January 02, 2013

Fastest Way To Tie a Tie

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December 09, 2010

Wedding Photos!!!

hg wedding one.jpg
The wedding photos are ready! Go to this website to view the slideshow:


If you want to slow it down, click on the button with the arrow pointing down, which will make another button pop up with little boxes. This will show you the thumbnails and you can browse through them at your own pace.

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December 07, 2010

George's Mousetrap

georges mousetrap 1.jpg
George is setting up his new mousetrap. He has balanced our trash can on a stool to be level with the counter. He is now placing the bridge from the counter to the trash can, that has peanut butter on the end of it, to lure the mouse out onto the plank, which will then collapse from the weight and the mouse will fall into the trash can and be trapped for the rest of the night.

Outcome: no mouse in the trash can in the morning, but the bridge had fallen (or had been pushed?) in.


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August 12, 2010

Florence Griswold Museum

stick house alone one.jpg

stick house gl one.jpg

stick house up one little boy.jpg

stick house lily window one.jpg

stick house skylight one one.jpg

lily ice cream soda one.jpg

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June 13, 2010

Best Friends

mustaches one one.JPG
Shelby and Lily

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Summer is Here!

george mom pool one one.JPG
George and Mom relaxing in the pool.

lady and rowboat one.JPG
Lady by the pond.

pretty barn oneone.JPG
Pretty barn in the afternoon.

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Aunt Barbara's Bridal Shower

aunt barb mom heath two two.JPG
Last weekend AUnt Barbara threw me a wonderful bridal shower. It was such a beautiful day and we all had a great time!!

lily and sophia one one.JPG
Lily loved playing with Sophia,

lily and lily oneone.JPG
and Lily!

marnie and chrissy one one.JPG
Marnie and Chrissy

mom bridal shower one.JPG

alison and sophia onw onw.JPG
Alison and Sophia writing and drawing the gift list.

heather hcg one one.JPG
A monogrammed platter with our HCG, for Heather and George Chamberlain!

heather and lily one one.JPG
We had a great day!

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May 13, 2010

Some Dusty Photos Uncovered

georges photos.JPG

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April 20, 2010

Lily's Riding Lesson

lily riding one one.JPG
Lily is excited for her first lesson! She already looks like a natural rider!

horses in a row lead.JPG
They started out with the horses being led. Mom is leading Lily's horse.

lily alone one one.JPG
About half way through the lesson Lily was on her own; look at her great form! She was trotting like a pro! I'll take some videos next lesson.

She had a great time!

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April 14, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Lily and I spent the day at Thirsty Boots Farm visiting with my mom, dad and sister. There was a lot to do!

lilyeggs two.JPG
Lily collecting eggs

fort one one.JPG
We built an Awesome Fort!!! and had a picnic in it.

blue birds one one.JPG
A pair of blue birds were building a nest nearby in the trunk of the birch tree on the right; you can see a little hole near the top.

back view of the fort one.JPG
Here is the back view of the fort.

heath lil rowboat1.JPG
We went for a ride in the row boat.

mom kayak lucky.jpg
Mom joined us in her kayak with little Lucky.

lily oreo one one.JPG
And then some riding for Lily! Here she is on Oreo.

lily oreo two two.JPG

lily oreo three.JPG

oreo closeup one1.JPG
Oreo's closeup. Lily had such a great time riding! She starts riding lessons on Saturday!

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March 30, 2010

Spring is Here!

spring flower one one.JPG

lily flowers oneo ne.JPG

lily one one river.JPG

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November 29, 2009

Some Fall Photos

julie and alison near anchor.JPG
Alison and Julie in Newport, RI

alison trying on hat.JPG
Alison trying on hats

l a j beach.JPG
Lily, Alison and Julie at the Watch Hill Beach

l and j watch hill lighthouse.JPG
Lily and Julie, Watch Hill Lighthouse

trip to newport pumpkins.JPG
Newport Pumpkins

pretty fall house.JPG
Pretty House in Essex

yellow and red color.JPG
Yellow and Red

robin and nest.JPG
Robin near his nest

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November 24, 2009

Alison and Julie's Wall Project

a j next to wall.JPG
Alison and Julie signed up for a Stone Wall Building Workshop that was being held in Killingworth. They did a really great job!

j a working on wall.JPG

alison adding to top.JPG

andrew with a big rock.JPG
Andrew is a neighbor and friend of Julie's who has helped her with some of her stone wall projects. He was running the workshop with his friend Dan Snow, below.

julie and dan snow.JPG
Julie and Dan Snow

final wall.JPG
Here is the mostly finished wall. I am realizing now that I should have taken a picture of the section of wall next to this for comparison, but just imagine a tumbled down old stone wall. Great job Julie and Alison, and everyone else in the group!

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November 17, 2009

Our week on Brockway Island

morning mist toward fire pit.JPG
Back in October we spent a week on Brockway Island with our friends Jim and Gretchen. Brockway Island is the last privately owned island on the Connecticut River. It is located outside of Hamburg Cove, which is just north of Essex.

jim and gretchen in boat.JPG
It was a lot of fun commuting by boat! Here are Jim and Gretchen coming back from the mainland.

morning mist boat and dock.JPG
The mornings were beautiful on the river, and we were up early enough most days to see the sun rise.

early morning campfire george and lily.JPG
George and Lily are up early to get the campfire going.

house in the mist.JPG

morning mist boat disappearing.JPG
An early boat disappears into the morning fog.

gretchen on beach with dogs.JPG
The sandbar was a lot of fun to walk out on, especially for little Jeter who wouldn't stop freaking out.

jeter and joey.JPG
He was pretty excited!

alison lily and george on the floating dock.JPG
Alison, George and Lily are floating the afternoon away on the dock. That became an adventure, but was a great place to check out the traffic on the river.

mary e in front of house.JPG
The Mary E out for one of her daily cruises.

mary e coming back.JPG

lily in treehouse one.JPG
There was lots of exploring to do and lots of interesting things to find.

george on huge trunk.JPG
George on top of a huge washed up tree trunk.

mom and dad with tire around tree.JPG
Mom and Dad found a tree growing through a tire.

lily shelby and jeffin boat.JPG
And of course we took lots of boat rides! Here are Lily and Shelby with Jeff!

mom and lily one.JPG
Mom and Lily

lily and hammock sundown.JPG
Lily loved swinging in the hammock.

sundown shadows from trees.JPG
Sundown shadows

sundown at west dock.JPG

group shot at party.JPG
When you are living on an island you have to have a party! What's cooler than an island party? Unfortunatly, it was pouring rain all day. But our guests were troopers and showed up soaking wet and slightly stunned from being pelted in the face with rain drops that felt like hail as they zoomed up the river heading into the wind. A few cocktails by the wood burning stove had them warmed up in no time...

ken and george on couch.JPG
Ken and George

boys grilling in the rain.JPG
Then the guys had to go back out in the rain to grill up some dinner... heh heh...

gretchen and jeter.JPG
The girls were still nice and cozy inside drinking the Hot Cider and rum that Pete brought...

flooded island.JPG
With all the rain, and a very high tide, we woke up to a flooded island.

heather with feet in stove.JPG
Not to worry; we had plenty of wood for the stove.

jim and joey sunset.JPG
It was sad to see the sunset on our short week on the island.
But we'll be back next year!

joey on beach.JPG
We had a blast!

