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October 21, 2008

Palin as President Preview

Please visit this webiste. Use the mouse to explore Palin's oval office. Clicking on different things will yield a result; you can click on some of the things more than once for different results (like the door, the globe). Try to find where she is hiding her rifle. Enjoy!

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October 18, 2008

Exploring some cliffs on the river near Gillette's Castle

george next to the cliff.JPG

cliff with the nest.JPG
Big Nest on a Ridge

heather and the cliff wall two.JPG

heather and the cliffs.JPG

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Cruise through Selden's with Mom and Dad

seldens nice color.JPG
A beautiful and warm fall day in Selden's Creek.

mom and dad seldens one.JPG
Perfect for a boat cruise.

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Nice View of Essex

essex from the water one.JPG

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Last Sparrow Sighting of the Season

lily and heath cheers on the river sunset.JPG

george and lily sunset river.JPG

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Letterboxing with Lily

We are letterbixing today at Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam. The theme of the stamps we are looking for is Hobbies.
heath and lil lb one on bridge.JPG
Letterboxing is a really fun and easy way to have an adventure! Clues lead you to hidden containers that have a stamp and log book inside. Take with you your own notebook and stamp, and you can leave your mark and message in the log book you find, and collect all the stamps from your Letterboxing adventures in your own book. Clues and more information on letterboxing can be found at: http://www.letterboxing.org/

lb one with lil.JPG
This is the first of four boxes, Baseball. The picture of the stamp is below.

lb one yankee shrine.JPG
It is a Yankee Shrine.

lb two with lil two.JPG
Lily finding number two, Music.

lb three with lil.JPG
Number three, a horseshoe for Equestrian.

lb four with lil.JPG
And number 4 at the bottom of a pile of rocks was a heart for TLC; a little off theme on this one?

Here are what the stamps looked like (the baseball stamp is upside down).

lil and the bridge.JPG
Back to where we started.

river view.JPG

lily near the pond.JPG

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October 03, 2008

Uncle Cameron Thompson

cameron blog shot.JPG
Cameron Acheson Thompson, April 15, 1952- September 25, 2008

Please visit www.kathymccurdy.com for additional photos and some words of remembrance from his sister.

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