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February 12, 2012

Mote Marine Aquarium

1 mote sign.jpg

manatee one hughbuffett.jpg
My favorite are the manatees! This is Buffett!

nose bump one.jpg
He likes to get really close to his admirers...

nose bump two.jpg
and say Hello,

nose bump three.jpg
With a Nose Bump!

Video of Buffett's Nose Bump

The other manatee is Hugh, and he likes to do spins.

three penguins.jpg
Three of the penguins on Penguin Island

penguin swimming.jpg

swimming penguin two.jpg

two fish.jpg
One fish is hiding... can you find him?

little striped fish.jpg

little silver fish.jpg

lionfish oneone.jpg
Lionfish: these guys are Bad News! But so pretty with their wings!

lionfish one.jpg

grumpy fish one.jpg
Grumpy Fish

grumpy fish two.jpg

many jellyfish one.jpg
The jellyfish are also so pretty, and I really should've taken a video of them as they swirled around.

jellyfish one.jpg

george jellyfish one.jpg
George likes the jellyfish too!

heath at touch tank.jpg
I loved the touch tank where you can touch the stingrays; they are so SOFT!

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February 09, 2012



legovw one.jpg
Lego VW, compete with poptop, table, sink, closet, curtains, and lava lamp!

lego vw two.jpg

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