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October 25, 2009

Lily on the monkey bars

lily on monkey bars one.JPG

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October 24, 2009

Indian Pipes in the woods

indian pipes one one.JPG

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October 20, 2009

Dad's Birthday Dinner

family at dads birthday dinner.JPG
Dad's Birthday Dinner at the Brushmill in Chester

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August 29, 2009

The Rest of Camping

Our week of camping flew by! A week isn't long enough. Every day was the most fun, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

donna beach kids running.JPG
The weather was perfect all week, and the beach was in prime condition for sunning and swimming.

tina and lily one.JPG
Tina and Lily

donna kids water throwing.JPG
Donna launching Robyn

donna water throwig lily.JPG
Lily's Lift Off

mia fruit at beach.JPG

hanna robyn jamie wave sitting.JPG
Jamie, Robyn and Hanna

mia robyn hanna wave on belly.JPG
Mia, Robyn and Hanna

hanna and robyn wave sitting.JPG
Robyn and Hanna

aiden donna jamie in the water.JPG
Aiden, Donna and Jamie

noah scooter on boardwalk.JPG
Noah had a cut on his foot that he had to keep dry, but he still maintains his cool beach look with his hip scooter and new hat.

mia sequence lily hanna one.JPG
What are Lily and Hanna giggling at?

mia sequence mia one.JPG
Mia's taking the waves head on!

mia sequence mia two.JPG

mia sequence mia three.JPG

george donna tina.JPG
Ways to beat the heat: George, Tina and Donna sitting in the shade

george and edy margarita time.JPG
Margarita's with George and Edy! Cheers! And the fan is a nice touch too.

kevin game pokemon.JPG
You can get out of the sun with a game of Pokemon, but you can't beat the heat- tough competition!

jaime and aiden pokemon.JPG
Jaime and Aiden

aiden hana fuda.JPG
Aiden playing hana fuda.

guys group fishing.JPG
The evenings were nice for fishing, until the mosquitos attacked!

noah fishing pm.JPG

sunset campfire.JPG
With sunset comes the campfire; time to relax.

jamie footrub george.JPG
Could you get more relaxed than that?

jamie backrub george one.JPG

jamie backrub george two.JPG
He's loving that!

jaime and heath head rub.JPG
Hee hee! And so am I!! For only $3.50 Jaime rubs your back, feet and head, and for 50 cents more she'll do your hands too. What a deal!!

jamie and lily in the tent.JPG
Bed time in the girls' tent.

am fog kids.JPG
Up early and it's foggy! Noah, Hanna, Robyn and Lily

yami fishing foggy rocks.JPG
Going to check how Yami's fishing is going.

hanna and noah foggy rock.JPG
Hanna and Noah on a foggy rock.

foggy rock group.JPG
Lily, Hanna, Robyn and Noah

mia climbing over rock.JPG
Mia is also very good at climbing rocks; and she likes the big ones!

mia rock jumping.JPG

mia on another rock.JPG

mia atop a rock two.JPG

mia atop a rock one.JPG

ripstick pajama pants.JPG
Ripsticking has come a long way since last year; Robyn and Donna have mastered it. This is Robyn and Lily ripsticking in their pajamas.

robyn ripstick.JPG
Robyn turning



mia rock laying down.JPG
Another sunset

sunset hammonasset one one.JPG

You may be wondering how we keep the kids going all day long...

mia with dorito.JPG

good humor cart.JPG
Ice Cream

lily with a hot dog.JPG
Hot Dogs

noah with first aid kit.JPG
First Aid (and helmets)

hanna with cupcakes 12.JPG

lily after a cupcake.JPG
Lily after a cupcake.

hanna smile close up.JPG
Hanna after a cupcake

Robyn after a cupcake

noah after a cupcake.JPG
Noah after a cupcake.

aiden frosting cupcakes.JPG
Aiden while he's just frosting cupcakes!

donna tina scooter turbos two.JPG
And how do the adults keep going?

donna and tina scooter turbos.JPG
Dunkin' Donuts Turbos!!!!

donna ripstick.JPG
Donna has become an expert ripsticker- anything to do with those large turbos?

george and edy.JPG
George and Edy at the Pizza Pub on the last night of camping.

george donna tine pizza pub.JPG
George, Tina and Donna

tina and yami.JPG
Tina and Yami

donna and kevin pizza pub.JPG
Kevin and Donna

george edy lily seldens.JPG
On Sunday we went boating with George and Edy through Seldens Creek.

heather and edy seldens.JPG
What a nice way to end the weekend!

lily seldens.JPG
Lily would like to do it all over again... especially because she has to go back to school this week.

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August 16, 2009

Hammonasset Camping!

It's that time of year again! Hooray! We've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of George's family for a nice long week of camping at Hammonasset! Early to bed on Satuday after such a long drive, gave everyone lots of energy on Sunday for FUN FUN FUN!

lily and robin.JPG
Lily and her cousin Robin

aiden and mia fruit.JPG
Twins Aiden and Mia eating fruit... from Canada.

group crab hunting.JPG
Crab hunting in the muddy creek

aiden stuck in the mud.JPG
Aiden stuck in the mud; everyone got stuck at one point.

muddy socks aiden.JPG
Aiden got un-stuck, but not his shoes. Those are only socks under all that mud.

donna and mia splashing.JPG
Splashing was very effective to wash off the mud.

splashing mia in the air.JPG

mia dancing water.JPG
Mia was the best splasher.

hannah blue crab attempt1111.JPG
Hannah going for a blue crab.

aiden with a crab.JPG
Aiden and one of his crabs.

noah and a crab.JPG
Noah with his crab.

lily and mia.JPG
Lily and Mia

group in the channel.JPG
Heading to the channel, where there is less mud.

two explorers.JPG
Jaime and Mia

aiden humming snail.JPG
Aiden humming to a snail to make it come out of his shell.

group humming snail.JPG
The group chanting "Om" to their snails. Donna says "It sounds like a yoga class..."

lily one one one one.JPG

george bicycle one.JPG
George is happy to be with his family.

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July 19, 2009


It is sad that half the summer went by while I was without a camera. It is happy that I HAVE A NEW CAMERA and it is awesome. So I will try to make up for the total lack of updates on my blog so far this summer, with lots of updates and awesome photos from now on, starting now!

george bird impression one.JPG
We've been boating a lot, and it is the most fun! There is so much to see when you get out on the river and in the little creeks. This is George imitating the take off of a heron. Compare below:

heron one one.JPG

heath boating one.JPG
Captain Heather

boating black lab one.JPG
Everyone is getting in on the boating this summer!

plane on the river.JPG
This plane is getting ready to take off, after coming in for a very smooth landing right in front of Gillette's Castle.

Mary E on the river.JPG
This is the Mary E, which is now docked in front of the CT River Museum, taking the place of the River Quest.

bus heath one.JPG
We've also been out in the bus cruising. Some people go to the beach... we go to cemeteries.

bus cemetery one one.JPG

McCurdy Stonea.JPG
McCurdy Stone on McCurdy Road in Old Lyme, CT

McCurdy stone back.JPG
As great of a guy as he is described, there is no relation between this McCurdy and we McCurdy's.

essexcem stone one.JPG
Hmmm... where did this guy run off to?

heath jeff joanne boating one.JPG
More Boating!!!

jeff and joanne.JPG
Whalebone Creek with Jeff and Joanne

julie swimming hcove one.JPG
Julie swimming in Hamburg Cove

heath one one marsh shot.JPG

george glasses one one.JPG
See you soon!!!

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June 04, 2009

Joe Cocker Concert

Jim Stone took us to see Joe Cocker at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. It was an awesome concert!!!

joe cocker concert outsidea.JPG

joe cocker on stage twoa.JPG

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June 02, 2009

The First Cookout of the Season

first cookout group.JPG
Joey the Bijon, Jim, Bruce, Ron, Bunny Ears Keith, Bob, George, Julia, Heather, Pete, and Alison

This was sometime at the beginning of May. Yes, I'm very behind with my posts. I need to buy a new camera, because my Cannon Elph has broken. I was unable to take any photos of George's birthday and Scott's visit, but Scott took great photos with his awesome camera and as soon as I get them off our broken computer onto our new computer, I will be able to post those as well. And then as soon as I buy a new camera I will be posting away!

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April 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon with Alison

George and I went to Watch Hill to see Alison on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
lighthouse one one.JPG

alison one one.JPG

george seaweed one.JPG

alison heather wh one.JPG

george smile.JPG

alison and george one.JPG
We always have the best fun with Alison!

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January 10, 2009

Great Song and Cute Video with Curious George

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December 10, 2008

Good Bye George!

George is leaving for Florida today! Safe travels and we're all jealous. See you soon!

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Neat Food!

eggyolk baby.JPG


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December 04, 2008

Fun Video

Visit www.wherethehellismatt.com for more info. YouTube has more videos of him, including his outtakes which are very funny.

