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January 20, 2007

Boca Chica Top Gun School

The other day we were at Boca Chica, at the end of the Navy runway. As we learned last night after talking to two army pilots at happy hour, Boca Chica is where the Top Gun flight school is held. Cool!

navy sign.JPG

runway with landing.JPG
Coming in for a landing

jet in trees.JPG

jet above bus.JPG

in clouds.JPG

fuel jet in air.JPG
Re-fueling jet

fighter jet smudge.JPG
The fighter jets took off quite often, one right after the other, and then they would fly next to each other and break off to one side one at a time. They were moving much too fast to get a good picture of. Above you will see the little grey smudge towards the left; that is the fighter plane.

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