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January 31, 2009

The Past Week

Time flies when you're having fun, and this past week went by at Super Speed! Here is a summary in photos:

alligator alley at night.JPG
Driving across Alligator Alley at sunset last Sunday.

george and parents one one one.JPG
We arrived at the campsite on Monday;

full cooler with keg.JPG
Fully loaded with a packed cooler and a Mini Keg of Heineken.

group around campfire oscar one one.JPG
We visited with George's parents and Aunt Gail and Uncle Jim.

squirrel trap one one.JPG
We had some fun with the wildlife... though you could hardly call them "wild". They really liked Cheetoes too...

heat gail and g sr one one one.JPG
Aunt Gail, George and Heather

g cooking steaks on grill one one one.JPG
Cooking potatoes and steaks on the grill, mmmm!

spanish moss in the morning one one.JPG
Spanish moss in the morning

more moss one one  one.JPG

g sr fishing at nokomis.JPG
We went to Nokomis Beach and did some fishing and sunning. The sunning was more successful than the fishing. The water temp was a chilly 58 degrees!

convertible g taking photo one one.JPG
Scott and his girlfriend Erica flew in for a week and picked us up in their convertible; what fun!

heath and erica convertible one one.JPG
Heather and Erica in the back seat

venice beach one one one.JPG
We went to Venice Beach,

g and scott walking the beach one one.JPG
where George and Scott took a long walk to catch up and reminisce.

heath and erica on the beach in the waves.JPG
Erica and Heather standing in the waves

shadows one one one.JPG
Shadowy Friends, from left to right: Scott, George, Heather and Erica

Today is Saturday and we are meeting Scott and Erica at Siesta Key Beach, which is the one with powdery white sand that never gets hot in the sun. It always makes the "Best Beaches" show on the Travel Channel. Today we have a chilly high of 62 degrees, with the wind it feels more like the low 50's. Hopefully it will warm up, but at least it is sunny, and oh yeah, it's not snowing like it is for the rest of you.

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