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January 12, 2009

Sunday Fishing with Mike

Mike invited us on a trip out to the reef for some fishing. The reef is about 7 miles off shore, and it only takes a short ride out to get there. Here is Mike getting the boat ready.
mike and boat at dock.JPG

george on dock fisherman.JPG
Fisherman George is ready to go!

heather with the starfish.JPG
We first stopped to fish for pinfish and ballyhoo to use as bait when we got out there. I saw a starfish and jumped in the water to get a closer look.

snorkeling fun fun.JPG
Once at the reef we couldn't resist some snorkeling. The water was so warm and filled with colorful fish, coral shelves, sea urchins and fans waving at us when we swam by. I gulped down a large mouthful of salt water that quickly turned my belly upside down, resulting in my puking over the side of the boat. But it was worth it!

mike bar jack one.JPG
Mike caught this bar jack right away, and when we got home he cooked it up and we ate it for dinner. That is the freshest fish I have ever eaten and the flavor was amazing! I think it was only 3 hours between swimming in the ocean and swimming in our bellies.

george with a porgy.JPG
Georgie caught a porgy.

heather with a grunt.JPG
And I caught a grunt! They call it that because it grunts at you when it is out of water, like a little piggy!

george with line bowed.JPG
George has something that is putting up a fight...

george with a shark one one.JPG
A nice lemon shark!

mike with line bowed shark.JPG
Mike also has a fighter...

mike with shark two two.JPG
A STRONG fighter. This battle went on for a few minutes and we were all wondering what it could be... and then we saw a big shadow getting closer to the surface.

nurse shark one one.JPG
A 7 foot nurse shark! I couldn't believe that Mike had been able to reel this monster in so close to the boat! Here is a video:

sunset out on the water.JPG
Cloudy sunset on the water.

Posted by Heather at January 12, 2009 12:54 PM


Hi guys!!! Looks like you are having an amazing time!! Enjoy it - we have more snow (yuck) and it's really really cold.

Posted by: Deb & Dave at January 15, 2009 05:37 PM

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