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September 30, 2006

Selden's Creek 9.30.06

boat 9.30.JPG

boat 2.JPG


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Maine Rocks!

1 heath in maine.JPG
I love Maine.

13 group during day.JPG
Finally, here we are! In Maine with my buddies, Julie, Dave, and Harold.

2 view.JPG
Our view.

3 julie and dave.JPG
Julie and Dave

4a heath and harold.JPG
Harold and Heath

4 harold playing guitar.JPG
Let the Good Times Begin

5 julie kayaking.JPG
Julie Kayaking

6 view from fire.JPG

7 evenin gvire with dave.JPG
Dave and the view

8 view of campsite.JPG

9 view of campsite from low tide.JPG
Looking up at the campsite from low tide

10 julie kayaking.JPG

11 julie and fern book.JPG

31 heath spam shirt.JPG

12 dave and heath.JPG
Dave and Heath

14 view from rocks.JPG
View from rocks

15 view from ricks.JPG

16 harold and heath coloring.JPG

heath coloring.JPG
Yes, coloring.

18 heath kayaking.JPG
Heath Kayaking

19 julie with grasshopper.JPG
Julie found a new buddy

20 julie and view.JPG
Julie and the View

21 julie kayaking.JPG

22 rocks and tree.JPG

23 rocks.JPG

24 view.JPG

25 view at sunset.JPG

27 view evening.JPG

28 evening view with fire.JPG

29 heath poking fire.JPG
I like to poke the fire.

30 harold at night.JPG

32 harold playing.JPG
Good times! Can't wait for next year!

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September 26, 2006

Dad's Birthday

dad and superman.JPG
Happy Birthday Dad!

dave dad and mom.JPG
Dave, Dad and Mom

1 julie pat and chrissy.JPG
Pat, Chrissy and Julia

george and heather.JPG
George and Heather

heath and the wall of fame.JPG
Heather and the wall of fame

birthday boy.JPG
The Birthday Boy!


julie and mom.JPG
Mom and Julia

pat and chrissy.JPG
Pat and Chrissy

dads birthday dinner.JPG

dinner table better.JPG

happy birthday cake.JPG

cake and dad.JPG

happy birthday yea!.JPG

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Good Times

1 bus.JPG
Going camping

camping george.JPG

ken and tom.JPG
Tom and Ken

1 fire pit.JPG
The Fire Pit the Guys Built

1 rainy breakfast.JPG
Rainy Breakfast

group better.JPG

ellen and ruby.JPG
Ellen and Ruby

loretta and glacken.JPG
Loretta and Glacken

1 george.JPG

1 jeff and alison.JPG
Jeff and Alison

1 dave and julie.JPG
Dave and Julia

1 julie and heather.JPG
Julia and Heather

1 the spread.JPG
The spread

1 peaches.JPG
and peaches.

heath up close.JPG
See ya!

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September 05, 2006

Added Convenience for the Camper/Traveler

With camping coming up this weekend, and George's annual trip to Florida in mind as well, this product just had to be featured on my blog.

The Bumper Dumper!

bd 1.jpg
Available with a bag...

bd 2.jpg
Or a bucket!

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The photos from August (that took me a month to post)have already been cleared off the main page. If you missed them, click on the August link to the right. I will try to keep up with my blog, post more regularly and as soon as possible after the highlighted event. I have received many hints. wink wink

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