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July 01, 2008

Scooter Ride?

scooter break down.jpg
We went out for a Sunday morning Scoot... but the scooter stopped running. When this has happened before, we just wait a few minutes and it will start again.

broken down one.jpg
Not this time...

heath's try.jpg
I'll try! This will do it! mmmm....no.

broken down give up.jpg
Giving up.... We had to call in for back up. Nick came to pick me up, but we left George behind.

on our way home.jpg
We got the scooter in the truck and took it back home to rest. George was able to get it started later in the day, so we'll be back on the road in no time. Please keep your phone on you in case we call for a pick up!

Posted by Heather at July 1, 2008 12:28 PM


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