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January 31, 2009

The Past Week

Time flies when you're having fun, and this past week went by at Super Speed! Here is a summary in photos:

alligator alley at night.JPG
Driving across Alligator Alley at sunset last Sunday.

george and parents one one one.JPG
We arrived at the campsite on Monday;

full cooler with keg.JPG
Fully loaded with a packed cooler and a Mini Keg of Heineken.

group around campfire oscar one one.JPG
We visited with George's parents and Aunt Gail and Uncle Jim.

squirrel trap one one.JPG
We had some fun with the wildlife... though you could hardly call them "wild". They really liked Cheetoes too...

heat gail and g sr one one one.JPG
Aunt Gail, George and Heather

g cooking steaks on grill one one one.JPG
Cooking potatoes and steaks on the grill, mmmm!

spanish moss in the morning one one.JPG
Spanish moss in the morning

more moss one one  one.JPG

g sr fishing at nokomis.JPG
We went to Nokomis Beach and did some fishing and sunning. The sunning was more successful than the fishing. The water temp was a chilly 58 degrees!

convertible g taking photo one one.JPG
Scott and his girlfriend Erica flew in for a week and picked us up in their convertible; what fun!

heath and erica convertible one one.JPG
Heather and Erica in the back seat

venice beach one one one.JPG
We went to Venice Beach,

g and scott walking the beach one one.JPG
where George and Scott took a long walk to catch up and reminisce.

heath and erica on the beach in the waves.JPG
Erica and Heather standing in the waves

shadows one one one.JPG
Shadowy Friends, from left to right: Scott, George, Heather and Erica

Today is Saturday and we are meeting Scott and Erica at Siesta Key Beach, which is the one with powdery white sand that never gets hot in the sun. It always makes the "Best Beaches" show on the Travel Channel. Today we have a chilly high of 62 degrees, with the wind it feels more like the low 50's. Hopefully it will warm up, but at least it is sunny, and oh yeah, it's not snowing like it is for the rest of you.

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January 25, 2009

Farewell Key West! You win Mom!

heather and mike at the casa.JPG
We spent our last day in Key West visiting with Mike and Becky and Mike's sister at the luxurious Casa Marina Hotel. We enjoyed tropical cocktails on the house, which was a nice treat, while playing backgammon by the pool.

And now we're off! On the road! Heading north! So you win the bet Mom, we're on our way. But keep in mind this old bus travels very slowly and has the tendency to break down right near sunny, sandy beaches, so it may take us another month to arrive home in CT! But we'll keep you posted on our adventures! Next stop is Oscar Sherer State Park in Sarasota!

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January 22, 2009

George's Sunset Wednesday Night

g snst one one.JPG

g snst dolphin one one.JPG
A dophin!

gsnst one heather fdront row.JPG
I've got a front row seat! Too cold outside for me!

gsnst one h in bus.JPG

gsnst one last one.JPG

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Return to The No Name Pub

Two years ago when Julie and Alison came to visit, we went to the No Name Pub on No Name Key for lunch. This is one of those places with the tradition of customers stapling a dollar bill on the wall or ceiling. They estimate there is 65,000 to 75,000 bills covering the interior. Fire hazard maybe? So of course we wanted to leave one, and Julie pulled out her set of colored pencils that she carries with her, and we got started decorating.

We went back a few days ago with Jeff and I wanted to find our dollar. I was shocked to see that there were layers upon layers of new bills posted, and ones from just a few months ago were 2 or 3 layers down. George also had a different idea of where he thought we put it up, so I thought I'd never find it. I thought I remembered exactly where it was, somewhere in this area:
dollar bill ceiling.JPG
But after three sessions of looking for a few minutes I couldn't see it.

And then on my way out, I wanted to take one last look... and there it was peeking out at me!!
dollar bill one one one.JPG
Hooray! Like finding treasure!

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January 21, 2009

Jeff's Photos Round Two

We had a great time with our friend Jeff, and packed as much as we could into his short stay. We wish he could have stayed longer; it's always so much fun to share this place and all its adventures with our friends from home. We usually stay in Key West for most of January, so start planning for next year if you'd like to experience Life in Paradise with Heather and George. I can guarantee you ultimate satisfaction, but not a tan.

