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February 15, 2009

Traveling North

We left Juno Beach on Friday and started our slow journey northward. Here are photos from our travels over the past few days.

lv car one one.JPG
Fancy Louis Vuitton car

amelia the snake one one.JPG
This is Amelia the snake. She recently hatched 17 baby snakes! I also got to hold one of her babies and it was smaller than a shoelace. We met her at Savannas State Park in the Education Center. I also saw a Glass Lizard, which is a lizard without legs. It looks just like a snake, but it has ears, a lizard shaped head, and different type of scales, and also it blinks its eyes which a snake doesn't do. Learn something new every day!

savannas state park two ttwo.JPG

h savannas state park.JPG

h savannas bench one one.JPG
We took a short two mile walk and sat on this bench for awhile. It was so quiet- you could only hear the occasional breeze, a frog now and then, and once the sandhill cranes started whooping. But otherwise it was silent- no traffic or planes or anything. Just a breeze that smelled like a warm summer evening.

bus at ft pierce one one.JPG
We spent Valentine's Day at the Ft. Pierce Inlet.

ft pierce one one beach.JPG
It was a great day for the beach.

g dynamite point one on e.JPG
This is Dynamite Point. "During World War II, it was the birthplace and training ground for US Navy Frogmen, forerunners of today's Navy Seals. Here, many of the 140,000 personnel stationed in the area practiced for the D-Day invasion of Europe. Dyanamite Point earned its name from the activities of the Navy Underwater Demolition Team". (From the Ft. Pierce State Park Pamphlet)

happy valentines day wave.JPG
A Happy Valentine's Day Wave!

heath at bus ft pierce oneo ne.JPG
Relaxing at the bus before our 3 mile walk.

bat villas sign oneo ne.JPG
On our walk we saw the Boy Scouts Bat Villa Project.

bat villas in tree oneo ne.JPG
Bat Villas

bird on stump one one one.JPG

g on small bridge oneo ne.JPG
George exploring the mangrove.

Today is Sunday, and it rained a bit. We're in Melbourn at Barnes and Noble drinking tea and reading books. We'll see what adventure awaits us tomorrow!

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