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October 25, 2009

Lily on the monkey bars

lily on monkey bars one.JPG

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October 24, 2009

Indian Pipes in the woods

indian pipes one one.JPG

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October 20, 2009

Dad's Birthday Dinner

family at dads birthday dinner.JPG
Dad's Birthday Dinner at the Brushmill in Chester

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Boating Season winding down and Swallows on the River

sunset fragmite.JPG
What a great boating season! Sad that it's coming to an end this month, but we sure squeezed out as much as we could.

pretty sail one one.JPG

george fishing one one.JPG

heather on boat reading.JPG

fishing with dirk near the bridge.JPG
Dirk Samuelson fishing near the Old Saybrook bridge

great bird shot one.JPG

more sunet fragmite.JPG

swallow sunset one one.JPG
Sunset is when the swallows start swooping, but it gets pretty chilly when the sun goes down.

george one one on boat swallows.JPG
George is bundled up!

swallows one mom and dad.JPG
Mom and Dad look pretty comfortable; Mom brought a thermos of Bull Shots: vodka and beef bullion- Yummy!

swallows swooping a one one.JPG
First they start swooping...

swallows swooping one one.JPG

swallows two two 2009.JPG
Then they gather in a huge cloud and fly around together until they funnel into the phragmites. I tried to get a video of it; see below.

swallows 2009 one one.JPG

george and abby fishing.JPG
George and Abby fishing together.

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Swallows 2009

Here is a video of the swallow activity on the river earlier this month. Check out the Swallow Post from last year for more info and photos.

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