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July 29, 2008

Random Shots from the Past week

spiderweb one.jpg
Spiderweb in the morning

gscooter sx cem am.jpg

swans one.jpg
Swans in North Cove

salem cem one.jpg
Sisson Family Cemetery in the woods

salem cem two.jpg

salem cem wall.jpg
The Cemetery Wall

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July 23, 2008

Road Trip?

bus group one.jpg
Jump in the bus! Let's go!

scott and george bus cutout.jpg
Just like old times...

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Lord's Cove Paddle with Scott Martin

heath kayak one.JPG
Scott and I went paddling in Lord's Cove.

scott kayak photo.JPG
Here is Scott with his awesome camera.

scott kayak bridge.JPG
Going under a bridge.

3 little clouds.JPG
3 little clouds

scott kayak photo 2.JPG
Scott taking a shot...

osprey 3 little clouds.JPG
# little clouds with an osprey. This is the photo he was taking in the picture above.

incoming eagle.JPG
Eagle coming in for a landing.

eagle in the tree.JPG
The Eagle

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More VW's from Scott's Camera

scott and heath one.JPG
Heath and Scott on the ferry

g's castle scott.JPG
The Castle

setting up camp one.JPG
Setting up camp

heath cooking dinner.JPG
Heather cooking hot dogs and sausages for dinner.

campsite george and heath.JPG
Hanging out after dinner.

bus row with scotts.jpg
Row of buses, with Scott's in the way back.

russian ambassador.JPG
This bug was driven by the Russian Ambassador from 1965-1967.

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Thimble Islands Paddle

A few weekends ago Steve took Julie and me to the Thimble Islands in Branford for a great paddle. We went past Great Island where we were lucky enough to visit when we were little with the Platt Nature Center.

julie and steve.JPG
Julie and Steve

julie and heath.JPG
Julie and Heather

julie and the heron.JPG
Julie and a heron.

heath thimble paddle.JPG

shark rock.JPG
Shark Rock

neat house.JPG
Very cool house.

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Fun on the Beach

sand art.JPG
Lily and Shelby's sand art

sand art two.JPG
Heath's Sand Sculpture

sand pants.JPG
Sand pants- patent pending...

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July 21, 2008

How cute is this?!

cute cousins.jpg

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July 16, 2008

Lesson of the Week

save the earth.jpg

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Woodstock, CT VW Meet

We're off to Woodstock, CT for the 4th Annual CTVWA Volks Meet.
VW sign.jpg
Here is the link to the CT Volkswagen Association: http://ctvwa.com/ so you can check out future events!

george up top on ferry.jpg
We took the Chester ferry across the river.

boys on the ferry.jpg
Scott Martin drive down from Canada for the event.

g's castle from ferry.jpg

being followed.jpg
It was a beautiful ride on some unfamiliar backroads. A great way to have an adventure... a slow paced adventure.

heath at the campsite one.jpg
We camped on Saturday night with a large group of VW Groupies. This was a nice chance to try out our brand new North Face Trailhead 6 tent. It is huge!!! Photo by Jim Rolston

george and scott on the field.jpg
We woke up to find many more VW's had arrived, and they just kept coming in!

heath and ann rolston with chandra.jpg
We met up with friends, which was great! Here I am with Ann Rolston and her Kuvasz named Chandra. They live in Deep River. Photo by Jim Rolston

bob janet and daisy.jpg
We also met some new friends! This is Bob and Janet and their dog Daisy. They have been married for 50 years and are seasoned VW travelers. The interior of their bus was the most efficiently designed and maintained I've ever seen, down to the simplest detail.

yellow van bob and janet.jpg
Here is the front of their bus; Bob hand painted the butterfly and flower.

yellow van back.jpg
And the back. How can you not Be Happy when you see this vehicle!

our group.jpg
Alison came up mid morning and we enjoyed a great afternoon relaxing and checking out the scenery.

our best bus.jpg
Here is our bus that won first place! Ok, we MAY not have won first place; BUT we didn't stay to hear them announce the winners, so it's POSSIBLE that we could have won and we just don't know it. Photo by Jim Rolston.

lots of buses.jpg
A row of buses; photo by Jim Rolston.

buses from behind.jpg
Buses from behind.

guinness bus.jpg
Mmmm... this one makes me think of Guinness.

As much as I prefer buses, I did manage to take some shots of the other VW vehicles that were on display.

cute bugs.jpg
Some Colorful Bugs

punk back.jpg
And a Bug with Attitude.

punk front.jpg

blue hydrolic car.jpg
Many that were on display had some sort of theme or decoration. This was by far the one with the most accessories, including hydraulic what-cha-macallit's. (It lifted itself up and down.)

This was a GREAT show! Unfortunately, my camera battery died early in the day. Luckily, Scott was there and I was able to use his awesome camera for awhile. Those photos will be posted as soon as we receive a new power cord for our computer. Stay tuned!

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July 14, 2008

Is this REAL?!

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July 02, 2008

Trapper Nelson's Homestead from the air

This is what Trapper Nelson's homestead looks like. I was bored today, so I've been exploring the world on Google Maps. Zoom in and out to see how far up the Loxahatchee he was.

View Larger Map

The white buildings near the center of the clearing are his cabin and his guest cabin. The group in the bottom left are his animal cages for his "petting" zoo. And the gray roof at the end of the little road was the picnic table area where he shot himself. Too much detail? More photos are in the blog post from our first trip in Florida, titled "Trapper Nelson's homestead".

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July 01, 2008

Boat Ride

heath and matt.jpg
Matt took us out on his boat this weekend. What fun!

osprey on the nest.jpg
These ospreys are used to the traffic in and out of the marina.

the sun heath.jpg
The Sun Heath

george self portrait.jpg
George, Self Portrait

sunken shed.jpg
Sunken Dock and Shed in Hamburg Cove

sunken shed two.jpg

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Scooter Ride?

scooter break down.jpg
We went out for a Sunday morning Scoot... but the scooter stopped running. When this has happened before, we just wait a few minutes and it will start again.

broken down one.jpg
Not this time...

heath's try.jpg
I'll try! This will do it! mmmm....no.

broken down give up.jpg
Giving up.... We had to call in for back up. Nick came to pick me up, but we left George behind.

on our way home.jpg
We got the scooter in the truck and took it back home to rest. George was able to get it started later in the day, so we'll be back on the road in no time. Please keep your phone on you in case we call for a pick up!

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