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March 30, 2010

Spring is Here!

spring flower one one.JPG

lily flowers oneo ne.JPG

lily one one river.JPG

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March 19, 2010

Canoe trip up the Loxahatchee to Trapper Nelson's

Yesterday was March 5th and it was the most beautiful day we've had in a month. Bright sun, very warm and no wind. We decided to take a canoe ride up the Loxahatchee River to one of my favorite spots in the whole world, Trapper Nelson's homestead. I've told the Trapper story so many times, so don't worry I won't go over it AGAIN, but if you haven't heard it you can view the blog post I did a few years ago by searching the archives. But this post has a different theme...

trap nelson aligator on tree one.JPG
On the river we saw lots of alligators smiling at us as we passed.

smiling aligator one one.JPG

trap nelson osprey one one.JPG
Ospreys kept cheering us on as we made our way up the winding river.

trap nelson boat dock one one.JPG
Here we are coming around the bend, approaching Trapper's boat dock.

trap nelson boat dock two two.JPG
No one else is here! There are usually many visitors and tour groups, but for now it is all ours.

trap nelson bamboo george.JPG
George next to some old bamboo; does he look nervous to you?

trap nelson the spot one one.JPG
Here we are at The Spot. Trapper Nelson's has now become an official "Significant Relationship Location".

trap nelson heather one one.JPG
Can anyone see the difference? Hee Hee!! Look at my left hand! George proposed!!!!!

engaged couple oneo n.JPG
The bottle of Veuve has been popped and we are Officially Engaged; we can't wait to get home and celebrate with family and friends.

ring too heath.JPG
This was George's grandmother's ring!

heather ring one one.JPG

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March 06, 2010

Random Camping Shots

sunset one one jdsp.JPG
Sunset at Jonathan Dickenson State Park

heather in the bus one one.JPG
My favorite spot in the bus: set up with my books, my ipod, my blanket and my snacks. Cozy!

sand hill crane two two.JPG
A visitor to our campsite

sand hill crane one one.JPG
You can see how tall he is next to this car.

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