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February 23, 2010

Our Weekend on Moon River

moon river at dock.JPG
I was too close to get a good full photo of Moon River, but here she is at the dock.

moon river at dock front view.JPG
View from the bow

enter view one.JPG
This is what you see when you enter the boat on the starboard side. The first thing I noticed was the beautifully tiled floor! And then the cozy reading nook on the right with a great selection of books.

111view of reading room and entrance one.JPG
Looking back toward where you entered, and the reading area to your left,

view of entrance door one oen.JPG

bar1111 one one.JPG
and this magnificent bar is to your right.

reading area one one.JPG
Again looking at the entrance, to your left is a flight of stairs going down, and to your right is a flight of stairs going up. Let's go down first...

washer dryer oneone.JPG
To find a washer and dryer!

aft cabin.JPG
This is one cabin,

head aft cabin one.JPG
with a lovely head with glass shower stall (one of 4 showers on board, amazing)!

second aft bedroom one.JPG
And the second cabin in the bow of the boat, with a second head behind me.

boys in driving room one one.JPG
If we go up the flight of stairs we end up in the operating room. Not sure what the proper term is for this room, but it's where Eddie drives the boat.

driving room one one.JPG

eddie driving with feet at night.JPG
Here is Eddie in the captain's chair;

control panel tv screens one.JPG
and the control panel that includes a view of the engine room. We'll get there...

OK, back down the stairs to explore the rest of the boat. Passing where we entered the boat, we find the electrical panel:

electrical panel two.JPG
Don't Touch!!

galley one one.JPG
And into the galley (looking at the door we entered through). I'd love to have this beautiful wood paneling in my apartment!

dining area one one.JPG
Here are the boys in the connected dining area of the galley. Please notice the wonderful prints on the wall behind Eddie;

herschfeld one.JPG
They are Hirschfeld prints of Audrey, my favorite actress.

herschfeld two.JPG
She's so Cute!

living room one one.JPG
Past the dining area and down a few steps we enter the living room, with lovely horsehair furniture.

living room two two.JPG
Wondering where the TV is? Well, let's push a few of these buttons...

tv in living toom one.JPG
Pop! Here it is, rising up from these cabinets. George also managed to put the blinds up and down while playing around with the remote control.

door to engine room.JPG
To the right of the steps where we entered the living room is the door to the engine room; I think this was the boys' favorite room on the whole boat.

engine room eddie oneo ne.JPG
Eddie and Engine One

engine room eddie second engine.JPG
Eddie and Engine Two

engine room boys love it.JPG
Yes, the boys LOVE IT! They could spend all day down here.

engine room george one.JPG
Like a kid at Disney World;

engine room scott batteries.JPG
Scott is eyeing these batteries; he'd love that power on his VW.

engine room george two.JPG
George just has to touch everything, even these... um, oil filters.

scotts bedroom two two.JPG
From the living room, descend a few steps to the remaining two cabins. This is where Scott slept;

scotts bedroonm two.JPG
more beautiful artwork.

scotts head one.JPG
And his head with another glass shower.

scotts shower.JPG

heather bedroom one.JPG
And here is where we got to sleep! I think this was the nicest state room on the whole boat! I didn't want to fall asleep; I just wanted to sit up and look at how fancy the room was. I was also wishing I had fancier pajamas.

gh head one one one.JPG
Here is our bathroom; all mirrored walls and beautiful tiled floors.

gh head one one.JPG
And the biggest bathtub I've ever seen on a boat. Hmm... OK, the ONLY bathtub I've ever seen on a boat.

pennant flag.JPG
That concludes the tour... but not only did Eddie invite us to stay on the boat, he also invited us to join him and Linda, and a few of their friends, on a nice afternoon cruise the next day.

view from front canal.JPG

eddie captain daytime.JPG
Captain Eddie

george in window one.JPG
George peeking down

boys ready to go.JPG
The boys are ready to go!

linda ringing bell.JPG
Linda is ready to go!

heather louging two.JPG
Can it get any better than this?

linda mickey veuve cliquot.JPG
HA HA!! OH YEAH!!! Linda and her friend Mickey, who brought two bottles of Veuve Cliquot to enjoy on the cruise.

george touching bridge.JPG
It was a tight fit through the bridge!

linda veuve cliquot.JPG
Linda with our first toast

linda heather veuve cheers.JPG

george one.JPG
George had a great time; no sea sickness because we were so big you could barely tell we were rocking! Maybe we were so big we weren't rocking!

heather linda sitting one.JPG
Lounging with Linda

heather scott lounging.JPG
Lounging with Scott

linda and boys topdeck.JPG
Linda with George and Scott

is that brad pitts house.JPG
Hey Chrissy! I think that's Brad Pitt's house!

heather waving ong one.JPG
"Hi Brad! I'm on a bigger boat that yours!"

scott pinching one.JPG
I think Scott might have found... Madonna's house from the 80's?

heather waving two.JPG
Hmm... that's a nice house too; Better wave to them! So easy to make friends when you're on a yacht!

heather louging three.JPG
Some more lounging...

heather veuve cap.JPG
and a second bottle of Veuve!

heather lounging five.JPG
and back to lounging...

heather louging one.JPG
So hard pretending to be Glamorous!

heather lounging six.JPG
Ahhhh.... life is good...

heather lounging reading area one.JPG
Into the reading area for some more lounging.

switch seat heath.JPG
Of course I had to try out all the seats.

heather george reflection one.JPG
You can see the champagne is catching up with me...

sunset reading room one.JPG
George caught the lovely sunset...

sunset outside oneone.JPG
Looks lovely from here...

sunset three.JPG
too bad I missed it...

sunset four.JPG
Where was I?

heather napping end of day.JPG
Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams (actually, more realistically Champagne INDUCED dreams)

Thank You Eddie and Linda SO MUCH for your generous hospitality!

