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August 26, 2006

Whalebone Creek Crew

sean and george and abby.JPG

jeff shelby paige.JPG

where;s george 2.JPG
Where did George and Abby go?

george and abby.JPG

the spot.JPG
The Spot


patrick and heather.JPG

group shot 1.JPG

george on dock.JPG
George and Abby

guys and kids.JPG

george and abby infront of rocks.JPG

george and patrick on the dock.JPG

chester ferry.JPG
Chester Ferry

Becky Thatcher.JPG
Becky Thatcher

george model shot.JPG
I'd like to take this opportunity to inform you of George's recent career change. He has left landscaping to pursue his dream of modeling, which from the look of his first shoot he'll surely be successful.

george is pretty.JPG

george tanning.JPG

george is not pretty.JPG

george is so muddy.JPG

shelby and patrick putting on mud.JPG
Shleby and Patrick have decided to follow in his footsteps.

patrick and mudball.JPG
Which of course led to a mud ball fight.

group near boat wide shot.JPG

group near boat tight shot.JPG

jeff and abby in front of rocks.JPG

guys in boat.JPG

jeff and kids.JPG

jeff and shelby.JPG

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