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January 21, 2009

Jeff's Photos Round Two

We had a great time with our friend Jeff, and packed as much as we could into his short stay. We wish he could have stayed longer; it's always so much fun to share this place and all its adventures with our friends from home. We usually stay in Key West for most of January, so start planning for next year if you'd like to experience Life in Paradise with Heather and George. I can guarantee you ultimate satisfaction, but not a tan.

Here are some of Jeff's photos that he took with his Nikon D80; what a great camera.

flipping man at mallory square.JPG
Where will this flipping man land? You will have to wait for the video to upload to find out...

navy pilot one one.JPG
We went to Boca Chica, which is just a short drive from Key West, and where the Navy has their Top Gun training. We were in the right spot to watch about 6 pairs of fighter jets take off. A video may be up soon.

navy pilot two two.JPG

beachcombing one one one today.JPG
Some beachcombing discoveries included:

lobster one one.JPG
a lobster,

sea slug one one.JPG
a sea slug,

tower of rocks one one.JPG
a tower of rocks,

bum beach castle wide angle full shot.JPG
a castle, (more photos on this later)

george in a hole one one.JPG
and a large hole. George was distracted by some old glass he found, and my attempts to bury him were thwarted by Jeff's camera. Can't have any witnesses...

waves one on e one one.JPG

windy on top of bridge bahia honda.JPG
We drove up to Bahia Honda where you can walk up on the old train (and later highway) bridge. It was very windy up there...

heath plane one one.JPG
I'm a plane!

take off one one one.JPG
My attempts to take off were almost successful.

old bridge one one.JPG
Can you imagine two lanes of traffic on this narrow road?

old bridge bottom view one on e.JPG
Bottom view of the old bridge.

ghost george in ft zach.JPG
We also toured Ft. Zach; Watch out for that ghost!

iguana one one on e one.JPG
And got some close ups of our iguana friends. They haven't moved in a few days; too chilly for them.

iguana one two three four.JPG

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