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February 21, 2007

Barred Owl Sounds

To hear the sounds a barred owl makes (until I get home to do my impression of them, which is quite accurate) please visit this website:


Scroll down past the Bigfoot Recordings to find Barred Owl Recordings. The one closest to the huh hu hu hu (while gargling) is the Mating Call.

Some info on this site: Barred owls are very different from other owls. They mate for life and are very family oriented. The male does not stray far from the female and the young remain at the nest as a family unit long after other owling species have left the nest. It is not unusual to hear an entire family of barred owls call out in territorial defense. This can be triggered by almost any loud noise at night. The mating calls & territorial calls are similar if not the same on occurence.
Barred owls have a variety of vocals which range from single "whhaaaa" type hoots, to the typical "who cooks for you, who cooks for you all" calls to primate-like "cackling". The latter being why they are so often mistaken for bigfoot creatures. Don't let these beautiful birds fool you out there in the dark. They do sound quite spooky when they really let loose, but... they are only owls, not bipedal primates.

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