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October 31, 2006


1 gypsy heather.JPG
Happy Halloween! Gypsy Heather sees a rockin party in her future!

3 julian and ricky.JPG
Julian & Ricky

12 dan and alison 1.JPG
Pimp and Pumpkin Guts

4 pat.JPG

5 sara.JPG
Bike Accident

6 sue and matt.JPG
One Nightstand

15 geaorge fortune.JPG
Hmmm.....what do you see, George?

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October 15, 2006


A new blogger has entered the arena! Now that all the women in our family are blogging, you really have no excuse to not be keeping up with the exciting goings-on in our family. Ha ha!

Mom's blog can be found at www.kathymccurdy.com or www.thirstybootsfarm.com.

Julie's blog is www.juliamccurdy.com.

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Mom and Dad go to Kentucky

Mom and Dad went to Kentucky to visit Dad's cousin Tommy. Uncle Tommy is a pilot and has a special treat for his guests!

Out to the hangar!

plane folded up.jpg
Yes, this is a plane! It just needs to be put together!

put it together.jpg

half way together.jpg

painless almost together.jpg
A few finishing touches...


dad getting ready.jpg

dad and uncle tommy in plane.jpg

take off.jpg
And they're off!

Smooth Landing

mom and uncle tommy.jpg
Mom's turn!

mom and dad and downs.jpg
They also went to Churchill Downs to see the races.


dad and tom at races.jpg
Dad and Uncle Tommy

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October Hike

group 1.JPG
The crew: George, Alison and Jeff

geprge and abby rocks 2.JPG


1 abby.JPG

1 bridge.JPG

george rocks.JPG


rocks in the woods.JPG
neat rock walls all fallen over and tumbling. i just love tumbling rock walls.

george on top.JPG
George reaches the top! We've been waiting for you! (He said he stopped to pee but we know he just needed to cathch his breath.)

fuzzy but i like the picture.JPG
Fuzzy, but I like the picture anyway

With a bottle of wine and steak, sausage and chicken going on the fire, what else could we need?

kissy jeff.JPG
Jeff seems content!

set up.JPG
The table that Alison and Heather built. (Though we can't take credit for the paper towel holder; wait, yes i can, it's my blog!)

alison and george and abby.JPG

heath and george.JPG

view on top.JPG

1jeff and alison better.JPG

guys on a log.JPG
Buddies with their Hogan

We are up in Haddam Neck, a little north of the Salmon River. Jeff used to go pheasant hunting along the cliffs here. There used to be a resort hotel type place and a ferry, and tobacco fields. Then the hotel burned down and people stopped using the land. We didn't go near where the hotel was but I'd like to next time we go up that way. Instead we went up! and it was a beautiful view. And a beautiful day.

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October 14, 2006

recovery status: happy to be pretty again

After a few days and a shave George is looking much better! One can hardly tell it was broken; at least that's what we're telling George.

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October 11, 2006

George had an accident

g 1.JPG
This is the email I received from George: "I took a tree limb in the head and broke my nose today just got back from emergency and they said they wouldnt straighten it. That i should got to a nose and throat specialist so I tried to do it myself I think it came out ok. wow what a day so far. How is yours going. See ya for lunch"

g 2.JPG
Poor George!

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October 07, 2006

Our New Buddy

spider five.JPG
This spider is currently residing right next to our front door. And it is quite large.

spider four.JPG

spider two.JPG

spider one.JPG
It's a Garden Spider.

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