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January 27, 2008

Life is good.

life is good feet up.JPG
This is the best.

steel drummer.JPG
Today's music is provided by this great steel drummer. Life is GOOD!

little birdie in the shade.JPG
This little birdie has the same idea.

Wedding today at Fort Zach; Bridesmaid of Every Color, and the best men had ties to match.

heath and michelangelo.JPG
From left to right: John with dog Jack, Michelangelo, and Heath. Michelangelo has been coming to Key West for 36 years straight; he is 86 now. This year he escaped from his old folks home, 2 weeks after open heart surgery, to get down here. We spent the evening talking about his first days in Key West in 1972 and the way things were back then. He's seen so many changes, and of course KW will never be the same. But through his stories you get a very clear image of the REAL Key West, which is nothing like it is today. Not too many of these guys left, only him and NRA Bob. Hope to see them both next year!

sunset great.JPG
The last sunset

heath sunsetfinal.JPG
Good bye Key West!


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