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December 03, 2008

Missing Summer!

kids breaker one.JPG

camperup one.JPG


uncle george two two.JPG


kids fishing oneone.JPG

bikekids one.JPG

uncle george one one.JPG

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November 04, 2008

Election Day! I voted!

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October 21, 2008

Palin as President Preview

Please visit this webiste. Use the mouse to explore Palin's oval office. Clicking on different things will yield a result; you can click on some of the things more than once for different results (like the door, the globe). Try to find where she is hiding her rifle. Enjoy!

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October 18, 2008

Exploring some cliffs on the river near Gillette's Castle

george next to the cliff.JPG

cliff with the nest.JPG
Big Nest on a Ridge

heather and the cliff wall two.JPG

heather and the cliffs.JPG

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Nice View of Essex

essex from the water one.JPG

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October 03, 2008

Uncle Cameron Thompson

cameron blog shot.JPG
Cameron Acheson Thompson, April 15, 1952- September 25, 2008

Please visit www.kathymccurdy.com for additional photos and some words of remembrance from his sister.

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September 12, 2008

The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Joanne and Jeff went on a trip to Victoria, BC. Here are some of their awesome photos.
The Empress Pink.JPG

garden bc one.JPG


some sort of iris.JPG




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September 11, 2008

Neat Chameleon

Photographer Unknown
Want to learn more about this cool animal? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chameleon

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September 02, 2008

Stone Walls






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August 27, 2008

Silver Lake, Vermont

vermont view one.JPG
This past weekend Alison took me up to Vermont to meet her cousin Nikki and her husband Jay for a weekend of camping.

njand alison at waterfall.JPG

rich and niko.JPG
Their good friend Rich joined us;

scott and jamie in canoe.JPG
And Scott and Jaime, and their dogs Moose and Niko, who are Nikki and Jay's neighbors.

handa lake view one.JPG
We camped on Silver Lake near Goshen, VT.

naandh view of lake up high.JPG
Look out point overlooking Lake Dunmore

In the 1880's, Frank Chandler, missionary and owner of Silver Lake, built a road from Goshen to the lake through Leicester Hollow and erected a beautiful 50-60 room hotel/seminary at this site. Until it was abandoned in 1919, the hotel- with its motto of "Godliness, Holiness and Cleanliness"- offered respite and religious instruction. The hotel burned to the ground aound 1940. (From the information bulletin, Moosalamoo Association, www.moosalamoo.org)

view of beach and campsite.JPG
This is a view of our campsite from the lake and our beach where we spent the day.

view to the lake.JPG
View to the lake from the campsite

Silver Lake

Native American History around Silver Lake

alison paddling canoe.JPG
The canoe provided great fun!

njanda off for a paddle.JPG
Nikki, Jay and Alison off for a paddle.

nanda by the lake.JPG
We lounged by the beautiful lake all day.

heather by the lake.JPG
Refreshing Margaritas...

alison by the lake.JPG


floating group2.JPG

Night canoeing

alison and moose.JPG
Alison and Moose

Jelly Antler Fungus

morning campsite.JPG
Campsite in the morning

cooking breakfast.JPG
Cooking breakfast

Also breakfast, due to necessity. We had to get rid of as much weight as possible so we wouldn't have to carry it out. It had to be finished.

Pretty field

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August 20, 2008

Camping with George's Family at Hammonassett

group campsite.JPG
Group Campsite

group campfire.JPG
Around the campfire

group at the beach.JPG
Fun at the beach

hana marshmellow.JPG
Hana toasting a marshmellow

lily noah and aiden.JPG
Lily, Noah and Aiden

mermaid noah.JPG
Mermaid Noah

noah sand.JPG


playing washers.JPG
Kevin, Mia and Robyn playing washers

robyn and lily in the bus.JPG
Robyn and Lily in the bus

robyn octopus.JPG
Robyn as an octopus

aiden in the water.JPG
Aiden catching jelly fish

scooter ride.JPG
Donna giving scooter rides

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August 11, 2008

A Day at the Shooting Range

Julie and Melissa invited me to go along with them to the New Haven Sportsman's Club for some shooting. Our friend Wolfgang has been a member there for about 3 years; this was our first time but I think you'll agree that we all look like naturals.

melissa pose one.JPG

julie pose.JPG

heather pose.JPG

melissa 22.JPG
First was this gun, which shot 22 calibur bullets.

heather 22.JPG

julie revolver.JPG
Julie shooting a revolver. I knew I wanted to try that next.

heather loading revolver.JPG
Loading it...

heather revolver.JPG

heather 45 automatic.JPG
Then I saw the 45 automatic and headed straight for that. That made a pretty big noise.

This gun shot 223 caliber bullets, and made the biggest bang. It was the most fun to shoot out of all the ones we tried at the 50 yard range. Then we we taken to the 100 yard range to try...

melissa ar 15.JPG
The Semi Automatic AR 15. This is the civilian version of the gun the US Military uses. It is awesome. As you will see in this video:

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August 10, 2008

Our New Boat: Feather

heath boat one notts.JPG
This is our new Boston Whaler Super Sport. It is the most fun!

Mom and Dad came out on Saturday;


heath george boat one.JPG
And an evening cruise through Seldon's with Alison was the best way to end the day.

alison boat one.JPG

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July 29, 2008

Random Shots from the Past week

spiderweb one.jpg
Spiderweb in the morning

gscooter sx cem am.jpg

swans one.jpg
Swans in North Cove

salem cem one.jpg
Sisson Family Cemetery in the woods

salem cem two.jpg

salem cem wall.jpg
The Cemetery Wall

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July 23, 2008

Fun on the Beach

sand art.JPG
Lily and Shelby's sand art

sand art two.JPG
Heath's Sand Sculpture

sand pants.JPG
Sand pants- patent pending...

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July 21, 2008

How cute is this?!

cute cousins.jpg

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July 16, 2008

Lesson of the Week

save the earth.jpg

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July 14, 2008

Is this REAL?!

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July 02, 2008

Trapper Nelson's Homestead from the air

This is what Trapper Nelson's homestead looks like. I was bored today, so I've been exploring the world on Google Maps. Zoom in and out to see how far up the Loxahatchee he was.

View Larger Map

The white buildings near the center of the clearing are his cabin and his guest cabin. The group in the bottom left are his animal cages for his "petting" zoo. And the gray roof at the end of the little road was the picnic table area where he shot himself. Too much detail? More photos are in the blog post from our first trip in Florida, titled "Trapper Nelson's homestead".

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June 23, 2008

Patrick and Chrissy's Wedding

pat and chrissy one.jpg
The bride and groom

pat and bridesmaids.jpg
Patrick and the bridesmaids

chrissy and groomsmen.jpg
Chrissy and the groomsmen

family one.jpg
The McCurdy Family

mom dad and julia one.jpg
Mom, Dad and Julia

heath and george.jpg
George and Heath

dad and heath dancing.jpg
Dad and Heath

julie one.jpg

mom and heath.jpg
Mom and Heath

pat and chrissy dancing.jpg
Pat and Chrissy

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June 16, 2008

Science Experiment

mentos geyser tube one.jpg
With this tube, we will be creating a Diet Coke Geyser.

prepping the mentos.jpg
Prepping the mentos...

mentos get ready.jpg
Get ready!

geyser mentos.jpg
Whoosh! Next time we will change a few of the conditions to see if we can get a higher geyser. This one was ok, but didn't have as much force as we expected.

Check out this video for some amazing domino geysers:

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dandy one.jpg
Mom's buddy Dandy

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A few Boston shots

boston common cemetery.jpg
Cemetery on the Boston Common

Boston shot one.jpg
King's Chapel

old town hall.jpg
Town Hall; The Boston Massacre occured outside of this building. You can see the building in the illustration below.


