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August 26, 2006

Cookout on Jeff's Deck 8.12.06

canoe ride getting ready.JPG
Getting ready for a canoe ride.

canoe ride lifejackets.JPG

canoe ride getting on.JPG
Getting on

canoe ride settled.JPG
Getting settled

canoe ride they're off.JPG
And they're off!

canoe ride they're off wide view.JPG

canoe ride return.JPG

canoe ride up the hill.JPG

paige best best best.JPG


ellen loretta and the shopping cart.JPG
Ellen, Loretta and the shopping cart

jeff ken and sue.JPG

sean and allysa.JPG

the deck.JPG

loretta on the rocking chair.JPG

glacken and flowers in chair.JPG

heather and loretta.JPG

grill shot 13.JPG

the feast.JPG

glacken with a fork.JPG

jesse eating a hot dog.JPG

jeff and jesse.JPG

sunset group.JPG

kids playing on lawn 2.JPG

marsh at sunset.JPG

jeff up on the deck better.JPG

jeff sean and jesse.JPG


sunset 12.JPG

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