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February 10, 2007

Volksblast 2007!

Hello! I know I'm way behind on the blog! I have quite a few posts to do including houses of Key West, Key West Cemetery Letterboxing, a manatee video, Fort Zach, some sunset shots, and lots of other random but great photos.

We have left Key West and are headed to Miami for VOLKSBLAST 2007! Woohooo! It's $25 to enter the contest (proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity) and prizes are awarded (not sure what they are) by people's choice. We have done a great job cleaning her up and making her look beautiful, and with the hard wood floors and new interior paneling George has put in we think we have a great shot! Oh, and George bought a great hammock today that we're going to put up outside and hopefully that will win some points too. Maybe we should cook hot dogs and give them out to people? Hmmm... too much?

hammock two.JPG

hammock one.JPG

I'll get my photos posted as soon as possible! See you soon!

Posted by Heather at February 10, 2007 06:06 PM


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