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December 21, 2011

Our Little Piece of Paradise

christmas photo.jpg
Florida is Nice: Palm Trees, Sunny, Hot.

front of the house.jpg
Here is the front of our house. We live on a quiet dead end street; it's very private and peaceful.

entry table area.jpg
This is the entry (looking at the front door), to the right is the laundry room.

looking into kitchen.jpg
Turning to the left, we are looking into the kitchen.

living room.jpg
And another turn to the left, we are looking into the living room.

chirstmas tree.jpg
Our Christmas Tree! Which is the only reminder that it is in fact "winter" and Christmas Time. Even with the tree I still keep forgetting that it's Christmas. Feels like July.

second living area.jpg
Through the living room, into another nice area for sitting, and where we've set up the computer.

porch lanai.jpg
Out to the porch, or as Floridians call it, a "lanai". I sat out here for awhile and suddenly realized this table and chair set is almost identical to the one on my parent's porch where we've had countless dinners on summer nights.

looking down to dock.jpg
Here we are outside the porch, looking down to the dock. We'll come back to that later.

grill area.jpg
To the right is the grill; where is George off to? Let's go see...

hammock captains lounge.jpg
Aha! The Captain's Lounge! (so designated by the sign on the wall, including a "Mermaid's Only" sidenote) George is comfy in his hammock, with the sunset behind. This is where I spend my mornings in the most comfortable lounge chair ever, with coffee and my new Kindle that Santa delivered early!

heather and palm tree.jpg
Looking back at the house from the Captain's Lounge. "Hi!"

looking at dock from captains lounge.jpg
Looking down at the dock from the Captain's Lounge. Let's go there next.

dock to captains lounge.jpg
On the dock looking up at the Captain's Lounge. Wave to George in the hammock!

dock long way.jpg
Looking back down the dock. A very nice place to watch the sunset, though we only did it on the first night. I saw an enormous rat skitter down the steps and under the dock... sooo... haven't been back for another sunset.

So I guess that's it... More Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Posted by Heather at December 21, 2011 08:07 PM


Nice Spot....Can you fish off the dock?

Posted by: Lil Sis at December 23, 2011 09:05 AM

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