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November 29, 2009

Some Fall Photos

julie and alison near anchor.JPG
Alison and Julie in Newport, RI

alison trying on hat.JPG
Alison trying on hats

l a j beach.JPG
Lily, Alison and Julie at the Watch Hill Beach

l and j watch hill lighthouse.JPG
Lily and Julie, Watch Hill Lighthouse

trip to newport pumpkins.JPG
Newport Pumpkins

pretty fall house.JPG
Pretty House in Essex

yellow and red color.JPG
Yellow and Red

robin and nest.JPG
Robin near his nest

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November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving group.JPG
Yum! We had a great dinner! And now that Thanksgiving is over, let the Christmas preparations begin...

gingerbread house with lily.JPG
with gingerbread house construction! Delicious!

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November 24, 2009

Alison and Julie's Wall Project

a j next to wall.JPG
Alison and Julie signed up for a Stone Wall Building Workshop that was being held in Killingworth. They did a really great job!

j a working on wall.JPG

alison adding to top.JPG

andrew with a big rock.JPG
Andrew is a neighbor and friend of Julie's who has helped her with some of her stone wall projects. He was running the workshop with his friend Dan Snow, below.

julie and dan snow.JPG
Julie and Dan Snow

final wall.JPG
Here is the mostly finished wall. I am realizing now that I should have taken a picture of the section of wall next to this for comparison, but just imagine a tumbled down old stone wall. Great job Julie and Alison, and everyone else in the group!

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November 17, 2009

Our week on Brockway Island

morning mist toward fire pit.JPG
Back in October we spent a week on Brockway Island with our friends Jim and Gretchen. Brockway Island is the last privately owned island on the Connecticut River. It is located outside of Hamburg Cove, which is just north of Essex.

jim and gretchen in boat.JPG
It was a lot of fun commuting by boat! Here are Jim and Gretchen coming back from the mainland.

morning mist boat and dock.JPG
The mornings were beautiful on the river, and we were up early enough most days to see the sun rise.

early morning campfire george and lily.JPG
George and Lily are up early to get the campfire going.

house in the mist.JPG

morning mist boat disappearing.JPG
An early boat disappears into the morning fog.

gretchen on beach with dogs.JPG
The sandbar was a lot of fun to walk out on, especially for little Jeter who wouldn't stop freaking out.

jeter and joey.JPG
He was pretty excited!

alison lily and george on the floating dock.JPG
Alison, George and Lily are floating the afternoon away on the dock. That became an adventure, but was a great place to check out the traffic on the river.

mary e in front of house.JPG
The Mary E out for one of her daily cruises.

mary e coming back.JPG

lily in treehouse one.JPG
There was lots of exploring to do and lots of interesting things to find.

george on huge trunk.JPG
George on top of a huge washed up tree trunk.

mom and dad with tire around tree.JPG
Mom and Dad found a tree growing through a tire.

lily shelby and jeffin boat.JPG
And of course we took lots of boat rides! Here are Lily and Shelby with Jeff!

mom and lily one.JPG
Mom and Lily

lily and hammock sundown.JPG
Lily loved swinging in the hammock.

sundown shadows from trees.JPG
Sundown shadows

sundown at west dock.JPG

group shot at party.JPG
When you are living on an island you have to have a party! What's cooler than an island party? Unfortunatly, it was pouring rain all day. But our guests were troopers and showed up soaking wet and slightly stunned from being pelted in the face with rain drops that felt like hail as they zoomed up the river heading into the wind. A few cocktails by the wood burning stove had them warmed up in no time...

ken and george on couch.JPG
Ken and George

boys grilling in the rain.JPG
Then the guys had to go back out in the rain to grill up some dinner... heh heh...

gretchen and jeter.JPG
The girls were still nice and cozy inside drinking the Hot Cider and rum that Pete brought...

flooded island.JPG
With all the rain, and a very high tide, we woke up to a flooded island.

heather with feet in stove.JPG
Not to worry; we had plenty of wood for the stove.

jim and joey sunset.JPG
It was sad to see the sunset on our short week on the island.
But we'll be back next year!

joey on beach.JPG
We had a blast!

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November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween!

vw pumpkin.jpg

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