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January 31, 2008

RainDance Technologies Auction

Here is how the auction will work: Below each photo you will see the "Buy Now" price. To bid on an item, please email me the letter and description of what you are interested in, and your bid. You do not have to bid as high as the Buy Now price.

For items with multiple interests, we will sell to the highest bidder after giving each one the opportunity to increase their bid. For items that only one person is interested in, we will determine whether to sell to the bidder or move the item to an Ebay auction depending on how close the bid is to the Buy Now price.

If anyone would like more information or pictures, or would like to see the items in person, please let me know and i will arrange a visit to the apartment for viewing.

The TV's are also for sale, but haven't been priced yet.

Please email me any questions you may have: mccurdyh@raindancetechnologies.com.

A. Five drawer dresser; good condition. $150

B1. Night table; good condition. $75 each

B2. Night table; good condition. $75 each

E 1-6.JPG
E1-6. Six dining chairs; condition: eh.... a bit worn in and smudgy. $33 each

E back.JPG
E. view of the back

F. Kitchen table; ok condition. $50

G1. Bookcase/ Media Shelves, ok condition. $50 each

G2. $50 each

H. Media shelves; ok condition. $50

I. Coffee Table; good condition. $100

J1. End table; good condition. $75 each
These 2 lamps (one below) are also for sale but not listed on the spreadsheet provided. $25 each

J2. End table; good condition. $75 each

K. Leather Couch; good condition. $300

L. Leather Chair and Ottoman; good condition. $250

M. Woven red and blue rug. $10

N. Metal table with glass top; ok condition. $20

O. Blue Comfy Rocking Chair; good condition. $50

P 1-2.JPG
P1-2. Black chair with woven seat; good condition. $25 each

Q. Side table with drawer (not sure if top folds out); good condition. $30

R. media cabinet/shelvs; ok condition. $20

S. media shelves; ok condition. $20

T. large pink lamp with shade. $15

U. standing lamp with glass table. $10

V. Standing lamp; it leans. $10

W. lamp with shade. $20

X. large ceramic urn. $20

Y. rolling table; ok condition. $10

Z. Wicker dining table with glass top, and 6 wicker chairs. $250

AA. 6 drawer dresser with glass top. $100

BB1-2. 2 wicker lamps. $25 each

CC1-2. 2 Wicker bedside tables with glass tops. $30 each

DD. Wicker headboard. $33

EE 1-2.JPG
EE1-2. Wicker shelves. $50 each

EE3. Wicker shelves. $50 each

FF. Wicker chair and ottoman with cusions. $50

GG. Tan wicker chair with cushions. $30

HH. wicker side/end table with glass top. $25

II. wicker coffee table with glass top. $50

JJ. wicker couch with cushions. $100

KK. large, round, wicker framed mirror. $50

LL. wicker desk with chair. $50

MM. wicker tall dresser with cabinet. $50

NN. wicker waste basket. $10

Air Conditioners
Air conditioner 1.JPG
NN. Air conditioner #1. $25

Air conditioner 2.JPG
OO. Air conditioner #2. $25

Air conditioner 3.JPG
PP. Air conditioner #3. $25

Air conditioner 4.JPG
QQ. Air conditioner #4. $25

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January 27, 2008

Life is good.

life is good feet up.JPG
This is the best.

steel drummer.JPG
Today's music is provided by this great steel drummer. Life is GOOD!

little birdie in the shade.JPG
This little birdie has the same idea.

Wedding today at Fort Zach; Bridesmaid of Every Color, and the best men had ties to match.

heath and michelangelo.JPG
From left to right: John with dog Jack, Michelangelo, and Heath. Michelangelo has been coming to Key West for 36 years straight; he is 86 now. This year he escaped from his old folks home, 2 weeks after open heart surgery, to get down here. We spent the evening talking about his first days in Key West in 1972 and the way things were back then. He's seen so many changes, and of course KW will never be the same. But through his stories you get a very clear image of the REAL Key West, which is nothing like it is today. Not too many of these guys left, only him and NRA Bob. Hope to see them both next year!

sunset great.JPG
The last sunset

heath sunsetfinal.JPG
Good bye Key West!


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January 25, 2008

Boats coming in on last day of racing

boats in sun one.JPG

boats sun two.JPG

boats sun three.JPG

boats sun four.JPG

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Friday is for fishing

george fishing friday.JPG
Caught anything? No?

heath fishing friday.JPG
Nope, me neither. Maybe we're using the wrong bait?

raindrop on a pole.JPG

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January 24, 2008


george and his fish.JPG
George caught a barracuda.

