credit for the paper towel holder; wait, yes i can, it's my blog!)

alison and george and abby.JPG

heath and george.JPG

view on top.JPG

1jeff and alison better.JPG

guys on a log.JPG
Buddies with their Hogan

We are up in Haddam Neck, a little north of the Salmon River. Jeff used to go pheasant hunting along the cliffs here. There used to be a resort hotel type place and a ferry, and tobacco fields. Then the hotel burned down and people stopped using the land. We didn't go near where the hotel was but I'd like to next time we go up that way. Instead we went up! and it was a beautiful view. And a beautiful day.

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May 29, 2006



pink tree with whites.JPG

red tree and green tree.JPG


tree and wall.JPG

wall better.JPG

wall with sun going down 1.JPG

wall and tree.JPG

white tree.JPG

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March 06, 2006

Sunday Hike

hike 009.JPG

hike 011.JPG

hike 002.JPG

hike 005.JPG

hike 025.JPG

hike 019.JPG

hike 015.JPG

hike 021.JPG
And Steak.

hike 028.JPG
Abby wants some too!

hike 018.JPG

hike 029.JPG

better abby.jpg

hike 039.JPG
Pretty frozen waterfall

hike 043.JPG
What are they looking at?

hike 041.JPG
Ah! It's George...

hike 040.JPG
chopping up the ice to get to the water underneath!

hike 042.JPG
Go get him Abby!

hike 046.JPG

hike 047.JPG

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