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June 12, 2008

Check these out!

elephant one.bmp

zebra one.bmp

swan one.bmp

croc one.bmp

owl one.bmp

eagle one.bmp

eagle two.bmp

tiger one.bmp

giraffe one.bmp

bird one.bmp

Guido Daniele's amazing Hand Painting Art. Guido Daniele was born in Soverato (CZ - Italy) and now lives and works in Milan. Since 1964 until 1968 he attended Brera artistic High School and he graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) in 1972. In 1972 he started working as hyper-realistic illustrator, in co-operation with major editing and advertising companies, using and testing different painting techniques. In 1990 he added a new artistic experience to his previous ones: using the "body painting" technique he creates and paints models bodies for different situations such as advertising pictures and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.
Official Home Page: guidodaniele.com

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June 09, 2008

Weekend Shots

lil at table one.jpg
Lily and I found this great spot for a picnic lunch on Saturday.

lil on table.jpg
The best view in town!

picnic view one.jpg
Looking at the Essex River Museum

picnic view two.jpg
Looking towards Nott's Island

Then we were off to Mike Feeny's Burn Party, where activities included expert Scavenger Hunts with varying degrees of difficulty, sprinklers to cool off with, badmitton, bocce, eating the most amazing keilbasa dogs and hot dogs, and of course FIRE!

lil and brandy lynn.jpg
New Friends, Brandy Lynn and Lily

lil and julie.jpg
Good friends, Lily and Julie

feeny's tree.jpg
Mike Feeny's tree

heath's fire one.jpg
This is my fire: enthusiastically created and maintained by yours truly.

And finished off on Sunday with a GREAT paddle with Alison on the river from Essex to Deep River!
alison one paddle.jpg
This was the best paddle of the season.

heather one paddle.jpg
I wish I could do this every day!

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June 04, 2008


George is off for a paddle!


herecomesgeorge one.jpg
Summer is the best!

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"Dan" by Lily

dan 2.jpg

dan 1.jpg
This is our friend Dan, whose parents are Ken and Sue. Lily took these photos during our last cookout, and I think they are GREAT photos!!

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May 18, 2008

Heath on the porch

heathporch one.JPG
I love the weekends.

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Tag Sale Score

A tag sale yielded these two coloring books from 1943:
one a at w.JPG

us at w cover.JPG
Playtime has begun kids!

They include some basic facts about a variety of weapons,

two railroad.JPG
and different types of tanks and vehicles.

fun football.JPG
Do you play football? Then you're qualified! Sign up today!

fun patrol.JPG
There are other ways to have fun at war:

fun jeep.JPG
You can ride in a jeep that goes 60 miles an hour.

fun linked arms.JPG
These men are definetly having fun.

women veggies.JPG
These books also tell you how women can participate.

women nurse.JPG
They can do minor tasks as nurse's aides.

women trim.JPG
Or stay trim and wear a cute uniform!

women gas.JPG
Or, if you have a pair of red heels, you can pump gas.

Your pet can also get involved. Doesn't every pet owner want their pet to sit on burning garbage?

pearl harbor.JPG
Awww... this isn't a fun picture to color. Boo.

fun australia.JPG
Back to the fun!

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May 17, 2008

Some spring photos

daffodils at the farm.JPG
Daffodils at Thirsty Boots Farm


looking through branch layers.JPG
Looking up through layers of branches


wallbehind the tree.JPG

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May 03, 2008

Underwater Astonishments by David Gallo

This is an amazing video! You'll love it!

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May 02, 2008

I love the whole world. I love this song.

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Here is a photo of the cupcakes I made for the last VW get together. They were a big hit!
heath and the cupcake.jpg
Photo by Jim Rolston; thanks for the photo!!!

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May 01, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar."
--Drew Carey

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April 29, 2008

Bridal Shower at Winged Foot

The wedding is less than 2 months away, and the celebratons continue!

pat and chrissy one.JPG
Pat and Chrissy

jhc one.JPG
Julia, Heather and Chrissy


DAD and heath one.JPG
Dad and Heath

Dad, Sue, Fj, Uncle Joe

mom and heath one.JPG
Uncle Cameron, Heath and Mom

patand his friend.JPG
Pat and Will

julia and heath.JPG
Julia and Heath

chrissy and aunt barbara.JPG
Chrissy and Aunt Barbara

Pat and a new Cuisinart

patandchrissy two.JPG

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April 24, 2008

White Siamese Racing Pigeon

On Wednesday, this little visitor arrived on the deck at work.
bird one one.jpg
We didn't know if she was injured, but she looked very tired. So I brought her some bird seed and water.

bird on ledge.jpg
When I put the food down she came walking right towards me, and only stopped about a foot away. She gobbled up the seed and drank a lot of water!

bird two.jpg
She was very hungry, but didn't appear to be hurt in any way. From some online research it was discovered that she was a White Siamese Racing Pigeon. A look at her tag told us she was from Triverton, RI.

bird one.jpg
So she decided to hang out for awhile...

peter and the bird.jpg
A man that used to work here who currently owns and breeds pigeons stopped by to take a look. He said that she had lost a lot of weight and looked "stunned". He gave her some special pigeon food, which she really liked, and brought her home to take care of her and make her healthy again. So she is doing well and in good hands, and may soon be reuntied with her owner.

For me... it was a nice little distraction for the day.

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April 20, 2008

In Bloom

in bloom.JPG

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April 12, 2008

George's New Crew Member

lily on mower.JPG

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Seagulls on the dock

seagulls on dock.JPG

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Buds of Spring

buds of spring one.JPG

lilac buds.JPG
Lilac Buds

lilac bud color.JPG
Lilac in color

spring bud two.JPG

spring bud three.JPG

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Lily's Fort

lily in fort one.JPG
Lily built a great fort today!

lily fort two.JPG
Here she is looking through her "TV Hole".

lily and mom in fort.JPG
There is even room for a visitor!

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April 10, 2008


frog with snail.jpg

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April 09, 2008


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April 03, 2008

Heath and Dad

heath and dad.jpg

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March 13, 2008

Blast from the past

Look what I found:

jc penny 1.bmp
A JC Penney catalog from 1977. It's not often blog fodder just falls in my lap, but this is two solid inches of it! I thumbed through it quickly and found my next dining room set, which is apparently made by adding upholstery to old barrels:

jc penny 2.bmp

Also, I am totally getting this for my bathroom:

jc penny 3.bmp
There's plenty more home furnishings where those came from, however I'm not going to bore you with that. Instead, I'm going to bore you with something else. The clothes.

The clothes are fantastic.

Here's how to get beat up in elementary school:

jc penny 4.bmp
Just look at that belt. It's like a boob-job for your pants. He probably needed help just to lift it into place. The belt loops have to be three inches long.

Here's how to get beat up in high school:

jc penny 5.bmp
This kid looks like he's pretending to be David Soul, who is pretending to be a cop who is pretending to be a pimp that everyone knows is really an undercover cop. Who is pretending to be 15.

Here's how to get beat up on the golf course:

jc penny 6.bmp
This 'all purpose jumpsuit' is, according to the description, equally appropriate for playing golf or simply relaxing around the house. Personally, I can't see wearing this unless you happen to be relaxing around your cell in D-block. Even then, the only reason you should put this thing on is because the warden made you, and as a one-piece, it's slightly more effective as a deterrent against... you know.

Here's how to get beat up pretty much anywhere:

jc penny 7.bmp

Here's how to get beat up at the beach:

jc penny 8.bmp
He looks like he's reaching for a gun, but it's probably just a bottle of suntan lotion in a holster.

How to get beat up in a meeting:

jc penny 9.bmp
If you wear this suit and don't sell used cars for a living, I believe you can be fined and face serious repercussions, up to and including termination. Or imprisonment, in which case you'd be forced to wear that orange jumpsuit.

How to get beat up on every day up to and including St. Patrick's Day:

jc penny 10.bmp
Dear God in Heaven, I don't believe that color exists in nature. There is NO excuse for wearing either of these ensembles unless you're working as a body guard for the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

In this next one, Your Search For VALUE Ends at Penneys.

jc penny 11.bmp
As does your search for chest hair.

And this -- Seriously. No words.

jc penny 12.bmp
Oh wait, it turns out that there are words after all. Those words are What. The. Heck. I'm guessing the snap front gives you quick access to the chest hair. The little tie must be the pull tab.

