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August 29, 2009

The Rest of Camping

Our week of camping flew by! A week isn't long enough. Every day was the most fun, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

donna beach kids running.JPG
The weather was perfect all week, and the beach was in prime condition for sunning and swimming.

tina and lily one.JPG
Tina and Lily

donna kids water throwing.JPG
Donna launching Robyn

donna water throwig lily.JPG
Lily's Lift Off

mia fruit at beach.JPG

hanna robyn jamie wave sitting.JPG
Jamie, Robyn and Hanna

mia robyn hanna wave on belly.JPG
Mia, Robyn and Hanna

hanna and robyn wave sitting.JPG
Robyn and Hanna

aiden donna jamie in the water.JPG
Aiden, Donna and Jamie

noah scooter on boardwalk.JPG
Noah had a cut on his foot that he had to keep dry, but he still maintains his cool beach look with his hip scooter and new hat.

mia sequence lily hanna one.JPG
What are Lily and Hanna giggling at?

mia sequence mia one.JPG
Mia's taking the waves head on!

mia sequence mia two.JPG

mia sequence mia three.JPG

george donna tina.JPG
Ways to beat the heat: George, Tina and Donna sitting in the shade

george and edy margarita time.JPG
Margarita's with George and Edy! Cheers! And the fan is a nice touch too.

kevin game pokemon.JPG
You can get out of the sun with a game of Pokemon, but you can't beat the heat- tough competition!

jaime and aiden pokemon.JPG
Jaime and Aiden

aiden hana fuda.JPG
Aiden playing hana fuda.

guys group fishing.JPG
The evenings were nice for fishing, until the mosquitos attacked!

noah fishing pm.JPG

sunset campfire.JPG
With sunset comes the campfire; time to relax.

jamie footrub george.JPG
Could you get more relaxed than that?

jamie backrub george one.JPG

jamie backrub george two.JPG
He's loving that!

jaime and heath head rub.JPG
Hee hee! And so am I!! For only $3.50 Jaime rubs your back, feet and head, and for 50 cents more she'll do your hands too. What a deal!!

jamie and lily in the tent.JPG
Bed time in the girls' tent.

am fog kids.JPG
Up early and it's foggy! Noah, Hanna, Robyn and Lily

yami fishing foggy rocks.JPG
Going to check how Yami's fishing is going.

hanna and noah foggy rock.JPG
Hanna and Noah on a foggy rock.

foggy rock group.JPG
Lily, Hanna, Robyn and Noah

mia climbing over rock.JPG
Mia is also very good at climbing rocks; and she likes the big ones!

mia rock jumping.JPG

mia on another rock.JPG

mia atop a rock two.JPG

mia atop a rock one.JPG

ripstick pajama pants.JPG
Ripsticking has come a long way since last year; Robyn and Donna have mastered it. This is Robyn and Lily ripsticking in their pajamas.

robyn ripstick.JPG
Robyn turning



mia rock laying down.JPG
Another sunset

sunset hammonasset one one.JPG

You may be wondering how we keep the kids going all day long...

mia with dorito.JPG

good humor cart.JPG
Ice Cream

lily with a hot dog.JPG
Hot Dogs

noah with first aid kit.JPG
First Aid (and helmets)

hanna with cupcakes 12.JPG

lily after a cupcake.JPG
Lily after a cupcake.

hanna smile close up.JPG
Hanna after a cupcake

Robyn after a cupcake

noah after a cupcake.JPG
Noah after a cupcake.

aiden frosting cupcakes.JPG
Aiden while he's just frosting cupcakes!

donna tina scooter turbos two.JPG
And how do the adults keep going?

donna and tina scooter turbos.JPG
Dunkin' Donuts Turbos!!!!

donna ripstick.JPG
Donna has become an expert ripsticker- anything to do with those large turbos?

george and edy.JPG
George and Edy at the Pizza Pub on the last night of camping.

george donna tine pizza pub.JPG
George, Tina and Donna

tina and yami.JPG
Tina and Yami

donna and kevin pizza pub.JPG
Kevin and Donna

george edy lily seldens.JPG
On Sunday we went boating with George and Edy through Seldens Creek.

heather and edy seldens.JPG
What a nice way to end the weekend!

lily seldens.JPG
Lily would like to do it all over again... especially because she has to go back to school this week.

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August 16, 2009

Hammonasset Camping!

It's that time of year again! Hooray! We've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of George's family for a nice long week of camping at Hammonasset! Early to bed on Satuday after such a long drive, gave everyone lots of energy on Sunday for FUN FUN FUN!

lily and robin.JPG
Lily and her cousin Robin

aiden and mia fruit.JPG
Twins Aiden and Mia eating fruit... from Canada.

group crab hunting.JPG
Crab hunting in the muddy creek

aiden stuck in the mud.JPG
Aiden stuck in the mud; everyone got stuck at one point.

muddy socks aiden.JPG
Aiden got un-stuck, but not his shoes. Those are only socks under all that mud.

donna and mia splashing.JPG
Splashing was very effective to wash off the mud.

splashing mia in the air.JPG

mia dancing water.JPG
Mia was the best splasher.

hannah blue crab attempt1111.JPG
Hannah going for a blue crab.

aiden with a crab.JPG
Aiden and one of his crabs.

noah and a crab.JPG
Noah with his crab.

lily and mia.JPG
Lily and Mia

group in the channel.JPG
Heading to the channel, where there is less mud.

two explorers.JPG
Jaime and Mia

aiden humming snail.JPG
Aiden humming to a snail to make it come out of his shell.

group humming snail.JPG
The group chanting "Om" to their snails. Donna says "It sounds like a yoga class..."

lily one one one one.JPG

george bicycle one.JPG
George is happy to be with his family.

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