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November 24, 2006


group photo for wall.JPG
Happy Thanksgiving!

matt and lindsay.JPG
Matt and Lindsay

dad and george.JPG
Dad and George

fashion show models.JPG
Isabelle, Lindsay and Katie have a surprise event for us!

ist one.JPG
In this round our models are dressed in the seasons newest fashions; Lindsay is ready for a night on the town with reflective blue hair to keep her safe from traffic, complimented by the sequined evening gown; her floral shawl will keep the chilly night air off her shoulders.

katie fitness.JPG
Katie is wearing the latest in active wear, featuring lightweight and breathable pants that shimmer! for that special touch, accented by her sequined headband; please notice the contrasting colors which indeed create a sense of fitness. Her jump rope, when not in use, can be tucked away into the pocket of her coat.

fashion show 2.JPG
Izzy is dressed for an afternoon shopping expedition: her shoes will undoubtably keep her shopping longer due to their cushioned soles, and the lack of laces will cut down on all delays caused by untied shoes. The poodle skirt will provide quick dressing room trips as it is easy to change in and out of, and in fact doesn't even have to be on straight to look right! The vest keeps her arms light, which will allow her to move through the racks with lightening speed! Mobility is key! And don't think her hat is just for looks! It's both beautiful and functional, by blocking her peripheral vision it maintains her focus, and will also provide a legitimate excuse for bumping into people when racing to get there first. She really won't see them.

off to collect the eggs.JPG
And now we're off to collect the eggs!

into the barn.JPG

in the hen house.JPG

coming outof the barn.JPG

15 eggs in all.JPG
15 eggs in all!

mom placing gravy.JPG
It's time for dinner!

dining tab;e.JPG
The Dining Table

Mom's Homemade Centerpiece

turkey yum.JPG
Mom's Turkey!

food table.JPG
The Food Table, from the bottom left: turkey, stuffing, garlic smashed potatoes (by Julie), sweet potatoes with a marshmallow top, creamed onions, Indian Pudding, Russel's Snouts, and the awesome baked brie that Marnie brought.

after dinner guys.JPG
After dinner we sat...

uncle j with girls.JPG
and sat...

mom and the girls.JPG
and sat!

living room group 2.JPG
And now it's time for dessert! Apple, pecan or pumpkin pie!

living room group 1.JPG

lving room group 3.JPG

katie under the table.JPG

lady and izzy.JPG

Posted by Heather at November 24, 2006 10:02 AM


Will you send me the original photos - Izzy with Lady, Katie under table, girls in chicken coop and grisl and me on the floor? Great photos and super blog copy. You're in the wrong business!!

Posted by: Mom at November 26, 2006 03:31 PM

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