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June 09, 2008

Weekend Shots

lil at table one.jpg
Lily and I found this great spot for a picnic lunch on Saturday.

lil on table.jpg
The best view in town!

picnic view one.jpg
Looking at the Essex River Museum

picnic view two.jpg
Looking towards Nott's Island

Then we were off to Mike Feeny's Burn Party, where activities included expert Scavenger Hunts with varying degrees of difficulty, sprinklers to cool off with, badmitton, bocce, eating the most amazing keilbasa dogs and hot dogs, and of course FIRE!

lil and brandy lynn.jpg
New Friends, Brandy Lynn and Lily

lil and julie.jpg
Good friends, Lily and Julie

feeny's tree.jpg
Mike Feeny's tree

heath's fire one.jpg
This is my fire: enthusiastically created and maintained by yours truly.

And finished off on Sunday with a GREAT paddle with Alison on the river from Essex to Deep River!
alison one paddle.jpg
This was the best paddle of the season.

heather one paddle.jpg
I wish I could do this every day!

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