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August 16, 2009

Hammonasset Camping!

It's that time of year again! Hooray! We've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of George's family for a nice long week of camping at Hammonasset! Early to bed on Satuday after such a long drive, gave everyone lots of energy on Sunday for FUN FUN FUN!

lily and robin.JPG
Lily and her cousin Robin

aiden and mia fruit.JPG
Twins Aiden and Mia eating fruit... from Canada.

group crab hunting.JPG
Crab hunting in the muddy creek

aiden stuck in the mud.JPG
Aiden stuck in the mud; everyone got stuck at one point.

muddy socks aiden.JPG
Aiden got un-stuck, but not his shoes. Those are only socks under all that mud.

donna and mia splashing.JPG
Splashing was very effective to wash off the mud.

splashing mia in the air.JPG

mia dancing water.JPG
Mia was the best splasher.

hannah blue crab attempt1111.JPG
Hannah going for a blue crab.

aiden with a crab.JPG
Aiden and one of his crabs.

noah and a crab.JPG
Noah with his crab.

lily and mia.JPG
Lily and Mia

group in the channel.JPG
Heading to the channel, where there is less mud.

two explorers.JPG
Jaime and Mia

aiden humming snail.JPG
Aiden humming to a snail to make it come out of his shell.

group humming snail.JPG
The group chanting "Om" to their snails. Donna says "It sounds like a yoga class..."

lily one one one one.JPG

george bicycle one.JPG
George is happy to be with his family.

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