February 06, 2008

Headstone on Sunday, Essex Cemetery

cemetery one208.jpg

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April 16, 2007

Heath's Birthday

1george and dave.JPG
George and Dave

2julie and alison.JPG
Julie and Alison

3 group.JPG
Lindsay, Alison, Mom and Heath

3feeny and lindsay.JPG
Mike Feeny and Lindsay

4heath and kemn.JPG
Heath and Ken

5hope alison and lindsay.JPG
Hope, Alison and Lindsay

6mom and lily.JPG
Mom and Lily

6candels one.JPG

6candles smokey.JPG

7dad and jeff.JPG
Dad and Jeff

8george and heath.JPG
George and Heath

9feeny and brian.JPG
Feeny and Brian

10george andmom.JPG
George and Mom

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November 11, 2006

Nice Pair



mrs detail.JPG
Detail Mrs.

mr detail.JPG
Detail Mr.

The detail photos are cut off on the right; to see the entire photos view the post individually by clicking the post title on the list to the right.

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June 14, 2006

Headstone Cleaning

pair 1.JPG
This is my first lesson in headstone cleaning. The headstone on the left was cleaned last year by the Mr. Lentz and the historical society. I will be cleaning the one on the right.

pair after.JPG
Ta Daa!!

cleaning before.JPG

cleaning after.JPG


Our buddy Mr. Tom Lentz has shown us the proper way to clean headstones, as many of them are extremely fragile. The only thing that can be used to clean them is water, and various low-impact hand tools. It is very time-consuming and tedious, and I caution everyone to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, no matter how fascinated you may be. Failure to completely clean the stones can cause more problems than it solves. Also, there are several graveyard "clean-up days" scheduled throughout the year, where you can learn how to properly clean the stones without damaging them. Despite having done this a few times, we still always clean under supervision. :This paragraph was provided by Julia McCurdy whose post on headstone cleanings can be viewed on her blog juliamccurdy.com.

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Essex Cemetery





6a george and lily.JPG
George and Lily








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May 29, 2006


row with tall one behind.JPG

3 in a row 2.JPG

against trees.JPG

back rows.JPG

foot stone.JPG

in trees.JPG

mossy one.JPG

roses on it.JPG


white against tree.JPG

white with many in background.JPG

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December 23, 2005

Celtic crosses

awesome cross.JPG



neat cross.JPG

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