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January 28, 2007


george walking.JPG
Today we went for a short walk on Big Pine Key on the lookout for Key Deer, which are very tiny and endangered. But we did not see any. Turns out the best times to see them are around sunrise and sunset. So then we were hungry and went in search of No Name Pub on No Name Key.

no name pub sign.JPG
And here we are!

This is the bar. As you can see there has been a long tradition of stapling dollar bills to the ceiling and walls. George already has a dollar bill here at the other end of the bar. So of course we had to join in and add a dollar bill from us. Julie had her colored pencils (which she carries with her everywhere) and that was very helpful to make ours stand out.

Ok, who can find our dollar?

Ha ha, just kidding. Actually it's not in this picture but I thought it would be funny if you started to look. This is the ceiling of the bar area.

our dollar.JPG
Here is our dollar! We put in in a less crowded area, and not around any other brightly colored ones. George remembers when most of the bills were that brown color because of the cigarette smoke. If you ever go to No Name Pub, when you walk in the door you will find our dollar a little to the left, above near where the waitresses pick up the food.

We just had some naps and are reading/sitting. It is VERY WINDY and we'd all like it to stop. Sky is grey, not blue as it should be. If it continues like this we'll be heading to Mangrove Mama's for din din and drinks because there is no way we'll be able to cook on our grill.

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January 27, 2007

Julie and Alison's First Day in Key West

conch bar 1.JPG
Happy Hour at the Conch Bar!

conch bar 2.JPG

conch bar fritters.JPG
First Conch Fritters

metal man one.JPG
And off to Mallory Square for the sunset and the performers.

sunset one.JPG


chair one.JPG
The Big Chair

julie car one.JPG
Drunk Driving?

julie car two.JPG

julie and lizards.JPG

alison in hammock.JPG
Alison in a hammock

julia and george in chair.JPG
Julie and George in a swing chair

bear bottom beach club.JPG
First stop on Duval is the Bear Bottom Beach Club (and it is spelled Bear not Bare)

irish pub.JPG
Off to the Irish Pub

irish pub singer.JPG
Obnoxious Pub Singer

sloppy joes band.JPG
And Sloppy Joes!!! Sloppy Joes... Slop Slopply Joes!

dancing one.JPG

dancing two.JPG

alison at fort zach 2.JPG
Alison at Fort Zach

alison and george at fort zach.JPG
Alison and George at Fort Zach

alison at fort zach.JPG

julia at fort zach.JPG
Julie at Fort Zach

julia investigating.JPG
Julie investigating in the rocks

campsite 1.JPG
Our campsite on Sugarloaf Key

campsite 2.JPG
We'll be here until Tuesday!

It was an awesome first day! We're all tired. We just finished a great dinner of steak, potatoes, zucchini, and bread with garlic oil. YUM!!!! Oh and beer and wine of course. Off to bed!

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January 26, 2007

Welcome Julie and Alison!

julie key west.JPG

alison key west.JPG

Here is Julie and Alison during their first hour in Key West! And now it's off to the Conch Bar for Happy Hour!

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January 25, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

It is rainy today... Actually not too bad because it will cool things off a bit. It's been so HOT! heh heh heh.

Spoke to Julie today! She and Alison are arriving tomorrow! They will be landing a little after 9am and will probably get to Key West around 12.30 or 1.00; that's my guess. FUN FUN FUN!

Tomorrow night we'll have some dinner and then the Duval Crawl! Woohoo! Here are some pictures from last years Crawl:

heath tum rum.jpg

chamberlain 1.jpg


Woohoo! See you tomorrow!

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January 23, 2007

George and Mike Fishing

George and Mike just got back from a successful fishing trip! Some grouper and yellow tail, and a few sharks!

george a.JPG


shark 1.JPG

lemon shark 2.JPG

lemon shark 3.JPG

lemon shark 4.JPG

shark 3.JPG

shark 4.JPG

george b.JPG

catch of the day better.JPG

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Dinner at Becky and Mike's House

Last night we had another great dinner at Mike and Becky's. Here are some photos of their house.

becky house 1.JPG

becky house 2.JPG

becky house.JPG

becky house 4.JPG

bananas 4.JPG

becky house 5.JPG

becky house 6.JPG

becky house 7.JPG

And their bananas are delicious!

bananas 1.JPG

bananas 2.JPG

bananas 3.JPG

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January 21, 2007


phone call.JPG
Called Mom and Dad last night; here I am on the phone with them.