Also, judging by the sheer amount of matching his/hers outfits, I'm guessing that in 1977 it was considered pretty stylish for couples to dress alike. These couples look happy, don't they?
jc penny 13.bmp

jc penny 14.bmp

I am especially fond of this one, which I have entitled 'Cowboy Chachi Loves You Best.'

jc penny 15.bmp

And nothing showcases your everlasting love more than the commitment of matching bathing suits.
jc penny 16.bmp

Then you can relax in your one-piece matching terry cloth jumpsuits:
jc penny 17.bmp

I could go on, but I'm tired, and my eyes hurt from this trip back in time. I think it's the colors. That said, I will leave you with these tasteful little numbers:
jc penny 18.bmp

Very nice.

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March 07, 2008

George is HOME!!!

bus one g home.JPG

g home two.JPG
Welcome Home George!

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January 15, 2008

Bizarro Letter

We received this letter at the office. The post mark was from Long Beach, CA. Pretty Crazy!

Download file

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January 14, 2008

Walk with Lily

lily two.jpg

lily one.jpg
Some hangman fun.... hee hee!

lily three.jpg
On our way home...

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Fondue Party

fondue table one.jpg
The Fondue Tablescape

fondue 2.JPG
New Tablecloth, argggg!

alison and julie fondue.jpg
Alison and Julie

dave and keith fondue one.jpg
Dave and Keith

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January 07, 2008


g long key one.jpg

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January 02, 2008

Some photos for George.... miss CT yet?

the seal.jpg
Ahh... the Seal

the river museum.jpg
The River Museum

up river.jpg
Up River

down river.jpg
Down River

two tugs for george.jpg
Two Tugs for George

the rock.jpg
The Rock in the park that is fun to climb.

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December 21, 2007

Wish it was summer... or I was in Florida.

want to be summer.jpg

sunset great.jpg
At least there are still awesome sunsets up here!

docks one.jpg
And pretty mornings too...

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December 17, 2007

Goodbye George!

goodbye george.jpg
George is on his way to Florida! He and the van will be dropped off in sunny, warm Orlando in about... 20 hours from now (noon on Monday.) Feel free to email him all of those nice thoughts that are going through your head right now.

Have FUN George! And Safe Travels!

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December 16, 2007


George is the best! His Christmas gift to me was a beautiful blue fondue pot. Which we of course put to use immediately!
fundoo heath 1.JPG

fundoo food.JPG
Our feast of chicken, pork, steak, veal, shrimp, scallops, mushroom, onion, and garliic. And of course Teriyaki, Hoisin, Yakitori, Honey Mustard, and Cocktail Sauces.

fundoo george 1.JPG

fundoo george 2.JPG
Oh Boy, what fun we had.

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November 26, 2007

Lighting of the Boats Parade, Essex CT

george and heath boats.JPG
On Sunday night was the annual Lighting of the Boats Parade in Essex.
There were quite a few boats participating, however the video below shows one of the best.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Project

smaller window.JPG
We now have a new view from our bathroom!

I drew this free hand with pencils and my foam block to make a straight line. Then I filled in the color with craypas crayons that Julie gave me awhile ago for Christmas. I wasn't planning on this much progress; it was just supposed to be a sketch. If I expected to do so much I would have primed the wall. Too late now!

There is a sailboat heading for the sea, one out on the horizon, and one anchored in front of the beach. There is a kayaker over on the left shore, and some houses dotting the right hillside, one on top with a great view of the ocean. George has asked me to add a fisherman so he can picture himself there. (Not that he won't be fishing in paradise soon enough...) So you can look at the view and picture yourself in any number of awesome places. Oh, I also drew in a little bar on the beach, for Happy Hour.

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November 14, 2007

Bored at Work

This morning I changed the language options on the office coffee machine to Dutch. It is only 9:19am and it has already paid off with a good chuckle.

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November 08, 2007

Weekend Scoot

Off for a scoot on a beautiful fall day!



view from jeffs deck one.JPG
Amazing view from Jeff's deck, with St. Joseph's steeple peeking over the tree tops.

gillettes castle.JPG
View of Gillette's Castle from Deep River

colorful road.JPG
Off for more adventure!

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November 05, 2007

Fall Ferry Ride

george ferry one.JPG
George is heading across the river to mow, so I tagged along with my kayak to be dropped off on the other side.

heath ferry one.JPG

george gillettes one.JPG
Gillette's Castle

heath gilettes one.JPG
Beautiful day for a paddle!

river one.JPG
On the river

2 Vw's.JPG
2 VW's hanging out on a cliff, Whalebone Creek

image one.JPG
Selden's Creek


image 3.JPG

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October 25, 2007


dilbert cartoon.jpg

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September 26, 2007

George and Edy Come for a Visit!

lily and grandparents.JPG
Lily with her grandparents, Edy and George

connex with gramma.JPG
Playing Connex

connex one.JPG

connex two.JPG

lily one.JPG
Ta Daaa!!

george and lilt.JPG
Fun Time

napping george.JPG
George's Fun Time: his nap

edy and lily.JPG
Edy and her apprentice

lily and bunny sweaters.JPG
Lily and Bunny with matching sweaters. Please also note Lily's many missing teeth, of which she is very proud.

Lily's Photos:

edy and george in the office.JPG
Grandma and Dad in the office


photos on fridge.JPG
Photos on the fridge

stocked fridge by lily.JPG
Stocked fridge on lobster night. Mmmmm.....

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September 12, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Camping

lily and shelb in hammock1.JPG
Lily and Shelby in the hammock

george and jeff with hammock.JPG
Some adjusting...

george and lily near hammock.JPG

shelby and lily n hammock 2.JPG

lily in hammock.JPG

lily and george paddling with abby.JPG

paddle with abby.JPG

george and lily in kayak.JPG

girls and jeff on beach.JPG

ken and jeff.JPG
Jeff and Ken

shelby and lily on roots.JPG

shelby on the table.JPG

jack- lavender the turtle.JPG
This is Jack the turtle, who Lily and Shelby found.

lily and shelby.JPG

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August 14, 2007

Biggest Moth Ever

This moth is hanging out on the balcony outside our conference room. It is huge!!

moth blog 2.jpg

moth blog 1.jpg

My friend Geff at work checked with a friend of his who knows about moths:

You’re right, it IS the biggest moth ever… at least in North America. My friend says it’s a type of Cecropia, or silkworm, moth.


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August 07, 2007

Congratulations Pat and Chrissy!!

pat and chrissy 2.jpg
Congratulations on your engagement!!

pat and chrissy 1a.jpg
You are both so great!


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July 18, 2007

Selden's Cruise a few weeks back

My Idaho photos are coming!! In the meantime please enjoy these:

g and j and a 1.jpg
Jeff, George and Abby

g on rock.jpg


I like the shadow in this one.


george cigar on rock.jpg
George enjoying a cigar.

h driving boat.jpg
Look who's driving!

george from above.jpg

guys on boat.jpg

g and a on boat.jpg
George and Abby

matt and group.jpg
Matt and Crew


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July 05, 2007

Whalebone Creek

girls on boat.jpg
We're headed to Whalebone Creek!

boat from distance.jpg

boat in creek.jpg

boat up close.jpg

Nice Rod George! Let's see what you can catch with that!

george and fish.jpg

george anbd abby and fish.jpg
Nice Fish!




bg fish and abby.jpg

jeff and fish.jpg




Bird Spectator

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June 15, 2007

George's Birthday, May 21

george's birthday 1.jpg

george's birthday 2.jpg

g's birthday 3.jpg

the boys 2.jpg
The boys, from the right: John, Bob, Carl, and George

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June 08, 2007

Broken Computer

I do apologize for the interuption in regular postings. Our computer broke. We won't get into who's fault it was.... as we still disagrgee on this issue.

Please accept my apologies! We bought a new computer but it was crappy and didn't work. Grr..... And the folks at Best Buy are very unhelpful. I don't recommend shopping there.... ever.

So, here are some postings that I owe you and will have up as soon as possible!

1. George's Birthday
2. Day on the River with Lily, Jeff, and Shelby
3. King Crab Legs at Bob's house

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Play Time with Emily and Heather

heather ane emily one.jpg

heather and emily two.jpg

heather and emily jumping.jpg

emily jumopng.jpg

emily jumping two.jpg

emily three 3.jpg

heath jumping.jpg

heather jumping two.jpg

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April 29, 2007

Camp Hazen Family Fun Day!

helmet lily.JPG
Get Ready for some Rock Climbing!

climbing lily.JPG

climbing shelby.JPG

climbing heath.JPG

heath coming down.JPG
Heath coming down

climbing jeff.JPG
Jeff made it to the top!

kayak george.JPG
George was having fun too!

blog me.JPG
Canoe Ride

canoe 2.JPG

slide lily.JPG
And of course a bouncy slide...

