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September 26, 2007

George and Edy Come for a Visit!

lily and grandparents.JPG
Lily with her grandparents, Edy and George

connex with gramma.JPG
Playing Connex

connex one.JPG

connex two.JPG

lily one.JPG
Ta Daaa!!

george and lilt.JPG
Fun Time

napping george.JPG
George's Fun Time: his nap

edy and lily.JPG
Edy and her apprentice

lily and bunny sweaters.JPG
Lily and Bunny with matching sweaters. Please also note Lily's many missing teeth, of which she is very proud.

Lily's Photos:

edy and george in the office.JPG
Grandma and Dad in the office


photos on fridge.JPG
Photos on the fridge

stocked fridge by lily.JPG
Stocked fridge on lobster night. Mmmmm.....

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September 12, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Camping

lily and shelb in hammock1.JPG
Lily and Shelby in the hammock

george and jeff with hammock.JPG
Some adjusting...

george and lily near hammock.JPG

shelby and lily n hammock 2.JPG

lily in hammock.JPG

lily and george paddling with abby.JPG

paddle with abby.JPG

george and lily in kayak.JPG

girls and jeff on beach.JPG

ken and jeff.JPG
Jeff and Ken

shelby and lily on roots.JPG

shelby on the table.JPG

jack- lavender the turtle.JPG
This is Jack the turtle, who Lily and Shelby found.

lily and shelby.JPG

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September 08, 2007

Paddle in Guilford

red house 1.JPG
Red House

red house 2.JPG

red house 3.JPG


seagull with crab.JPG
Seagull flying with crab in its mouth

Mud with little stream


rocks 1.JPG

rocks 2.JPG

osprey behind rocks.JPG

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