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February 20, 2011


george in the hammock.jpg

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More Lizards

lizard one g14.jpg

lizard two g14.jpg

lizard three g14.jpg

big lizards on wall.jpg

lizard by the pond one.jpg

lizard by the pond three.jpg

lizard by the pond two.jpg

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February 15, 2011

Mom and Dad's Visit

Mom and Dad came down for a short visit last weekend. We had a good balance of relaxation and sight seeing. We took them up the Loxahatchee River to see Trapper Nelson's homestead:

dad on boat lxriver.jpg
Captain Dad

mom on boat lxriver.jpg

george on boat lxriver.jpg

aligator lxriver one.png
Alligator! always fun to see

sideways tree lxriver.jpg
On the left you will see a tree growing sideways; Alison gave us a painting of the Loxahatchee River that had a tree exactly like this!

sideways tree two lxriver.jpg

mom on boat two lxriver.jpg

tree on lxriver one.jpg

sour orange tree one.jpg
Trapper Nelson's Sour Orange Tree, they weren't bad!

turtle eating squid.jpg
Mom and I went to the Logerhead Turtle Hospital; here is a turtle eating squid. He had his flipper removed to prevent the spreading of an infection.

bees one.jpg
We also went to an animal refurge center where we took a short walk and discovered this bird house taken over by bees!

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February 11, 2011

Rainy Day Shopping

It's a rainy day... time to go shopping!

george at the mall.jpg
George is a good sport.

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Jonathan Dickinson Park

sky two two.jpg
A beautiful day to spend at the park biking and picnicing.

george and h biking old road first.jpg

george biking old road first.jpg

heather biking side shot old road first.jpg

hetaher biking old road first.jpg

george old road one.jpg

heather with bikes ne.jpg

heather old road one one.jpg

heather old road twot two.jpg

bird flying one.png

bird landing one one.png

heather at pond one one.jpg

george river onw one.jpg

heather river one one.jpg

heather at river two.jpg

river oneo ne.jpg

river two two.jpg

tree roots one one.jpg

blue sky one bird.jpg

sky one one.jpg
Another day in paradise!

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Hot Weather Things

I'm sure most of you are sick of all the cold weather you've had and all the things that go along with it: snowbanks, icy sidewalks, scraping your car, snow shovels, snow boots, snow blowers, icicles, and all the rest. So here are some warm weather things to help snap you out of the winter doldrums and remember that it will get warmer.... someday.

palm tree oneo ne.jpg

flower one one yellow.jpg

cactus flower one.jpg

g lizard to to.png

two lizards oneo ne.png

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george shuffleboard one.jpg
Shuffleboard is a lot of fun!

heather shuffleboard one.jpg

georgeshuffleboard two.jpg

george pool one one.jpg
Time for a break, don't want to tire ourselves out!

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February 09, 2011

The Beach

pier jb one one.jpg

dog beach white dog one.png

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February 01, 2011

Gopher Tortoise

gopher tortoise one.jpg

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