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Hooray for the Weekend!

skateboard lily.JPG

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April 23, 2007

Ancient Rainforest Revealed in Illinois Coal Mine

One of the fossils coating the mine's ceiling was a pteridosperm, an extinct seed-producing fern-like plant. Credit: Howard Falcon-Lang

Jeanna Bryner
LiveScience Staff
Mon Apr 23, 12:25 PM ET

Scientists exploring a mine have uncovered a natural Sistine chapel showing not religious paintings, but incredibly well preserved images of sprawling tree trunks and fallen leaves that once breathed life into an ancient rainforest.

Replete with a diverse mix of extinct plants, the 300-million-year-old fossilized forest is revealing clues about the ecology of Earth’s first rainforests . The discovery and details of the forest are published in the May issue of the journal Geology.

“We’re looking at one instance in time over a large area. It’s literally a snapshot in time of a multiple square mile area,” said study team member Scott Elrick of the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS).

Forest find

Over millions of years as sediments and plant material pile up, layer upon layer, the resulting bands become time indicators with the newest, youngest layer on the top and the oldest layer at the bottom. Typically geologists peel away a vertical slice of rocky material to look at material, including fossils, over a period of time.

A coal mine offers a unique view of the past. Instead of a time sequence, illuminated in the layer upon layer of sediments, the roof of an underground mine reveals a large area within one of those sediment layers, or time periods.

Miners in Illinois are used to seeing a few plant fossils strewn along a mine’s ceiling, but as they burrowed farther into this one, the sheer density and area covered by such fossils struck them as phenomenal, Elrick said.

That’s when they called paleobotanist Howard Falcon-Lang from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and William DiMichele, a curator of fossil plants at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

"It was an amazing experience. We drove down the mine in an armored vehicle, until we were a hundred meters below the surface,” Falcon-Lang said. “The fossil forest was rooted on top of the coal seam, so where the coal had been mined away the fossilized forest was visible in the ceiling of the mine.”

Forest snapshot

Here’s what the miners and other scientists saw underground: Relatively narrow passageways wind through the “cave,” marked off with stout 100-foot-wide pillars to ensure the roof doesn’t collapse.

“It’s like in some bizarre Roman temple with tons of Corinthian pillars that are 100 feet across and only six feet tall,” Elrick told LiveScience. “As you’re walking down these passageways you see these pillars of coal on either side of you and above you—imagine an artist’s canvas painted a flat grey and that is sort of what the grey shale above the coal looks like.”

The largest ever found, the fossil forest covers an area of about 40 square miles, or nearly the size of San Francisco. This ancient assemblage of flora is thought to be one of the first rainforests on Earth, emerging during the Upper Carboniferous, or Pennsylvanian, time period that extended from about 310 million to 290 million years ago.

A reconstruction of the ancient forest showed that like today’s rainforests, it had a layered structure with a mix of plants now extinct: Abundant club mosses stood more than 130-feet high, towering over a sub-canopy of tree ferns and an assortment of shrubs and tree-sized horsetails that looked like giant asparagus.

Flash freeze

The scientists think a major earthquake about 300 million years ago caused the region to drop below sea level where it was buried in mud. They estimate that within a period of months the forest was buried, preserving it “forever.”

“Some of these tree stumps have been covered geologically speaking in a flash,” Elrick said.

Because the spatial layout of the forest has been maintained, the scientists can learn about entire plant communities, not just individual plants.

"This spectacular discovery allows us to track how the species make-up of the forest changed across the landscape, and how that species make-up is affected by subtle differences in the local environment," Falcon-Lang said.

The fossil forest extends along the ceiling of two adjacent mines, the Riola mine and the Vermillion Grove mine, which are located in Vermillion County, just south of Danville, Ill.

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April 21, 2007

More mower...

dad and mower.JPG

mom and mower.JPG

spring has come!.JPG
Spring is Here!!

flower 1.JPG

flower 2.JPG

flower 3.JPG


mom and cat.JPG
Mom and Sweetie, the barn cat

cat one.JPG

Rooset for Sale! If anyone would like this rooster please let me know!

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George's New Mower!

Introducing! The Bob Cat Predator Pro:

mower 1.JPG
George is happy!

Heated Seats, back massage...

It even has a cupholder!

and I was just joking about the heated seats and back massage.

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April 16, 2007

The Flood

flood 1.JPG

flood 2a.JPG

flood 3a.JPG

flood 4a.JPG

flood 5a.JPG

flood 6a.JPG

flood 7a.JPG

flood 8a.JPG

flodd 9a.JPG

flood 10a.JPG

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March 31, 2007

Coming Soon....

View image
I'm finally updating the blog and I thought I would give you something to look forward to.

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March 18, 2007

Lily's New Pet

lily and spike.JPG

lily and spike 2.JPG
This is Spike! He is staying with us for a week. He eats crickets and likes to climb.

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Snow Day!

lily in the fort.JPG
Lily's Fort

sliding 1.JPG
Time for some sliding....

sliding 2.JPG

lily sliding 2aa.JPG
This looks like a good hill for a slide...

sliding 1a.JPG

sliding 2a.JPG
with a twist thrown in. Difficulty 2.1.

sliding 3a.JPG

george and lily one.JPG
And off for a walk!

heath and lily one.JPG

george and heath one.JPG

george and lily back.JPG

george and lily from the back.JPG

george and lily back 2.JPG

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December 22, 2006


Hello Everybody! Due to George being in Florida with the computer, and the chip for my camera (yeah, that was smart) my blog will be taking a brief hiatus.

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December 10, 2006

Stromboli Night at Jeff's

girls 1.JPG

girls with jeff.JPG

group at table.JPG


glacken shoes.JPG

jesse and loretta.JPG
How one becomes a horse...


horse 2.JPG

horse 3.JPG


tweaker's family.JPG

lil and shelby.JPG

lil shelb and ruby.JPG

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Camping in December

sky with boat.JPG

tree sunset.JPG

g steak 1.JPG

heath and fire.JPG



Morning Group

kids water 1.JPG


george bus.JPG


lily tree.JPG

water 1.JPG


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December 01, 2006


New Image.JPG
Happy happy happy Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to yyooooouuuuuuu!!!

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November 21, 2006

Ode to Summer

1a summer.JPG

2 picnicking.JPG

3 guys on boat.JPG

4 heath.JPG

5 canoe ride.JPG

6 fathers day boules.JPG

7 flowers.JPG

8 girls.JPG

first one.JPG

9 deck.JPG

captain ken.JPG

10 george abby.JPG

11 matt ali sid.JPG


3 barge.JPG

12 lily.JPG

13 scoot.JPG

14 dave and feeny.JPG

15 mom and julia.JPG






21 grace at bat.JPG





group cliff.JPG

paige 2.JPG

j l and s.JPG

heath and a chick.JPG

last one.JPG

12 brian kayak.JPG

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Early Turkey

George had a craving for turkey, so we made one on a Sunday. It was delicious!

d and j.JPG
Dave and Julie joined us for the 18 pound feast,

George was happy.


but save room for Julie's desserts!

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November 20, 2006

Gillette's Castle

William Gillette was best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on stage, he also wrote, produced and performed a play entitled Sherlock Holmes (adapted from a version originally written by Conan Doyle). The play was praised by contemporary critics and audiences alike. Through his association with this play, he broadly amassed fans all around the world.

driveway walls.JPG
Leading to the castle

wall 2.JPG

castle 1.JPG
In 1912, while sailing the Connecticut river, Gillette spotted a hill, part of the Seven Sisters, over a ferry's pier in Hadlyme.

view from water in summer.JPG
View from the river!

He docked, disembarked and climbed up. He was so amazed by the view that he purchased 115 acres of land, the next month. He decided to build up a castle at this location based on the Norman fortress Robert the Devil.

