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February 13, 2007

Volksblast 2007

rick and barb in the vw.JPG
On our way to Volksblast!

volksblast blue truck.JPG

banner a.JPG

our bus in a row.JPG
Our Bus and friends

favorite bug a.JPG
Heath's Favorite Bug

george's favorite 2a.JPG
George's Favorite Bug

george's favortiea.JPG

bugs a.JPG

buses 2 a.JPG

buses a.JPG

john deere truck one.JPG

john deere truck two.JPG

1 blue and grey bug.JPG

orange and black bus.JPG

1979 bus a.JPG

l black bug 3.JPG

white and black bug.JPG

light blue bug.JPG

orange bug.JPG

purple bug.JPG

tan bus.JPG

checkered bus  a.JPG

cherry red bug a.JPG

gold buga.JPG

orange bug 2.JPG

p black bug 2.JPG

goodman's blue truck a.JPG

pink bug.JPG

pink bug 2.JPG

yellow bus better.JPG

bus with sales slip a.JPG
This bus still had it's original sales slip- bought in the 70's for $5,600.

green and black bug a.JPG

silver bus.JPG

salmon bus.JPG

yellow orange red short bus.JPG

light blue bug 2.JPG

light green bus.JPG

orange bug 3.JPG

red convertible bug.JPG

tan vw.JPG

purple bus.JPG

yellow vw.JPG

a black vw.JPG

a different blus bus a.JPG

b black bug 5.JPG

green bug a.JPG

herbie bug  a.JPG

cherry red bug another a.JPG

black bug a.JPG

lime green ghia.JPG

blue and white  a bug 2.JPG

d black bug with yellow and pink.JPG

blue and white bug a.JPG

d blue bug 2.JPG

blue and yellow bus a.JPG

low green bug.JPG

low green vw with tire turned out.JPG
Notice the slanted tire

man riding his cooler.JPG
A man riding his motorized cooler

blue bug a.JPG

white bug.JPG

tan bug.JPG

bug engine a.JPG

dark blue bug a.JPG

r black bug 4.JPG

white bug another.JPG

green bug push back topa a.JPG

dark green bus a.JPG

mermaid bug.JPG

mermaid bus 2.JPG

mermaid bus 3.JPG

mermaid bus engine.JPG

blue bug with rack a.JPG

blue bus 1 a.JPG

blue bus 2a.JPG

blue bus 3a.JPG

blue bus 4 a.JPG

two bugs.JPG

turquoise bug.JPG

red bug.JPG

green bus 2 a.JPG

green truck a.JPG

roadkill vw.JPG

things better.JPG

Original Toolkit

blue bus with dent a.JPG

metallic pink bug.JPG

yellow bug.JPG

yellow bus 2.JPG

triplets in shopping cart.JPG
Triplets in a shopping cart

mustard bug.JPG

nice tan bus.JPG

nice tan bus open.JPG

brick color bus a.JPG

red bug 2.JPG

blue ghia a.JPG

brown vw a.JPG

white convertible.JPG

white vw.JPG

row of bugs.JPG

rust bus.JPG

rust bus 2.JPG

white ghia.JPG

blue thing a.JPG

blue truck a.JPG

green ghiaa a.JPG

green pop up bus a.JPG

rusty black bug.JPG

green truck bus.JPG

grey bug a.JPG

grey bus a.JPG

rusty bugs.JPG

rusty bugs bottle caps.JPG

red ghia.JPG

blue vw a.JPG

blue vw 2 a.JPG

george looking at flames bug a.JPG

olive green bug.JPG

red vw.JPG

dune buggies a.JPG

gold dune buggya.JPG

red dune buggy.JPG

george shopping for parts a.JPG

items for sale a.JPG

We arrived at Volksblast too late to register, so we were not entered in the contest. But, we did get a lot of compliments on the bus, and compared to all that we saw we thought we were definetly in the top 10. Especially when you consider that we use our bus every day (living in it) and most of the VW's at the show were only brought out of their garage's for shows, and really aren't used at all. We'll be sure to pre-register for the next show.

Posted by Heather at February 13, 2007 05:26 PM


Holy Photos Batman!

Posted by: Captain Squiggle at February 13, 2007 09:33 PM

Wow! Love the photos. Reminds me of our trip to teh Deussenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana.

Posted by: Mom at February 14, 2007 12:45 PM

De puta madre chaval !!!

Posted by: German Serrano L. at July 27, 2008 09:36 PM

I was at the blast that day looking foward to it again!!!!(•\/•)

Posted by: MiamiVdub at January 7, 2009 02:55 AM

hi wear can i get one of those pink and white bugs

Posted by: Gabrielle hart at July 2, 2009 07:04 PM

*sigh* heavenly :) I have a new one..but these are amazing!!!

Posted by: J at February 26, 2010 02:58 PM

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