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February 04, 2010

On the Road Again

camping walmart one.JPG
First night camping at Wal-Mart! Only a few steps away for whatever you might need, from ice to McDonalds!

deerfield beach george one.JPG
Headed north on A1A, we stopped for some sun at a beach in Deerfield.

heath turle oneo ne glnc.JPG
Our next stop was the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center near Boca Raton, where we learned a lot!

heath wild coffee.JPG
This is wild coffee! I also learned that potato beetle larva doesn't have a hard shell until adulthood, so to protect itself from predators it smears its own toxic poo all over it's back; just an interesting fact.

george on tower glnc one.JPG
George on the top of the lookout tower.

heath on tower glnc.JPG

heath from top of tower glnc.JPG
Heather at the bottom of the lookout tower.

butterfly one one one.JPG
We also saw lots of animals;

humungo lobster one.JPG
Humungo lobster

hiding racoon one one.JPG
See anything here?

racoon glnc oneo one one.JPG
How about now!

racoon feet one one one.JPG
Hee hee, and here are his feet sticking out.

racoon glnc two two.JPG

racoon final final.JPG
Nighty poo little racoon, don't poo in your nighty.

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