Here is our buddy Stu. He's 72 and is the epitome of a full time combat camper. He has completely customized his vehicle. The top of his Jeep is covered with solar panels, and there is a satellite up there (round thing at the front). Inside, he has a bunk, a fold up bike, a drop down flat screen tv (drops down from the passenger side visor); he has taken out the front passenger seat and moved it to where the back seat would be (he removed the whole back seat bench), and he has a camping refrigerator too. He also has a little George Forman grill, and some fishing poles, and also a metal detector, among various other useful items. Anyway, today we did some body work on the van, getting all the rust spots off and then patched up. Stu did his whole Jeep this past year so his expertise was a big help. We had most of it done it about 5 hours, with just a few spots left to sand and paint.

Lunch at the Conch Bar: fish sandwich and conch chowder. Mmmm...conch.

And the Sunset at the pier:


ss 1.JPG

ss 4.JPG

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January 20, 2007


big blue boat.JPG
The North Star is leaving. This is the owner of one of the racing boats; what a hard life.

Homecooked Breakfast! Yum! Mike caught some Mackerel yesterday, and we were lucky enough to bump into him at the pier. Boy, was it delicious!

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Last day of races

boats 1.JPG

parade of boats.JPG

tacking boats better.JPG
tacking boats

black seal.JPG
Ahhh... a little piece of home!

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Various Photos

view 2.JPG

watching the sunset.JPG
Watching the Sunset

g and the bus.JPG


fish on!.JPG

the fisherman.JPG
The Fisherman

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Boca Chica Top Gun School

The other day we were at Boca Chica, at the end of the Navy runway. As we learned last night after talking to two army pilots at happy hour, Boca Chica is where the Top Gun flight school is held. Cool!

navy sign.JPG

runway with landing.JPG
Coming in for a landing

jet in trees.JPG

jet above bus.JPG

in clouds.JPG

fuel jet in air.JPG
Re-fueling jet

fighter jet smudge.JPG
The fighter jets took off quite often, one right after the other, and then they would fly next to each other and break off to one side one at a time. They were moving much too fast to get a good picture of. Above you will see the little grey smudge towards the left; that is the fighter plane.

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You may have seen programs on the Discovery channel about Mel Fisher and his discovery of the Atocha. We visited one of his shops to see some of his treasure. He also has a museum but it's $22 a person (yeah right!)

treasure chest.JPG
Treasure Chest- the wood disintegrated underwater and this is what happens to the coins inside.

And here they are after a cleaning; ready to be purchsed (the least expensive is about $100, and the most expensive is a thousands of dollars.)

coins close up.JPG
Close up of coins

dollar bill.JPG
Dollar Bill





powder flasks.JPG
Flasks (for powder i think?)


long key and vasious.JPG
long key and some other items

spoon and coins.JPG
Spoon and coins

silver ignot.JPG
Silver ingot (notice it it 98% pure silver)

gold ingot.JPG
Gold ingot


cinta discri[.JPG
description of what a CINTA is

tc 2.JPG
Another shot of the treasure chest, which was my favorite piece in the whole store. It is one of the few remaining chests; all the others have been cleaned up to be sold or sent to museums. I can't remember how many of these she said was on the ship, but I'll find out.

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Coast Guard Dill

Man over board!!

coast guard man over board drill 1.JPG
Man in water 4 minutes!

coast gruard drill1.JPG

coast guard drill 3.JPG
By the time they reached him (he was way back there, all I could see was the orange buoy he was holding) he was in the water for 8 minutes.