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February 22, 2010

Jack Maravell at the Osceola Street Cafe

jack maravell one.JPG
On Friday night we went to the Osceola Street Cafe in Stuart to see Jack Maravell perform. He is our friend from Essex Nick Maravell's brother.

jack maravell two.JPG
He covers a lot of Beatles songs and his band recently performed in a series of Beatles Tribute concerts. http://beatlesqueband.com/fr_press.cfm

dinner group osceola one.JPG
We met our friends Eddie and Linda for dinner there. We met Eddie and Linda in Essex this past summer, and they live within walking distance to the restaurant. It was during dinner that Eddie invited us to spend the night on the boat he captains, Moon River. Check out these links, while I work on getting lots of great photos of our weekend on the boat online: http://www.wellfoundyachts.com/wfypalmer101.htm


PS: It's up for sale!

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February 18, 2010

Lily and Alison's Visit

cannonball lily one.JPG
Cannonball! Lily and Alison arrived on Saturday, and jumped right into the fun that was waiting for them.

lily pool jumping one.JPG

george three noodles one.JPG
George got into the action too, with a little help from a noodle or two... or three.

hgl group on turtle.JPG
The slippery turtle at the turtle park; we had a bit of difficulty staying on this guy, as you can see below:

heath lil george slippy trtle.JPG

turtle 136.JPG

turtle 253.JPG

lily turtle 287.JPG

valentines dinner one.JPG
Valentine's Day dinner with George and Edy

more beach group two.JPG
Time for the beach;

lily napping on beach.JPG
First a nap,

sandcastle lily 372.JPG
then a sandcastle with double bridges connected by a tunnel through the castle.

campsite one one group.JPG
Here is our campsite where we spent two nights.

lily george campsite one.JPG
George and Lily having fun,

alison chair camping one.JPG
Alison looks relaxed,

heather campsite one.JPG
I'm having fun too!

lily scott camera.JPG
Lily likes Scott's camera,

lily camera one.JPG
and she's off taking pictures!

alison grilling one.JPG
Alison did the cooking that night; what great shrimp and chicken!

campsite dinner one group.JPG

alison lily dock one.JPG
A walk around the park took us to the canoe dock on the Loxahatchee River.

heather lily dock one.JPG

heather alison dock one.JPG

heather lily dock two.JPG

alison lily bridge.JPG
And a short nature walk.

group at aligator smiling.JPG
Here we are checking out the alligator's;

mama alligator.JPG
this is the mama, (didn't get a photo of the papa but he was about 5 times bigger);

find the baby alligator.JPG
Who can find the baby? There were 5 or 6 but we couldn't find them all this time.

sushi george lily.JPG
Of course we had to have sushi! It was great, and we got to sit on the floor!

alison lily turtle one.JPG

We miss you both already! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks; be home soon!

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February 12, 2010

Jonathan Dickenson State Park

campsite oneone 10.JPG
This is where we camped this week. We'll be back on Monday.

Lily and Alison are arriving tomorrow and we can't wait! We'll spend two nights with George's parents and then camping for the rest of the week.

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February 04, 2010

On the Road Again

camping walmart one.JPG
First night camping at Wal-Mart! Only a few steps away for whatever you might need, from ice to McDonalds!

deerfield beach george one.JPG
Headed north on A1A, we stopped for some sun at a beach in Deerfield.

heath turle oneo ne glnc.JPG
Our next stop was the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center near Boca Raton, where we learned a lot!

heath wild coffee.JPG
This is wild coffee! I also learned that potato beetle larva doesn't have a hard shell until adulthood, so to protect itself from predators it smears its own toxic poo all over it's back; just an interesting fact.

george on tower glnc one.JPG
George on the top of the lookout tower.

heath on tower glnc.JPG

heath from top of tower glnc.JPG
Heather at the bottom of the lookout tower.

butterfly one one one.JPG
We also saw lots of animals;

humungo lobster one.JPG
Humungo lobster

hiding racoon one one.JPG
See anything here?

racoon glnc oneo one one.JPG
How about now!

racoon feet one one one.JPG
Hee hee, and here are his feet sticking out.

racoon glnc two two.JPG

racoon final final.JPG
Nighty poo little racoon, don't poo in your nighty.

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Last Night in Key West

last sunset kw oneone.JPG
This is our last sunset in Key West.

final final kw sunset one.JPG

stu terry heath.JPG
We had our good bye dinner on Sunday night with Stu and Terry. Terry lent us two bicycles to use while in town and riding around Key West was the most fun I've had! Stu gave us his beautiful painting of Higgs Beach that he painted himself. We'll miss you until next year!

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