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August 27, 2008

Silver Lake, Vermont

vermont view one.JPG
This past weekend Alison took me up to Vermont to meet her cousin Nikki and her husband Jay for a weekend of camping.

njand alison at waterfall.JPG

rich and niko.JPG
Their good friend Rich joined us;

scott and jamie in canoe.JPG
And Scott and Jaime, and their dogs Moose and Niko, who are Nikki and Jay's neighbors.

handa lake view one.JPG
We camped on Silver Lake near Goshen, VT.

naandh view of lake up high.JPG
Look out point overlooking Lake Dunmore

In the 1880's, Frank Chandler, missionary and owner of Silver Lake, built a road from Goshen to the lake through Leicester Hollow and erected a beautiful 50-60 room hotel/seminary at this site. Until it was abandoned in 1919, the hotel- with its motto of "Godliness, Holiness and Cleanliness"- offered respite and religious instruction. The hotel burned to the ground aound 1940. (From the information bulletin, Moosalamoo Association, www.moosalamoo.org)

view of beach and campsite.JPG
This is a view of our campsite from the lake and our beach where we spent the day.

view to the lake.JPG
View to the lake from the campsite

Silver Lake

Native American History around Silver Lake

alison paddling canoe.JPG
The canoe provided great fun!

njanda off for a paddle.JPG
Nikki, Jay and Alison off for a paddle.

nanda by the lake.JPG
We lounged by the beautiful lake all day.

heather by the lake.JPG
Refreshing Margaritas...

alison by the lake.JPG


floating group2.JPG

Night canoeing

alison and moose.JPG
Alison and Moose

Jelly Antler Fungus

morning campsite.JPG
Campsite in the morning

cooking breakfast.JPG
Cooking breakfast

Also breakfast, due to necessity. We had to get rid of as much weight as possible so we wouldn't have to carry it out. It had to be finished.

Pretty field

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August 20, 2008

Camping with George's Family at Hammonassett

group campsite.JPG
Group Campsite

group campfire.JPG
Around the campfire

group at the beach.JPG
Fun at the beach

hana marshmellow.JPG
Hana toasting a marshmellow

lily noah and aiden.JPG
Lily, Noah and Aiden

mermaid noah.JPG
Mermaid Noah

noah sand.JPG


playing washers.JPG
Kevin, Mia and Robyn playing washers

robyn and lily in the bus.JPG
Robyn and Lily in the bus

robyn octopus.JPG
Robyn as an octopus

aiden in the water.JPG
Aiden catching jelly fish

scooter ride.JPG
Donna giving scooter rides

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August 11, 2008

A Day at the Shooting Range

Julie and Melissa invited me to go along with them to the New Haven Sportsman's Club for some shooting. Our friend Wolfgang has been a member there for about 3 years; this was our first time but I think you'll agree that we all look like naturals.

melissa pose one.JPG

julie pose.JPG

heather pose.JPG

melissa 22.JPG
First was this gun, which shot 22 calibur bullets.

heather 22.JPG

julie revolver.JPG
Julie shooting a revolver. I knew I wanted to try that next.

heather loading revolver.JPG
Loading it...

heather revolver.JPG

heather 45 automatic.JPG
Then I saw the 45 automatic and headed straight for that. That made a pretty big noise.

This gun shot 223 caliber bullets, and made the biggest bang. It was the most fun to shoot out of all the ones we tried at the 50 yard range. Then we we taken to the 100 yard range to try...

melissa ar 15.JPG
The Semi Automatic AR 15. This is the civilian version of the gun the US Military uses. It is awesome. As you will see in this video:

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August 10, 2008

Our New Boat: Feather

heath boat one notts.JPG
This is our new Boston Whaler Super Sport. It is the most fun!

Mom and Dad came out on Saturday;


heath george boat one.JPG
And an evening cruise through Seldon's with Alison was the best way to end the day.

alison boat one.JPG

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August 06, 2008


ladies rdt.JPG
Melissa, Julie and I got together on Thursday evening, July 31st to celebrate our last day working for RDT. No more commuting to Boston!

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