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January 19, 2007

Friday Sunset

tonights sunset.JPG

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January 18, 2007

Beach Shot

blue beach.JPG

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Hi All! Just in case you all are wondering how tan I've become, it's this much:


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Boca Chica

boca chica 1.JPG
Today we are on Boca Chica, about 15 minutes North of Key West. The beach is at the end of the navy base runway, so fighter jets and re-fueling planes have been taking off all day- out for training runs. Pretty cool, we'll have pics up later.

boca view from bus.JPG
View from the bus

hello george.JPG
George sunning

The beach

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Boats Coming in from races Wednesday

boats coming in 1.JPG

boats coming in.JPG

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Dear Connecticut

We hear it's pretty cold up there, We read it on the news.
We'd like ot try and warm you up, so you're not singing the winter time blues.

The winter has really got you down, and the temps are down there too.
Maybe these photos will take the chill from your bones; these are OUR kind of blues.

(Yes, i know the poem could use some work but i just have no motivation to put any more thought towards it; not that it took much to come up with.)

blue water.JPG
Blue Water

blue blue sky.JPG
Blue Sky

blue spinaker 1.JPG
Blue Spinnaker

blue boat.JPG
Blue Boat

blue flip flop.JPG
Blue on my flip flop (Do you remember what flip flops are?)

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January 17, 2007

To Fish or Not to Fish...


that is the question.

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This is the Sunhippe. She is a shrimp boat. She was in Scarface.

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USS Mohawk

The USS Mohawk was built in 1934 for the Coast Guard. The ship is 165 feet in length and served in WW II as part of the naval forces. Assigned North Atlantic operations, she launched a total of 14 attacks against Nazi U boats. The U.S.C.G.C. Mohawk is the only remaining Coast Gurad subchaser in existence. Highlights of her at-sea rescue operations include the rescue of 293 survivors from the USAT Chatham and the rescue of 24 men from the SS Barberry. As the last remaining ship of her kind, the Mohawk is the Memorial Ship of the "Battle of the Atlantic". The ship is undergoing a lot of restoration so some of the rooms we couldn't access. Here is the tour we took:

heath outside the mohawk.JPG
Welcome to the USS Mohawk! Permission to come aboard, Sir!

mohawk 1 george.JPG

mohawk 2 george.JPG

starbord side.JPG
We start on the Starbord side to the bow:


anchor system 2.JPG
Ground Tackle(Anchor System)

anchor system.JPG

big gun and heath.JPG

big gun george.JPG

fview heath.JPG
We'll head up top to the Open Bridge.

view of top better.JPG

captain place.JPG
This is the Enclosed Bridge. You can see the ships helm, engine order telegraph and navigation table.

telescope viewer.JPG
Telescope Viewer, not sure what that is called either.

smaller guns.JPG

guns info.JPG
Some info on the guns on board

Back down and we enter the galley...

Meals for 134 men and 14 officers were prepared here.

galley stove.JPG
This is the stove and oven which was fired with fuel oil(George took the picture; blame him for it being out of focus!).

communication room.JPG
The Radio Room and communications center was manned by 2 men 24/7.

communication room equipment.JPG
The equipment used

comm room reel of end of war.JPG
How they received info

telex machine for messages.JPG
Telex Machine

Now we go down below:

mess hall.JPG
The Crew's Mess Deck

mess hall lamps.JPG
These lamps are above the mess hall tables; they are turned on when the tables were used as the doctor's operating tables. During WW II the crew's mess deck was also used to handle overflow berthing (hammock hooks on the ceiling) and was considered their mulit-purpose room in that it was the only area to relax, read and listen to the radio.

various articles.JPG
We check out some various artifacts.


george in hat.JPG
And try some on.

sailor heath.JPG
Sailor Heath

Chief Petty Officer bunk.JPG
Cheif Petty Officer's Bunk

CPO sinks.JPG
CPO Head

CPO toilet.JPG
CPO Toilet

crew berth.JPG
A peak further down below to the Crew's Berthing Compartment

crews head.JPG
Crew's Head

crews head sinks.JPG
Crew's Head sinks

sick room 1.JPG
Sick Bay (left side)

sick room 2.JPG
Sick Bay (right side)

in the engine room.JPG
Engine Room

engine room 2.JPG

We go up the Passage Way Aft and enter the Officer's Ward Room (we didn't get a picture but it was as large as the Crew's Mess and had red carpet). 14 Officers ate and lived in this area. There were 8 staterooms around the perimeter; here are pictures of two of them.
bunk 1.JPG
Officer's Bunk 1

bunk1 2.JPG
Other Side

bunk 2.JPG
Another Officer's Bunk

crew 1943.JPG
The Crew 1943

snowy atlantic.JPG
Photos of the Snowy Atlantic

end of the war message.JPG
End of the War Message

bikers 1.JPG
When we finished our tour we hung out on deck to watch the end of the cross country bike ride completed by wounded soldiers. Very cool.

bikes 2.JPG

bikes 3.JPG

bikers 2.JPG

george and gun.JPG
George's New Toy

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January 15, 2007

Video of Kite Flying

Ok! I've reloaded the video; hope it works!

