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December 06, 2009

McCurdy Christmas Party, Larchmont Yacht Club

family together.JPG
The Christmas Season has begun with the annual McCurdy Christmas Party!

boats sailing.JPG
It was a beautiful day with a beautiful view.

lily sophia lily.JPG
Sophia, Lily and Lily were the cutest together, all in red.

pat chrissy.JPG
Pat and Chrissy were very successful in the Yankee Swap;

pat chrissy two.JPG
Mostly due to Chrissy.

uncle joe fj photo.JPG
Uncle Joe received a personalized gift, which was actually very popular...

dad fj photo.JPG
It was stolen a few times, and ended up with Dad!

fj fj.JPG
Who wouldn't want this on their wall!?

aunt barb.JPG
Aunt Barbara picked some pomegranate liquour;

lily and snowman.JPG
And Lily picked a perfect Snowman cookie jar.

pat and lily.JPG
Pat and Lily

heather sophia.JPG
Heather and Sophia

lily lily.JPG
Lily and Lily

sue lily.JPG
Sue and Lily

uncle joe and mom.JPG
Uncle Joe and Mom

julie george.JPG
Julie and George

dad sue.JPG
Sue and Dad

joe fj.JPG
FJ and Joe

uncle joe aunt barb.JPG
Unlce Joe and Aunt Barbara

heather lil carolers.JPG
See you next year!

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