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February 21, 2009

Daytona WinterJam

As we left the bookstore to go get some dinner, we noticed a parking lot full of VW's!! Of course it had to be the Hooters parking lot... Alison can tell you the irony there. So we pulled a U-turn and in we went; they moved an orange cone and gave us front row parking for our hot VW bus. It turns out that this weekend is WinterJam in Dayton; a 4 day VW event. http://www.daytonawinterjam.com/

hooters g green bus one one.JPG
George loves Hoot... no, George loves VW's!!!

hooters heather low bus one.JPG
Notice that I am as tall as the bus; this one has been lowered and it is so cool! "All my friends know the low rider... the low rider is a little higher. Low rider drives a little slower"... only about 45mph. But it's still the coolest! doo doo do do do do doooo doo doo do do dooooo

2some windows bus full.JPG
How many rugby players can you fit into a 23 window bus?

blue bus one one one.JPG

bugs at hooters one one oen.JPG

orange bus with be and pup.JPG
Notice the chair covers in this bus...

burt and ernie bus with doggie.JPG
It's backwards Burt and Ernie! And a little puppy keeping them company.

more bugs at hooters one one.JPG

orange bug engine at hooters oneo ne.JPG
Even the engines are pretty.

yellow bus at hooters one one.JPG

vw camper at hooters one one.JPG
VW Camper

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