*Update 17 Jan 2007* Video marked as public, should play now for all.

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Who's that?!

mike pointing 1.JPG
Are they pointing at us?

mike pointing 2.JPG
It's Mike and his buddy! Out for some fishing.

mike 3.JPG
Yum Yum, we'll be sure to drop by for dinner tonight! mmm...fresh fish

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Kite Flying!

g and kite.JPG
Yesterday George saw a guy and a girl flying some kites and it looked like fun. So we went to buy one today, and BOY IT IS AWESOME!!! I really wasn't expecting much- BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THRILLING!
So I'd like to announce my new career as an amatuer-soon-to-be-professional sport kite flier. I'm pretty sure that's what they call it but maybe I should do some research.

heath and kite.JPG

kite 1.JPG

heath and kite 1.JPG

heath and kite 2.JPG

george flying kite.JPG

I'll try to post a video so you can see what great kite fliers we are.

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set up at zach.JPG
Yesterday we spent the whole day at Ft. Zach. Here is our set up.

And here is our view:

view at zach 1.JPG

view at zach 2.JPG

view at zach 3.JPG

disney cruise ship.JPG
The ENORMOUS Disney Cruise ship came in with their speakers blaring kids pop music (no joke) and then let off it's "It's a small world" horn which was followed by the sound of many screaming children.

close to sunset.JPG
And a cloudy sunset closed the day. We went to El Siboney for dinner, the best place for cuban food. We had BBQ chicken, black beans and yellow rice and fried plantains! MMMMMmmmmmm....plantains.

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Seafood Festival on Saturday

geoage seafood fest 1.JPG
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Keys Seafood Festival!

george seafood 2.JPG
On the menu is Conch Chowder, Chonch Salad, Conch Fritters, Lobster, Fish, Golden Crab, Rock Crab and Shrimp. Oh Yeah, and BEER!


george becky and emma.JPG
George, Becky and 3 month old Emma

Musical Entertainment

dancing lady.JPG
This lady sure loved dancing. And this bum sure loved watching her. When she moved to the left, he moved to the left. When she twirled, he would twirl. I think he was dancing with her in his head. She didn't seem to mind.

crabby pants.JPG

fire guy.JPG
And of course a fire juggler. I thought he was going to swallow it, but he didn't. He just tossed it around a bit and then got on his unicycle.

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January 13, 2007

Sunset at Ft. Zach

heath waving.JPG
Our first sunset in Key West. It's nice to be back. Here is Heath waving at the sunset cruise.

heath and flowers.JPG
and with some flowers.

We found this drift wood bench under a tree. Nice spot to watch the sunset.

And there it is, hitting the water. Good night Sun!

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January 12, 2007

Thursday, or no It's Friday.

tailgate tv.JPG
Last night at Long Key: Tailgate TV. Gotta love The Wheel!

to key west.JPG
And we're off to Key West!

7 mile 1.JPG
7 Mile Bridge

george sponge dude.JPG
George and the Sponge Dude, down near Mallory Square

heath's new necklace.JPG
Heath's New Necklace- Thanks George!

bus at ft zach.JPG
The bus is back at Ft. Zach! Hooray!

ft zach view.JPG
I'm sure everyone is familiar with this view from last year's blog.

And yes it is race week! We made it just in time. Not too many boats here yet, but everything is getting set up and put together.

Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Keys Seafood Festival on Key West (Thanks for the tip Mom!) So we'll be sure to stuff up on great food and take lots of pics!

