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April 20, 2010

Lily's Riding Lesson

lily riding one one.JPG
Lily is excited for her first lesson! She already looks like a natural rider!

horses in a row lead.JPG
They started out with the horses being led. Mom is leading Lily's horse.

lily alone one one.JPG
About half way through the lesson Lily was on her own; look at her great form! She was trotting like a pro! I'll take some videos next lesson.

She had a great time!

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April 14, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Lily and I spent the day at Thirsty Boots Farm visiting with my mom, dad and sister. There was a lot to do!

lilyeggs two.JPG
Lily collecting eggs

fort one one.JPG
We built an Awesome Fort!!! and had a picnic in it.

blue birds one one.JPG
A pair of blue birds were building a nest nearby in the trunk of the birch tree on the right; you can see a little hole near the top.

back view of the fort one.JPG
Here is the back view of the fort.

heath lil rowboat1.JPG
We went for a ride in the row boat.

mom kayak lucky.jpg
Mom joined us in her kayak with little Lucky.

lily oreo one one.JPG
And then some riding for Lily! Here she is on Oreo.

lily oreo two two.JPG

lily oreo three.JPG

oreo closeup one1.JPG
Oreo's closeup. Lily had such a great time riding! She starts riding lessons on Saturday!

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