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January 22, 2009

Return to The No Name Pub

Two years ago when Julie and Alison came to visit, we went to the No Name Pub on No Name Key for lunch. This is one of those places with the tradition of customers stapling a dollar bill on the wall or ceiling. They estimate there is 65,000 to 75,000 bills covering the interior. Fire hazard maybe? So of course we wanted to leave one, and Julie pulled out her set of colored pencils that she carries with her, and we got started decorating.

We went back a few days ago with Jeff and I wanted to find our dollar. I was shocked to see that there were layers upon layers of new bills posted, and ones from just a few months ago were 2 or 3 layers down. George also had a different idea of where he thought we put it up, so I thought I'd never find it. I thought I remembered exactly where it was, somewhere in this area:
dollar bill ceiling.JPG
But after three sessions of looking for a few minutes I couldn't see it.

And then on my way out, I wanted to take one last look... and there it was peeking out at me!!
dollar bill one one one.JPG
Hooray! Like finding treasure!

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