Here are some of Jeff's photos that he took with his Nikon D80; what a great camera.

flipping man at mallory square.JPG
Where will this flipping man land? You will have to wait for the video to upload to find out...

navy pilot one one.JPG
We went to Boca Chica, which is just a short drive from Key West, and where the Navy has their Top Gun training. We were in the right spot to watch about 6 pairs of fighter jets take off. A video may be up soon.

navy pilot two two.JPG

beachcombing one one one today.JPG
Some beachcombing discoveries included:

lobster one one.JPG
a lobster,

sea slug one one.JPG
a sea slug,

tower of rocks one one.JPG
a tower of rocks,

bum beach castle wide angle full shot.JPG
a castle, (more photos on this later)

george in a hole one one.JPG
and a large hole. George was distracted by some old glass he found, and my attempts to bury him were thwarted by Jeff's camera. Can't have any witnesses...

waves one on e one one.JPG

windy on top of bridge bahia honda.JPG
We drove up to Bahia Honda where you can walk up on the old train (and later highway) bridge. It was very windy up there...

heath plane one one.JPG
I'm a plane!

take off one one one.JPG
My attempts to take off were almost successful.

old bridge one one.JPG
Can you imagine two lanes of traffic on this narrow road?

old bridge bottom view one on e.JPG
Bottom view of the old bridge.

ghost george in ft zach.JPG
We also toured Ft. Zach; Watch out for that ghost!

iguana one one on e one.JPG
And got some close ups of our iguana friends. They haven't moved in a few days; too chilly for them.

iguana one two three four.JPG

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Response to Mom's Blog: www.kathymccurdy.com

Dear Mom,

Hmmm... I can't say that that white and grey landscape looks very inviting... Maybe if you set up your light up palm tree and scatter some flamingos around the yard, it would be more enticing. What would really convince me is if you put your bathing suit on and paddle the kayak around the pond. Oh, wait, I forgot- it's frozen. So, instead, have Dad pull you around in it like a sled and then I'll know you guys are having fun, and I'll come home.

ice cream heather one one.JPG
So, thanks Mom, for the welcoming invitation to come home to chilly CT. But the only way I'd like to experience the cold is by eating this delicious ice cream; I'll have to hurry because it melts fast down here in this tropical climate!

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Congratulations FJ and Diyari!!!!

congratulations one one.bmp
Congratulations to my cousin FJ and his new fiancee Diyari!!! I can't wait to celebrate with everyone soon!

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January 20, 2009

Jeff's Visit

Our good buddy Jeff came down for a visit! He has a few days off before having to be in Sebring for work, and what better place to be than Key West! Today we are headed to Bahia Honda for some exploring, and we'll have those photos up later. Here are the photos from our night out last night on a little tour of downtown.

jeff with his camera one.JPG
Photographer Jeff

jeffs sunset one one one.JPG
Jeff's Sunset

jeff mallory square one one one.JPG
Mallory Square

jeff tuba man one one one.JPG
Local Color

jeff heath and george on the ground.JPG
George and Heather

jeff duval street with streak.JPG
Ducal Street

jeff george sloppy joes.JPG
Sloppy Joes

jeff guys on a bench.JPG
More local color; we told them they'd be on the front page of the local paper.

jeff wreckers memorial.JPG
Wrecker's Memorial

jeff george and heath.JPG
George and Heather

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January 19, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

sunset last nigth one.JPG
Sunday Sunset

heather at sunset one.JPG
Heather at Sunset

georges sunrise.JPG
George's Sunrise, Monday

heather at sunrise.JPG
Heather at Sunrise

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January 18, 2009

Saturday Photos

lizards one one one.JPG
How many iguanas can you find?

inverted sailboats neat.JPG
Salboats practicing for the races this week. I inverted the colors and think it looks pretty neat this way.

regular boats neat.JPG
This is how it looks without the colors inverted.

awesome sunset one oneone.JPG
Great sunset last night.

boat sunset one o ne one.JPG

lizards two two two.JPG
Can you see all the iguanas now?

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January 17, 2009

Another day...

mother hen and babies one.JPG
Mother Hen with her babies

heath in goofy hat one.JPG
Trying to fit in with the locals.

a little after sunset on the pier.JPG
Just after sunset on the pier.

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January 16, 2009

I gave blood today!

I gave blood today in a neat Blood Donation Bus that travels around the lower keys! It was very easy to do and I got a free Coke and some cookies, and a sticker. I would have walked right by without thinking about it, but the lady was outside and she asked if I would, and that was all it took: someone to ask. So, now it's my turn to ask: Will you please give blood?

