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July 19, 2009


It is sad that half the summer went by while I was without a camera. It is happy that I HAVE A NEW CAMERA and it is awesome. So I will try to make up for the total lack of updates on my blog so far this summer, with lots of updates and awesome photos from now on, starting now!

george bird impression one.JPG
We've been boating a lot, and it is the most fun! There is so much to see when you get out on the river and in the little creeks. This is George imitating the take off of a heron. Compare below:

heron one one.JPG

heath boating one.JPG
Captain Heather

boating black lab one.JPG
Everyone is getting in on the boating this summer!

plane on the river.JPG
This plane is getting ready to take off, after coming in for a very smooth landing right in front of Gillette's Castle.

Mary E on the river.JPG
This is the Mary E, which is now docked in front of the CT River Museum, taking the place of the River Quest.

bus heath one.JPG
We've also been out in the bus cruising. Some people go to the beach... we go to cemeteries.

bus cemetery one one.JPG

McCurdy Stonea.JPG
McCurdy Stone on McCurdy Road in Old Lyme, CT

McCurdy stone back.JPG
As great of a guy as he is described, there is no relation between this McCurdy and we McCurdy's.

essexcem stone one.JPG
Hmmm... where did this guy run off to?

heath jeff joanne boating one.JPG
More Boating!!!

jeff and joanne.JPG
Whalebone Creek with Jeff and Joanne

julie swimming hcove one.JPG
Julie swimming in Hamburg Cove

heath one one marsh shot.JPG

george glasses one one.JPG
See you soon!!!

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