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February 08, 2009

Photos from the week

Sometime last week (I'm having trouble keeping track of the days) we arrived at George's parents house in Juno Beach. We've had a great week of relaxing, shopping, hot tubbing, walking and eating!

jdparkbarracks and bus.JPG
The Bus parked at Jonathan Dickenson Park. The white building in the background was the barracks for the men stationed here when it was a top secret base for radar training. More information on Camp Murphy is below.

heather on the platform jdpark one.JPG
Heather up on the platform

tree one one one one.JPG
A dead tree; the park conducts controlled burns regularly, some have gotten out of control in the past few years leading to more damage than planned for.

camp murphy sign one one.JPG
Camp Murphy: from the top of the platform you can see remnants of some of the old buildings, and they have aerial photos in the education center that were once classified showing the layout of the camp.

igunana one one one.JPG
Here is one of the iguanas in the park. He was on the move from one pond to the other. One lady tried to hand feed him a grape (dum dum) and he whipped her with his tail. Unfortunate for her, but we all wanted to see it. She deserved it.

lizard two two two.JPG
Tina, your parents have volunteered to bring this back up to be Noah's pet... interested??? Just kidding... sorry Noah.

lizard three three three.JPG
He's had enough of us.

sunset juno beach one one.JPG
Sunset at the park; that means it's hot tub time!! Cheers!

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