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October 31, 2007

Halloween at Work

halloween 1.jpg
From left to right: Gypsy Heather, Evil Mermaid Lori, Witchy Kim, Billy Ray Cyrus, Witchy Janet, Cheerleader Julie, and Feng Xu in the cape and mask.

halloween group2.jpg
Janet, Julie and Feng

halloween group 3.jpg
Heather, Lori, and Kim

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October 25, 2007


dilbert cartoon.jpg

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October 14, 2007

Book Hill Woods Hike

tulip tree sign.JPG
Off to see the huge Tulip Tree

tulip tree 1.JPG

heath and lil tulip tree.JPG

lily and tulip tree.JPG


tulip tree detail.JPG

g and h at tulip tree.JPG

lil in a cave.JPG
Lily in a cave

another caveq.JPG
Lily in another cave

townline boulder sign.JPG
The Town Line Boulder

townline boulder.JPG
Inscription in the boulder: 1842 x(?)x 246

lilytree one.JPG

george in a tree lily jumping.JPG
Lily trying to get George

heath and lily in a tree.JPG

lily climbing down tree.JPG
Climbing Down

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October 05, 2007

Weekend Paddle

These photos are best viewed by clicking on the post title "Weekend Paddle" on the right under the Recent Entries menu, as they are getting cut off on the right side here on the main page.

heath paddle 1.JPG
Going out for a paddle!

heath paddle 2.JPG

view into north cove.JPG
View into North Cove

lighthouse from river.JPG
Headed for the windmill...

lighthouse 1a.JPG

lighthouse 1.JPG

lighthouse 3.JPG

lighthouse 4.JPG

View of Essex from Middle Cove

Swans in South Cove

tree of birds front.JPG
Lots of birds

tree of birds back.JPG

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October 03, 2007

Wizards in the Woods

lily and shelby playing wizards.JPG
Wizard Lily and Wizard Shelby

lily and shelby posing.JPG

wizard shelby turned lily into a cow.JPG
Wizard Shelby turned Wizard Lily into a cow

george in the woods.JPG
Looks like they stupified George! (For you non-Harry Potter readers- that just means they stunned him and he is immobile.)

group 1woods.JPG
Our site for lunch

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