Julie and the view of the river

heath and lil.JPG

wall 3.JPG

wall 3 detail.JPG

castle 3.JPG
The material for the castle was carried up by an aerial-trolley designed by him. The castle's walls tapered from 5 feet thick at the base to 3 feet at the upper levels.

lily 1.JPG

wall 1.JPG

wal 2.JPG

wall detail.JPG
The castle possessed 24 rooms and 47 doors, with puzzled hand-carved locks, which were also devised by Gillette. The main salon measured 30 by 50 feet and was 19 feet in height, featuring a complex mirrored system of surveillance that ended in his bedroom. He explained this as a means "to make great entrances in the opportune moment".

lil and julie.JPG

second wall.JPG

castle wall 2.JPG
The mansion was finished in 1919, at a cost of 1 million US dollars. Gillette called it Seven Sisters.

grand central station.JPG
Grand Central Station- Its small train was his personal pride. The train's layout was 3 miles long, and it travelled all around the property. Gillette also enjoyed strolls on his property in company of his guests, Albert Einstein among them.

veggie cellar.JPG

julie photo.JPG
And on to our hike...

and rock hunt.

The train tunnel

tunnel lil.JPG

tunnel julie and lil.JPG

tunnel lil 2.JPG

tunnel view out the end.JPG

letterboxing 1.JPG
Have you heard of letterboxing? It's FUN!!!

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November 11, 2006

George in a skirt

george in a skirt.JPG

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November 10, 2006

a few photos

julia and lily.JPG
Julie and Lily

trailer of kids.JPG
Halloween Night Ride

tweaker and loretta.JPG
Loretta and Jesse

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A few weeks ago it rained and rained and rained. This is the Essex town dock underwater at high tide.

flood 2.JPG

flood 3.JPG

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November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

kay and mom.JPG
Kay Aurin and Mom

d & j.JPG
Dave and Julie

pat chrissy and bob.JPG
Pat, Chrissy and Bob Cashman

kay and dad.JPG
Kay and Dad

cake and mom.JPG

blowing out candles.JPG

dave and julie 2.JPG

opening tiffanys.JPG
Everyone likes a Tiffany's box!

opening coffe maker.JPG
From Dad

new earrings better.JPG
Earrings from Kay

outside for fireworks.JPG
Outside for fireworks!

pat chrissy and mom.JPG
Pat, Chrissy and Mom

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george in a tree.JPG

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October 15, 2006


A new blogger has entered the arena! Now that all the women in our family are blogging, you really have no excuse to not be keeping up with the exciting goings-on in our family. Ha ha!

Mom's blog can be found at www.kathymccurdy.com or www.thirstybootsfarm.com.

Julie's blog is www.juliamccurdy.com.

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October 14, 2006

recovery status: happy to be pretty again

After a few days and a shave George is looking much better! One can hardly tell it was broken; at least that's what we're telling George.

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October 11, 2006

George had an accident

g 1.JPG
This is the email I received from George: "I took a tree limb in the head and broke my nose today just got back from emergency and they said they wouldnt straighten it. That i should got to a nose and throat specialist so I tried to do it myself I think it came out ok. wow what a day so far. How is yours going. See ya for lunch"

g 2.JPG
Poor George!

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October 07, 2006

Our New Buddy

spider five.JPG
This spider is currently residing right next to our front door. And it is quite large.

spider four.JPG

spider two.JPG

spider one.JPG
It's a Garden Spider.

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September 26, 2006

Dad's Birthday

dad and superman.JPG
Happy Birthday Dad!

dave dad and mom.JPG
Dave, Dad and Mom

1 julie pat and chrissy.JPG
Pat, Chrissy and Julia

george and heather.JPG
George and Heather

heath and the wall of fame.JPG
Heather and the wall of fame

birthday boy.JPG
The Birthday Boy!


julie and mom.JPG
Mom and Julia

pat and chrissy.JPG
Pat and Chrissy

dads birthday dinner.JPG

dinner table better.JPG

happy birthday cake.JPG

cake and dad.JPG

happy birthday yea!.JPG

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Good Times

1 bus.JPG
Going camping

camping george.JPG

ken and tom.JPG
Tom and Ken

1 fire pit.JPG
The Fire Pit the Guys Built

1 rainy breakfast.JPG
Rainy Breakfast

group better.JPG

ellen and ruby.JPG
Ellen and Ruby

loretta and glacken.JPG
Loretta and Glacken

1 george.JPG

1 jeff and alison.JPG
Jeff and Alison

1 dave and julie.JPG
Dave and Julia

1 julie and heather.JPG
Julia and Heather

1 the spread.JPG
The spread

1 peaches.JPG
and peaches.

heath up close.JPG
See ya!

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September 05, 2006

Added Convenience for the Camper/Traveler

With camping coming up this weekend, and George's annual trip to Florida in mind as well, this product just had to be featured on my blog.

The Bumper Dumper!

bd 1.jpg
Available with a bag...

bd 2.jpg
Or a bucket!

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The photos from August (that took me a month to post)have already been cleared off the main page. If you missed them, click on the August link to the right. I will try to keep up with my blog, post more regularly and as soon as possible after the highlighted event. I have received many hints. wink wink

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August 26, 2006

Cookout 8.19

julie and lily walking.JPG
Julie and Lily

jeff and shelby on bike.JPG
Shelby learned to ride a two-wheeler today!

jeff and alison.JPG

julie and george and grace.JPG
George, Julie and Grace


julie and lily.JPG

jeff and alison on lap larger.JPG

planet above grass.JPG

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Cookout on Jeff's Deck 8.12.06

canoe ride getting ready.JPG
Getting ready for a canoe ride.

canoe ride lifejackets.JPG

canoe ride getting on.JPG
Getting on

canoe ride settled.JPG
Getting settled

canoe ride they're off.JPG
And they're off!

canoe ride they're off wide view.JPG

canoe ride return.JPG

canoe ride up the hill.JPG

paige best best best.JPG


ellen loretta and the shopping cart.JPG
Ellen, Loretta and the shopping cart

jeff ken and sue.JPG

sean and allysa.JPG

the deck.JPG

loretta on the rocking chair.JPG

glacken and flowers in chair.JPG

heather and loretta.JPG

grill shot 13.JPG

the feast.JPG

glacken with a fork.JPG

jesse eating a hot dog.JPG

jeff and jesse.JPG

sunset group.JPG

kids playing on lawn 2.JPG

marsh at sunset.JPG

jeff up on the deck better.JPG

jeff sean and jesse.JPG


sunset 12.JPG

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Cookout and Swimming

lily swimming.JPG

mid jump.JPG

kids swimming in.JPG

watching the kids better.JPG

heath swimming.JPG

ken captain morgan.JPG


shelby and dan.JPG



dave and sky.JPG

heath and sky.JPG

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What a 6 year old sees at a Farmer's Market

lily at the farmers market.JPG
Lily is at the Farmer's Market at Aslawn Farms today and she's in charge of the camera.

gallete's table.JPG

baby alpaca.JPG

cookie samples.JPG

candle beehive.JPG

imprinted candle.JPG


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Morning At Mom's House

house 27.JPG

terrace left 5.JPG

terrace right 5.JPG

hammock 45.JPG

pool 43.JPG

pond 1a.JPG

rooster 5.JPG

rooster alone 5.JPG

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Picking flowers

George and Lily


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Mom's Party


grace floating.JPG


george and mom.JPG

night swimming.JPG

mom and chip.JPG

heath 1.JPG

george smiling 12.JPG

morning after view.JPG

bus in the am.JPG

pingpong by the pool.JPG

mom collecting breakfast.JPG

pingpong in the am 171.JPG

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The Wall

drive wall.JPG

viney top.JPG

long wall 30.JPG

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August 03, 2006

Water bridge...over a river!

germany bridge.JPG

This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East and West Germany, as part of the unification project. It is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin. The photo was taken on the day of inauguration. It took 6 years and 500 million Euros to build, and is 918 meters long.

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July 25, 2006

Weird Statues

Check out this funny link to see some absolutely bizarre statues around the world.


