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December 09, 2010

Wedding Photos!!!

hg wedding one.jpg
The wedding photos are ready! Go to this website to view the slideshow:


If you want to slow it down, click on the button with the arrow pointing down, which will make another button pop up with little boxes. This will show you the thumbnails and you can browse through them at your own pace.

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December 07, 2010

George's Mousetrap

georges mousetrap 1.jpg
George is setting up his new mousetrap. He has balanced our trash can on a stool to be level with the counter. He is now placing the bridge from the counter to the trash can, that has peanut butter on the end of it, to lure the mouse out onto the plank, which will then collapse from the weight and the mouse will fall into the trash can and be trapped for the rest of the night.

Outcome: no mouse in the trash can in the morning, but the bridge had fallen (or had been pushed?) in.


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