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Wednesday Sunset

sunset Wednesday 1.JPG

sunset 2 1-2008.JPG

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Advertising for the Hog's Breath Saloon

hogs breath ass.JPG

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Alison's Last Night: Tuesday

oysters alison and george.JPG
Started off with some oysters from the Half Shell Raw Bar.

alison and g rum runners.JPG
And then some Rum Runners from Fat Tuesday!

alison and heath rum runners.JPG
We had an extra one; probably didn't need it.

naked women statue.JPG
Though it did help us to admire some art,

g and h on suitcase.JPG
and do some climbing.

cheeseburger key west.JPG
Finished with dinner at Cheeseburger Key West! YUM!!!

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Tuesday photos, no Wednesday. No wait, what's today?

g fishing and boats.JPG
The only thing George caught was a bird. Yes, a bird. As G casted, it flew down and scooped up the hook. Luckily, after reeling it in, he was able to release it without any harm.

boats one clouds.JPG

more boats one clouds.JPG

boats with spins.JPG
Cloudy day; must have been Tuesday.

blue water3.JPG
Here is the color we like! This is Wednesday, which unfortunately was the day Alison was catching her flight.

waiting for flight.JPG
Luckily we were able to get in a bit of sun before she left.

g  waiting for flight.JPG

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January 23, 2008

This is more like it!

The weather has finally improved!


Stay tuned for more sunny shots of paradise!!

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Pirate George and Mermaid Heather

pirate george.JPG
Arg Matey! Where be my booty and rum!

sunset g and h.JPG
Mallory Square Sunset, but it's cloudy.

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Our Buddy Stu

stu and george.JPG
We love our buddy Stu! Going on 75, he's been a regular here in Key West during the winter for sometime. He is a true combat camper.

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Shots from The Secret Garden

This will help remind you what flowers look like.... heh heh.

garden cool orchids.JPG

garden orchid bamboo.JPG

garden orchids one.JPG

garden pink and green.JPG

garden raindrop.JPG

garden plant 1.JPG

garden plant 2.JPG

garden purple flower.JPG

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January 22, 2008

Photos from Monday

mojito lunch.JPG
Liquid Lunch: Mohitos and Guinness

Which led to some henna tattoos...
henna alison.JPG

henna heath.JPG

blue volks.JPG
Pretty Blue Volks!

hiding kitty.JPG
Key West Kitty #1

kitty on street.JPG
Key West Kitty #2

southernmost point.JPG
Southern-most Point

coconuts raindrop.JPG

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Welcome Back to Key West!

It's great to be back in Key West!!
blue beach.JPG

met alison.JPG
Met Alison on Saturday

happy hour2.JPG
And off to Happy Hour at the Conch Bar!

Speaking of conch...
conch a lot with blue.JPG
Here is my first bowl of chowder, and some cracked conch to start things off right! And look who snuck into my bag... my little RDT raindrop!

Looks like he didn't want to miss the fun! Here we are sharing a pitcher of sangria! YUM!

happy hour with sailors.JPG
Turns out that it is Race Week 2008! Key West Race Week is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sailing race in the country. Cheers to race week and the additional scenery it provides!

raceweek guys carrying.JPG

raceweek dock.JPG

sailboat with glasses.JPG

raceweek boat on side.JPG
Sunday was windy! Gusts up to 31mph. This sailboat went over on its side, and had to cut it's spinnaker to right itself.

playoffs at finnigans.JPG
Sunday we spent at various pubs to watch the football games. It was rainy and windy so we didn't feel guilty being inside... or drinking and eating non-stop for 8 hours straight... yeah....

Stay tuned for: Henna Tattoos and The Secret Garden!

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January 15, 2008

Sunset 1/15/08

todays sunset.jpg

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Bizarro Letter

We received this letter at the office. The post mark was from Long Beach, CA. Pretty Crazy!

Download file

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January 14, 2008

Walk with Lily

lily two.jpg

lily one.jpg
Some hangman fun.... hee hee!

lily three.jpg
On our way home...

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Fondue Party

fondue table one.jpg
The Fondue Tablescape

fondue 2.JPG
New Tablecloth, argggg!

alison and julie fondue.jpg
Alison and Julie

dave and keith fondue one.jpg
Dave and Keith

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January 07, 2008


g long key one.jpg

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January 02, 2008

Some photos for George.... miss CT yet?

the seal.jpg
Ahh... the Seal

the river museum.jpg
The River Museum

up river.jpg
Up River

down river.jpg
Down River

two tugs for george.jpg
Two Tugs for George

the rock.jpg
The Rock in the park that is fun to climb.

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