The donation lady said that no matter how many people donate their blood, they are always in need of more. And it doesn't go bad, so it won't go to waste. It is a way to directly help someone in need. The man that was in charge of prepping people was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and needed 4 pints of blood, and from then on he switched careers and began working for the blood donation bank. He is a perfect example of someone who survived because a stranger gave their blood. So before you need to receive it, please take the time to give it!

blood donation.JPG
My sticker on the blue arm band keeping pressure on the needle entry spot. The arm bands come in lots of colors and they can coordinate to your outfit!

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January 15, 2009

From the past week or so...

Not much going on over the last few days. It's been very windy and cool, so we've been laying low. The sailors and racing boats are starting to flood the town, popped collar allert! Race Week starts on Monday. It is just starting to rain and is supposed to last all night, with a low of 60, brrrrrr! The locals are walking around in wool hats and scarves, and the cruise ship-ies are all rushing to the cheap clothing store for bargain sweatshirts. Here are some photos from the past week or so:

beach blue water wave.JPG
Blue water on the beach

emma cute cute.JPG
This is Mike and Becky's 2 year old Emma. We think she looks like Drew Barrymore in ET:


sea glass collection one one one.JPG
Here is my sea glass collection, except the pieces I am having made into jewelry.

sunset one two three.JPG
Nice Sunset

sunset two two two.JPG

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January 12, 2009

Sunday Fishing with Mike

Mike invited us on a trip out to the reef for some fishing. The reef is about 7 miles off shore, and it only takes a short ride out to get there. Here is Mike getting the boat ready.
mike and boat at dock.JPG

george on dock fisherman.JPG
Fisherman George is ready to go!

heather with the starfish.JPG
We first stopped to fish for pinfish and ballyhoo to use as bait when we got out there. I saw a starfish and jumped in the water to get a closer look.

snorkeling fun fun.JPG
Once at the reef we couldn't resist some snorkeling. The water was so warm and filled with colorful fish, coral shelves, sea urchins and fans waving at us when we swam by. I gulped down a large mouthful of salt water that quickly turned my belly upside down, resulting in my puking over the side of the boat. But it was worth it!

mike bar jack one.JPG
Mike caught this bar jack right away, and when we got home he cooked it up and we ate it for dinner. That is the freshest fish I have ever eaten and the flavor was amazing! I think it was only 3 hours between swimming in the ocean and swimming in our bellies.

george with a porgy.JPG
Georgie caught a porgy.

heather with a grunt.JPG
And I caught a grunt! They call it that because it grunts at you when it is out of water, like a little piggy!

george with line bowed.JPG
George has something that is putting up a fight...

george with a shark one one.JPG
A nice lemon shark!

mike with line bowed shark.JPG
Mike also has a fighter...

mike with shark two two.JPG
A STRONG fighter. This battle went on for a few minutes and we were all wondering what it could be... and then we saw a big shadow getting closer to the surface.

nurse shark one one.JPG
A 7 foot nurse shark! I couldn't believe that Mike had been able to reel this monster in so close to the boat! Here is a video:

sunset out on the water.JPG
Cloudy sunset on the water.

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January 10, 2009

Great Song and Cute Video with Curious George

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bus one one one.JPG
What a good looking bus!

our bird one one.JPG
This is a kestrel that visits frequently. He hunts for lizards and grasshoppers and things that bounce around in the grass next to where we park.

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Something New Every Day...

thongman one one.JPG
Here is George on his way to the beach.

HA Ha, just kidding!

Yes, that is an old man... with a very tan butt. Gotta love Key West.

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January 09, 2009

Blue Water for Mom

blue water for mom two two.JPG

blue water for mom one one.JPG

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Wednesday Sunset

heather sun bus reading book.JPG

george bus in the sun.JPG

george sunset two best seat in the house.JPG
Best seat in the house

heather sunset with tree and ship.JPG

heath and george good sunset2.JPG

last sunset 7th wed.JPG
Another day in paradise passes... Until tomorrow.

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January 08, 2009

A Walk Around Town

I spent the morning walking around town. Here are some things I saw:

key lime emergency response unit.JPG
The Key Lime Emergency Response Unit, outside of Kermit's where you can get the BEST Key Lime Pie on the island. His patio is also a letterboxing site, but it was too busy for me to investigate.

neat snakeskin in the cemetery.JPG
I found this snakeskin in the cemetery, where I also found two new letterboxing stamps for my collection.

snakeskin two two.JPG

little shops near conch bar.JPG
My favorite little jewelry shops near the conch bar; this is where the lady is making my sea glass necklace.

turtlekraals one.JPG
Turtle Kraals

southermostpoint bouy two.JPG
The famous Southernmost Point

stormy sea one.JPG
A storm came in yesterday around 5:30 and gave the island a bath. It only lasted about 20 minutes.