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January 10, 2007


Let's start off with some sunset photos:


sunset 2.JPG

sunset 3.JPG

george's crab.JPG
George caught this blue crab with this pair of tongs. Ha ha ha. His fishing expedition was less succesful, only catching two small fish. They were very pretty, though, with blue stripes. And I caught one small fish that was white with brown stripes. Very cool.

george's crab 2.JPG

heath's haircut.JPG
Heath's Haircut: My last haircut was when Becky cut my hair in Key West last January. Yes, it IS about time I had my hair cut. George's mom did an awesome job and I am very happy to have much less hair to get all caught up and tangled in the warm Florida wind and water.

happy hour campfire.JPG
Happy Hour Campfire

crab 1.JPG
Spider Crab: These guys hang out on trees and drop down into the water when they feel like it. Or onto your head...

butterfly 1.JPG

woodpecker tree.JPG
Woodpecker Tree

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January 09, 2007

Another day in paradise...

Here is a photo of the trees in front of our campsite.

steak on grill.JPG
Last night (Monday, January... ummm.. I've forgotten the date already) George and Scott cooked steaks on the grill.


fixing the boat.JPG
George and George were successful at patching the boat.

george and scott.JPG
George and Scott had a romatic stroll down the beach at sunset.

hermit crab.JPG
I was distracted by this hermit crab.

g&H timer.JPG
This morning George and I went on the Nature Walk. Here we are!

nice view.JPG
Nice View

osprey 1.JPG
George spotted this osprey. So we got closer...

osprey 3.JPG
Do you think he sees us?

osprey 2.JPG

tree george.JPG
Here is George in a tree.

And he's off to go fishing: Captain Chamberlain's Casting Sequence
george fishing 3.JPG

george fishing 4.JPG

george fishing 5.JPG

george fishing 6.JPG

george sr fishing.JPG
George Sr. fishing

george boat fishing.JPG
Nothing biting on shore so George Jr. took the boat out. He is the speck on the horizon (above the word shore in this caption).

While George was fishing I was at the campsite...

my chair.JPG
sitting in this chair doing crosswords and reading...

my view.JPG
and looking at this view. It was a wonderful day.

scott's bus.JPG
I took a walk down to Scott's site. Here is his bus.

pelican and tree.JPG
Pelican on a zodiac

boat and tree.JPG
Tree and Sailboat

zodiac and birds.JPG
Zodiac and Birds

white bird one.JPG

white bird two.JPG
Same one, but closer.

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January 07, 2007

Florida Rocks!

Back in Florida, and here is the first thing I did:

We spent the afternoon on the water with a cooler of Heinies (cheers Amy!), jumping in to cool off when it got too hot.

happy hour.JPG
Happy Hour begins: from left to right is Scott, George, George's dad George, and mom, Edy. Last night our neighbor came over to tell us that the International Space Station would be passing over our heads at exactly 6.27 and we would be able to see it for 5 minutes. And yes it did; it came into view directly over our site and was moving pretty fast! Not only did we see the space station but we also saw 2 or 3 satellites (one crossing the path of the space station)! Pretty cool! The stars were amazing! We stayed up listening to the waves on the beach and debating whether Casiopia was upside down or not.

This is the beach at low tide, which was a lot of fun to explore. I found lots of hermit crabs, some of which were bright blue with orange stripes on their legs, a party of snails that were opally color with green dots on their backs, a weird wormy thing squiggling around, an old rusted metal knife and an old VW fuse, which we all got a kick out of since George and Scott are VW nuts.

and high tide.

man o war.JPG
Watch out for these guys! This is a man o war, actually 2 of them. And please note the long blue stingy thing. I got stung on my foot, but it really wasn't that bad; went away after an hour or two and some whisky. And it really was my own fault for getting stung because I couldn't resist poking them, and popping one (which was already dead so no harm done)!

And can anyone tell us what this is? We found it on the beach on our walk this morning. George jumped on it to see if it would pop...

but it didn't.

Well, it is time for my second nap of the day. Here is where I fell asleep earlier doing a crossword.

nap 1.JPG
No sunscreen, oopps! So I've moved to the top bunk of the bus,

long key 07.jpg
and will now drowse off again to the soothing sound of the waves and with the nice warm breeze of the keys softly blowing... alright I'll knock it off.

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