Here are a few of my favorites:

tripping man (belgium.jpg

photographer (slovakia.jpg


bizarre boobs.jpg
Bizarre Boobs

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July 24, 2006


heath and tippy.JPG
This is Tippy. He was 17.5 years old when he died last year. Or no, 2 years ago. For a 25 year old, spending 17 years with a pet was really special. He was my best bud, my little prince. I miss him. I still have dreams about him though, and that is nice.

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July 16, 2006

Saturday night cookout

group early.JPG
All set up

hope and grace.JPG
Hope and Grace

kids on swingset.JPG
Kids having fun

kids swingset helping.JPG

loretta climbing up.JPG
Loretta going up,

loretta sliding down.JPG
and down.

kids swingset everybody up.JPG

kids lily and glacken sliding.JPG

kids ali swinging.JPG

brian and patty.JPG
Brian and Patty

buddies sean and jeff.JPG
Sean and Jeff

grill george and hope.JPG
George and Hope

thanks jesse.JPG
Thank you Jesse!

yum 1.JPG

girls in the bus.JPG
Girls in the bus

ben and the kayak.JPG
Want to go for a paddle Ben?

out for a paddle.JPG
Off they go...

more pie george.JPG
More pie George?

duck duck goose patrick chasing lily.JPG
Duck Duck Goose

sunset 1.JPG

bloody knuckles patty and brian1.JPG
Bloody Knuckles

sid and the spread.JPG
Sid and the spread

sunset leter.JPG

brian in kayak with moon 2.JPG
Returning from their paddle.

sleeping ben in kayak.JPG
Sleepy Ben

kids in truck.JPG
See you next time!

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Heath's new toy!

side view 1.JPG

Outside of Centerbrook Architects

First Paddle with Julie

This Rocks!

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George at Home

george and the bus.JPG

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Cook Out July 3rd

dave and george having a chuckle.JPG
Dave and George

wine and two beers jeff.JPG
Jeff with multiple beverages.

Dirk and his ladies, Connie and Grissell

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June 14, 2006

Jeff's New Deck

new table.JPG

jeff lily and shelby.JPG

jeff and george peace.JPG

gynastics girls.JPG
Perfect for gymnastics!

sunny view.JPG

george smiling.JPG

side view.JPG

guys at table.JPG

sunny view later.JPG

steeple 1.JPG
The steeple belongs to St. Joseph's Church in Chester.

steeple 2.JPG

steeple 3.JPG

steeple 4.JPG

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moth 1.JPG

moth 3.JPG

moth 2.JPG

moth 4.JPG

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Baby Chickens, wait make that chick.

Mom had 3 baby chickens.

Now there is only one because the dog ate the other two.

Stupid Tucker.

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May 08, 2006

EBC and Friends! 5/6/06

river george.JPG
Another beautiful day at the boat club.

jeff in dave's sunglasses.JPG
Isn't Jeff the coolest?

sun with dark clouds.JPG
There goes the sun...

dave in george's sunglasses.JPG
Unless you have a pair of orange sunglasses.

brian and ben.JPG
Brian and Ben

matt, ali and sid.JPG
Matt, Ali and Sid

football dave and george.JPG
Guys playing sports.

baseball kids.JPG
Kids playing sports!

grace at bat.JPG
Grace at bat.

george with the plane.JPG
Just stopping by!

hope and ben.JPG
Hope and Ben

jeff and george early.JPG
Jeff and George early

kids ontop of van.JPG
Kids love the bus!

dirk and grissell and dan.JPG
Dirk and Grissell... and Dan

jeff and george late.JPG
Jeff and George late

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April 19, 2006

Happy Easter!!

dad and lady.JPG

pat chrissy uncle j.JPG
We are all outside today playing boules. It's just lovely!

group 2.JPG

julie throwing.JPG
Julie pitching? throwing? tossing? what do you call it?

julie looking.JPG

dad looking.JPG
hmmmmm....who's closer?

Patrick is the Official Measurer today.

bros playing boules.JPG
Bros playing boules

looks like a magazine.JPG
Looks like a magazine ad "Boules... the tall man's game."

and together now!.JPG
And together now!

chrissy 1.JPG

pat boules.JPG
or Pat. Who has the better form?

mom serving.JPG
Snacks!! Hi Chrissy!

lady sitting.JPG

marina uncle j.JPG
Marina and Uncle Jonathan

julie uncle j with kayak.JPG
Julie's Kayak

dad and julie.JPG
Dad and Julie

pat and chrissy 1.JPG
Pat and Chrissy outside...

pat and chrissy 2.JPG
Pat and Chrissy inside. Perfectly coordinated, no matter what the environment!

mom cooking.JPG
Mom Cooking

mom and food!!.JPG
Delicious Treats!


heather uncle j.JPG

pat chrissy dad.JPG

uncle geoff.JPG

pat and julie.JPG

Hope everyone had a great day and good things to eat!

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March 09, 2006

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

My great friend Mary is participating in a 2 day 39 mile journey to help raise money for and support breast cancer research. To contribute your support go to Mary's personal page listed below. Also, visit http://www.avonwalk.org for more information on this event.

The money raised helps fund medical research, clinical care, support services, educational and advocacy seminars, and community-based, non-profit early detection breast health programs. It's so easy!

Mary's Personal Page: http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR?px=2285073&pg=personal&fr_id=1160&et=sY-JqWXM4RqOcKu_ulMaAg..&s_tafId=55168

Here is how she has been preparing for her walk:

Greetings! I can't believe that the Avon Breast Cancer Walk is only 72 days away! I've been walking to and from work as much as possible and occasionally during lunch (2-3 hours a day). Recently, I've started Bikram Yoga (hot, hot yoga), hoping it will help me survive the 39 mile journey in mid-May. For those of you who enjoy yoga, you should check out Bikram - it's intense.

BIKRAM YOGA was developed by Bikram Choudhury, who claims that his method is the only true hatha yoga practiced in the West. Bikram has designed a sequence of 26 asana yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises that are performed in a heated room. The postures are vigorous and demand a lot from the students. The heated room, typically set around 95 - 105 degrees fahrenheit (35 - 40 degrees celsius) makes muscles more pliant and encourages sweating which acts as a purifier.

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March 06, 2006

Boo Hoo!!

hike 051.JPG Why aren't we still in Florida?

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December 21, 2005


check out this great photographer


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color trick


Follow the movement of the rotating pink dot for a few seconds. Then concentrate on the black + in the center.

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December 15, 2005

Anti-teenager sound weapon

In November the New York Times profiled an invention that emits a high-frequency sound designed to annoy people younger than 20. Apparently, people older than 30 can't hear it. Howard Stapleton of Barry, Wales invented the device, called the Mosquito, to drive away teenagers loitering around storefronts. From the NYT:

A trip to Spar here in Barry confirmed the strange truth of the phenomenon. The Mosquito is positioned just outside the door. Although this reporter could not hear anything, being too old, several young people attested to the fact that yes, there was a noise, and yes, it was extremely annoying.

"It's loud and squeaky and it just goes through you," said Jodie Evans, 15, who was shopping at the store even though she was supposed to be in school. "It gets inside you..."

Stapleton, a security consultant whose experience in installing store alarms and the like alerted him to the gravity of the loitering problem, studied other teenage-repellents as part of his research. Some shops, for example, use "zit lamps," which drive teenagers away by casting a blue light onto their spotty skin, accentuating any whiteheads and other blemishes.

Using his children as guinea pigs, he tried a number of different noise and frequency levels, testing a single-toned unit before settling on a pulsating tone which, he said, is more unbearable, and which can be broadcast at 75 decibels, within government auditory-safety limits. "I didn't want to make it hurt," Stapleton said. "It just has to nag at them."

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Banks ban clocks to stop complaints


CLOCKS are being removed from NatWest banks — to stop customers moaning.
Insiders say the timepieces are being taken down so the public cannot complain about how long they have had to queue.
The decision is part of a £150million revamp which has already seen wall clocks disappear at several London branches.
One worker said: “If people have been standing waiting to see a cashier for a long time they can get very cross.
“With a clock there, it was difficult for us to disagree with them. Without one it’s harder for them to complain.???
NatWest spokesman Ronan Kelleher said a survey undertaken before the refit found clocks were not something customers believed would “enhance their banking experience.???

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