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January 15, 2009

From the past week or so...

Not much going on over the last few days. It's been very windy and cool, so we've been laying low. The sailors and racing boats are starting to flood the town, popped collar allert! Race Week starts on Monday. It is just starting to rain and is supposed to last all night, with a low of 60, brrrrrr! The locals are walking around in wool hats and scarves, and the cruise ship-ies are all rushing to the cheap clothing store for bargain sweatshirts. Here are some photos from the past week or so:

beach blue water wave.JPG
Blue water on the beach

emma cute cute.JPG
This is Mike and Becky's 2 year old Emma. We think she looks like Drew Barrymore in ET:


sea glass collection one one one.JPG
Here is my sea glass collection, except the pieces I am having made into jewelry.

sunset one two three.JPG
Nice Sunset

sunset two two two.JPG

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