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January 16, 2010

It's been a few days...

Hi! It's been a few days, so this will be a long post! We've been very busy having lots of fun fun fun!!

buses and group dog park.JPG
Alison flew in on Thursday, and Scott arrived in his super cool VW a few hours later.

buses at ft z one one.JPG
Alison seemed to have brought the nice weather with her, from where who knows, but we're not complaining! It's been the nicest weather we've had so far.

alison george ft z one.JPG
We spent some time at Ft. Zach soaking up the sun!

gh ft z one one.JPG

group at m square dark.JPG
And we've been to Mallory Square to see some of the performances.

fire juggler msquare one.JPG

angel lady stature msquare.JPG
Angel Statue

fire eater at msquare.JPG
Fire Eater

fire eater two at msquare.JPG

scott george old boat.JPG
George and Scott and an old wreck; near the Wrecker's Museum.

roadies at shorties.JPG
Duval Street: first stop is Shorties to pick up some beers for the walk.

roadies two at shorties.JPG

george at the hard rock cafe.JPG
George took us to the Hard Rock Cafe to admire their amazing collection of Rock and Roll paraphernalia.

haunted bathroom stall ha.JPG
To Alison's and my delight the second floor ladies room is haunted! Here we are in the haunted bathroom stall.

haunted room hard rock alison.JPG
This room is in the haunted area, and some people feel a cold draft when you open this door to nowhere. We didn't feel anything.

george rolling stones boots.JPG
George really liked these snake skin boots, worn by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones in the late 60's. His new work boots?

scott paul mccartneys guitar.JPG
Scott and Paul McCartney's guitar.

three at the hard rock one.JPG
Scott, Heather and Alison in front of Led Zeppelin's display and David Bowie's red suit... or pajamas? No, I think that was his suit.

stairs hard rock three.JPG
We had fun... even though we didn't see any ghosts.

manekins at store two.JPG
These mannequins look familar.

interesting knife holders.JPG
Interesting knife holders; They call this The Ex.

virgilios bar three.JPG
A late night snack at Virgilios; a very nice bar.

gh virgilios two.JPG

booby pinch scott.JPG
Heh heh... funny stuff.

heath and scott bottle cap porch.JPG
And another late night snack at the Bottle Cap.

alison bottle cap twp porch.JPG

gh bottlecap bar one.JPG

alison and heather bottle cap.JPG

h karaoke one.JPG
Where they were having karaoke night!! Woohooo!!!

h karaoke two tweo.JPG
Heather singing Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Forgot About Dre"; it was a duet but I sang both parts. It was so much fun I had to do another!

h karaoke three three.JPG
My second song was Dynamite Hack's cover of Eazy E's "Boys in the Hood". The small crowd was very amused by a white chick attempting some gangsta rap... and I was GOOD!

alison and george broken chair.JPG
Having a laugh before bed

uss mohawk full shot oneon e.JPG
Alison and I took a tour of the USS Mohawk this morning.

alison on the mohawk down steps.JPG

mohawk coast guard ship one one.JPG

hand a mohawk bouy.JPG

boca chica scott runaway.JPG
And we've spent the afternoon at Boca Chica trying to get photos of the fighter jets taking off. I'll get Scott's photos and post them soon.

wounded warrior project shirt.JPG
This morning was also the Wounded Warrior Ride. A group of wounded veterans rode their bikes all the way from Miami. They rolled into Key West around 11:30, and it was a very inspiring reception.

color guard standing ready 2.JPG
The color guard standing ready.

riders coming in first.JPG
Here come the riders!

riders coming in two.JPG

riders coming in three.JPG

riders coming in 4 walker.JPG

riders coming in five flags.JPG

riders national anthem.JPG
National Anthem

riders color guard away.JPG

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Gosh! Wish I were with you!

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