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January 07, 2009

Tuesday 6th Sunset

Sunset is at 5:53...
waiting for sunset.JPG

heather log one one.JPG
This log has ants and bugs on it, but I will sit still for George who is playing with the camera.

sunset 6th one.JPG

heather sunset 6 two two.JPG

bye sunset wave.JPG
Bye Sunset! See you tomorrow!

oysters for din din again.JPG
Oyster Time! YUM!

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January 06, 2009

Tuesday, January 6

We walked into town to the Hog's Breath for the best fish sandwiches in town. Just look how happy and cute George looks mid-way through his sandwich!
fish sandwich george yum.JPG

fountain heather oneone.JPG
Stopped at a fountain in the Truman Annex, which was very nice...

fountain redo.JPG
especially with the breeze helping to cool me off!

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Monday Night

We went to the Raw Bar for oysters and peel and eat shrimp, YUM! Oysters are 50 cents each (not $3.00 each like in Old Saybrook) and the shrimp are not farm raised so they are more delicious too!
oyster bar george one one.JPG

oysters yum yum.JPG
This entire mountain of oysters only cost $20!! Ha ha, just kidding. We only ate a dozen.

oyster shucker one.JPG
Expert Oyster Shucker; He must have shucked over 100 oysters just while we were there (40 minutes).

rooster for mom one.JPG
During our evening stroll, we found this cross dressing rooster for Mom! Would you like this on your wall?

heather with fisherman one.JPG
Posed with a fisherman...

george painting statue.JPG
And Geroge had his face painted...accidentally.

ice cream yum yum.JPG
An ice cream night cap is always a good way to end the night. I think I picked that up from Dad.

Now we are off for lunch at the Hog's Breath, for Fish Sandwiches!! It's all about food for us.

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January 05, 2009

Back from swimming

Nothing better than a sun shower after swimming in the lovely ocean. Hooray for hot weather!!
sunshower one one.JPG

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New Arrival

We get cruise ships that pass by daily. An important part of my day is waving to the passengers. I consider myself to be an Un-Official Greeter to Key West; I'm much better at it than those irritating guys that accost them about renting mini cars as soon as they get off the boat. This is my good deed of the day, and since there are probably a few hundred passengers, I'm just racking up the good karma!

new arrival one one.JPG

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Monday the 5th

Today we got to the beach early and had it pretty much to ourselves.
morning on the beach ft zac.JPG

waving one one.JPG
We took a walk to look for more sea glass and found about a dozen good specimens.

bunny ears on the beach.JPG
Bunny ears on the beach

walking in the water.JPG
Walking in the water is one of the best feelings; the perfect way to feel relaxed.

another day in paradise in a vw.JPG
After the walk I decided to do this again...

sunset from day one one.JPG
And later we'll go see this again; this is the sunset from my first day here.

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January 04, 2009

Sea Glass Hunting

George and I have been looking for sea glass, which always reminds me of Alison, who took me to an awesome beach in Rhode Island with the most blue sea glass I've ever seen in one spot. Yesterday George found a large black chunk that looked like a rock, but looking closely at the sides you could see that it was glass. We took it to a lady who makes jewelry, where I've purchased some nice pieces before, and she told us that it was a great piece and at least 100-150 years old. We left it with her to make it into a necklace. Here are some pieces that we found today.

seaglass 3 dark black chunks.JPG
These chunks are similar to the one George found, but a little smaller. You can see how they might be mistaken for rocks, but expert George knows better.

big green one seaglass.JPG
Big green piece.

seaglass darklight one.JPG
To check to make sure it's glass you just need to hold it up to the light. The piece above looks dark on the left and hard to see it's glass, but holding it in front of a flashlight (or you can use the sun) you can see the color shine through.

seaglass one one.JPG
Here is our stash for the day. Excited to see what we find tomorrow!

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George and a Palm Tree

Hi from George!

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New Use for Maker's Mark

There are a lot of no-see-ums down here this year, and instead of using horrible smelling and toxic bug spray, we discovered that Maker's Mark does the job, and it smells better too!



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January 03, 2009


It is nice to be back in Key West! I am spending the morning reading the Ventriloquism book that I got from Dad for Christmas and watching the boats go by. Just the best way to spend a morning.

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