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February 18, 2010

Lily and Alison's Visit

cannonball lily one.JPG
Cannonball! Lily and Alison arrived on Saturday, and jumped right into the fun that was waiting for them.

lily pool jumping one.JPG

george three noodles one.JPG
George got into the action too, with a little help from a noodle or two... or three.

hgl group on turtle.JPG
The slippery turtle at the turtle park; we had a bit of difficulty staying on this guy, as you can see below:

heath lil george slippy trtle.JPG

turtle 136.JPG

turtle 253.JPG

lily turtle 287.JPG

valentines dinner one.JPG
Valentine's Day dinner with George and Edy

more beach group two.JPG
Time for the beach;

lily napping on beach.JPG
First a nap,

sandcastle lily 372.JPG
then a sandcastle with double bridges connected by a tunnel through the castle.

campsite one one group.JPG
Here is our campsite where we spent two nights.

lily george campsite one.JPG
George and Lily having fun,

alison chair camping one.JPG
Alison looks relaxed,

heather campsite one.JPG
I'm having fun too!

lily scott camera.JPG
Lily likes Scott's camera,

lily camera one.JPG
and she's off taking pictures!

alison grilling one.JPG
Alison did the cooking that night; what great shrimp and chicken!

campsite dinner one group.JPG

alison lily dock one.JPG
A walk around the park took us to the canoe dock on the Loxahatchee River.

heather lily dock one.JPG

heather alison dock one.JPG

heather lily dock two.JPG

alison lily bridge.JPG
And a short nature walk.

group at aligator smiling.JPG
Here we are checking out the alligator's;

mama alligator.JPG
this is the mama, (didn't get a photo of the papa but he was about 5 times bigger);

find the baby alligator.JPG
Who can find the baby? There were 5 or 6 but we couldn't find them all this time.

sushi george lily.JPG
Of course we had to have sushi! It was great, and we got to sit on the floor!

alison lily turtle one.JPG

We miss you both already! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks; be home soon!

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